ti fuckin sucks, why is this old nigga still rapping about drugs, hoes and guns? he’s married, on probation and gets drug tested. please stay off the t i p of my dick


    Someone please get T.I. a stylist! He looks like a clown!

  • Yodle

    ^^^^^ Aw you guys are mad>? whats wrong>? Im here with open ears , you salty ass niggas!

  • B-LOW

    @HANK SCORPIO T.I. has been off probation for over a year. lmao HATE HARDER NIGGA! He a grown ass man, he can do whatever the fuck he wants.

  • J-DUB

    Niggas Still hatin On TIP&Jeezy I see. smh Aint shit changed.

  • fucktheleague

    yea tip wldnt b tip.w/o haterz you niggaz make him greater tf

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