New Video: Crooked I “No Sleep Gang”


How’s this for a slumber party? Crooked I stays up past his bedtime with a cup in his hand and pieces of ass in the other. Off his Apex Predator, which can be downloaded here. Ok, pillow fight!

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  • k

  • Shamba Menelek

    This is Banannas ! Fuego… I dont know why they dont do a slaughter album with some individual songs. This is better than almost anything on their album.

  • Stoner

    Call your Top 5 Whatever You Want But My Top Five Consist Of Rappers That Actually Desearve My Hard Earned Money Based On Putting A Lot Of Work In Each Word And Bar,, And Most Importantly Entertains Me….. Eminem, Royce, Crooked, Kendrick, Nas…. I Don’t Need A Rapper Role Model.. I Need Intelligent Entertaining Rap…

  • it’s the roc

    crooked i is just a savage.

  • Del

    he deserves more shine for sure

  • Chronic

    heading towards that crossover sound…which im actually not hatin on in crookeds case cause this dude hasn’t sold out for so damn long

  • CAlejo


  • dimeloloco

    damn! real shyt coming back snitches!