• Chris Kelly
  • brza

    that double take at the end lol

  • mrfrassvybz

    this is mad old, shout to 40 oz van.

  • Winston Churchill

    You’re a moron if you buy those basic as fuck hats. Congrats to him for seeing how stupid people are these days, they’ll buy anything.

  • Sarah_Underwood

    Those hats do look pretty lame.

  • NY Post doing a write up on anything is not a good look.
    The same paper that’s anti-Obama, anti anything that doesn’t agree w/the Republican parties agenda.
    Owned by one of the richest douchebags in the world

    Speaking of douchebags, let’s look at what you’re celebrating
    A minority that sells cheap knockoff hats that have a sad version of Givenchy stars that 40 Oz stole
    He’s from uptown w/a hat that says “Trill”
    All he tweets/speaks about is fat asses, fried foods, weed, lame philosophy that sounds like he only watches “Scarface” all day & the word “nigga” added every other 3 words.

    Now more Republicans can use an ignoramus like 40 oz as the measuring stick for minorities, nyc AND Hip Hop.

    Good luck if that’s someone you’re impressed with

    @p0is0nedkoola on Twitter
    these are YOUR heroes………..

  • Hip-Hop

    Got damn, how does it feel to be a hater? Dude is an entrepenuer and here you go adding your 2 cents on a fucking blog. What a geek.

  • @Hip-Hop

    still don’t know what the term “open forum” means do you?

    Till then , peace

    “Hate/r”: a word misused by dum-dums just like the word “classic”