New Music: Ransom “SomeWhereInAmerica (Freestyle)”


Some where in America, Hov’s beat is being used. And for Ransom’s new freebie, he decides to lay a few of his raps down over the MCHG beat.

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  • Cemal

    Ohhhh… So that’s why he stirred up some publicity with that nicki line

  • TimeDrift

    these clowns aint fuckin with ransom,nicki wish she could spit bars like ran.
    dj clue knew how to pick em

  • DeezNuts

    this dude is consistent

  • 456 headCrAcK

    this nigga Ran been nice

  • It’s the roc

    If you’re going to use someone else’s hot beat for a freestyle, please do it as well as this. Ransom just went ape shit on this beat. Fucks wit it

  • tron

    damn ive never even fucked with dude but this is a verse that couldve been on the actual song..
    That artwork is straight trash tho. google american flag, adjust it alittle larger than its supposed to be causing it to pixelate and slap some windows 98 font on there for good measure.. Now im not saying its ALL about the artwork.. im just sayin if your gonna do it then make an effort. If not then just dont include it at all.

  • really 23

    @ tron

    It’s a freestyle for god’s

  • tron

    “its just a freestyle” nah fuck that.. Ive seen TONS of artist from not just this genre do work for the image they put out.. Even for free songs or just ep’s.. If you wanna present yourself then do it right or dont add the artwork at all. Wayne, Wale, Cole, Drake, Big Sean, Jay have all released artwork for “just a freestyle”.. It aint hurtin me I’m just sayin there are ALOT of niggas who hit next based on the artwork alone.

  • Louie

    Anyone else notice how Somewhere is spelled wrong on the artwork…dopeness nonetheless…

  • TimeDrift

    my g said i paint pictures on the concrete and pot holes , and yall complaining about the cover art like he some kind of vagina like kanye. i’m sure he can give 2 fucks about a cover.