New Music: Red Cafe “I’m Rich”


Red Cafe’s rich, bitch. And with Young Chop on the beat, he lets his money do the talking. My poor ears.

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  • 7 mile artie

    rich? red cafe? nigga please if you rich why you on bad boy put yo own shit out or be the next loon…mase…craig mack hahaha nigga said he rich boy stop it…nigga had 4 deals and still no release date now he runnin to chop like french did man i tell ya these ny niggaz are funny you dont like it? DO SOMETHING Haha

  • Yeezus Christ


  • Poetic Assasin

    There has got to be a time where we demand artists stop putting this crap out…

  • wickwickwack

    that dummy ^^ dont know mase is a millionaire

    i dunno if red cafe is rich but he´s not poor,even without releases he makes nuff money touring and ghostwritting

    just wish he would lose that south touch

  • mac DIESEL




  • Off with his MIC and head

  • 456 headCrAcK

    bk baby

  • Balla

    This nigga been out for damn near 10 years and still can’t put out an album

  • Pappose

    Lmao lmao lmao lmao Is this bullshit for real??????? GTFOH this shit makes my music sound like HOV!!!!!

  • wack wack wack

    Traaash How regular niggas pose 2 relate 2 dis bullshit….waste of young chop beat

  • Musikal

    Red cafe who are you lol.

  • TEFF

    He actually alot better than French Montana if u check back this nigga had alot a dope records Diddy should hav promted him like he did French not saying this is all that but this nigga has records tho

  • 7 mile artie

    well the verdict is in EW…Red Cafe needs to put that app in at ups the people have spoken..nigga is trash!

  • PMC

    Niggas say “My poor ears.” But still post. I don’t get it. MY SHI..MY SHIT MORE JOHN BLAZE THAN THAT! I GOT JOHN BLAZE SHIT! *Madd rapper voice*

  • PMC
  • Fuck Red Café and anybody that love ’em.

  • Kingsley

    I feel bad for Red Cafe

    Was listening to a old Whoo Kid mixtape the other day from 2001 and Red Cafe was on that.

  • Facts

    So what exactly makes this record different than any French Montana song?

  • The black robin thicke

    *yaw niggas sound fruity* what’s wrong wit this song, mostly Caucasians hate when a brotha talk about money!!! They like them good ol days of the g funk era when niggas was broke and shit.

  • TheScribbler

    All I can say is WOW!!! Red Cafe has officially become one of the walking dead….this is trash.

  • Sgt.Pepper

    who relates to this hot garbage

    no one is even feeling this it seems.

    not even Rap Radar likes it, yet they still post it while ignoring many other quality artists..

  • hiphoptv

    albums dropped recently from jay-z, wale, j. cole, mac miller, kanye and this is what a dude from BK puts out. straight copy cat trash as usual from cafe. French already beat him to the entire copycat “atlanta album from a nyc n**ga”. Cafe been out and signed since the 90’s. He was on violator and then trackmasters/arista. He no longer ghostwrites, except for diddy, and playing to half empty small local clubs is not touring. Even when he does europe it’s tiny ass small local dives. It’s over. Dude is 38. A solo debut rap album at 40 years old cause he not droppin an album anytime soon. 4Get it.

  • BKallDay

    As a up and coming DJ, I usually come on these sites to read the comments as I listen to the track but this time I’m a little besides myself. Every album I’ve heard recently has had a southern influence for the last few years and still counting what’s wrong with that? Adapt niggas… fuck! AND since when did Cafe sign to Bad Boy? I NEVER heard of any papers being signed maybe a joint ventures and a silent partnership… maybe! But, I’m willing to bet you idiots that Red is actually financing his own career… Think about it, why isn’t Diddy tagging his shit?? (Please don’t say because it’s trash, cuzzzzzz… LOOK AT THE BAD BOY ROSTER… I’LL WAIT!) Last but not least, young chop is the new go to, cost sufficient, and hungry producer. I can def hit da gym to this shit! You niggas don’t do research you just say what you heard and that’s why it’s easy to disagree with you. I’d choose Cafe over Wayne and French. P.s. how many times ya’ll let wayne talk about booty holes and eating pussy…………………?

  • BKallDay

    Niggas praising these soft ass stripper kissing tag teaming one song ass rap singing ass MF’s talk about girl problems while a real nigga come out with some hard shit and ya’ll wanna show exactly that… Bitches. — Fuck ya’ll I’m rich — BUT… if you not a 100k per yr kind of MF after taxes + Bills then I guess it is harder to relate, but not hard to get motivated… THIS SHIT RAISES MY TESTOSTERONE and makes me wanna get mo papa, opposite of that Drake shit, No hate, just being honest.