• Rising rapper Zuse drops a DJ Spinz-produced cut.

    Listen = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nfsmk-HRqFI

  • Earl is dope he deserves to be mentioned with the greats, Doing big numbers. Lyrically nice. Pre order that NOW

  • troof



  • Donn

    Did he stand there and rap or did he perform?

  • StarFox64

    killer mike was on jimmy fallon, who listens to killer mike?? enough said

  • Darren

    EarlxSweat all the way !!!! Golf Wang

  • Rah hill

    I fucks wit this nigga. But don’t ever talk about Hov again nigga.

  • I can’t stand this kid. I don’t know why just his face or something, needs to cheer the fuck up.

  • Yeezus Christ

    lol fucking lame

  • he got talent just needs to connect with audience…

  • 456 headCrAcK



    I like Earl but that was one of the lamest performances I have ever seen … especially with The Roots backing him up.

  • bumpy johnson


  • yannick

    really? that is it? what you expect me to listen to more of your stuff after that ? what was that ? some interlude? you got a shot and this is what you give? you must think you are the shit , or you are the only one with issue hein pere? doers artits and the inferiority complex.

  • Sartre

    Ya’ll niggas salty cos earl told the truth about hov. lihangin is right, this guy is about to be wanted one of the greats not like these others who pass off singin and braggin as lyricism!!!!!

  • Dashing

    The track could be tight, but he had ZERO energy. I get that he has a monotone delivery, but you gotta have energy when you perform the shit. (see Tyler and Hodgy on Fallon).

  • Canyonero

    I love Earl and will get his album but would never go see him perform. His music has a place and time but when I go to performance and pay money for it I don’t wanna fall asleep. That’s why Tyler’s shows are so awesome you can’t help but get hype.