Marrying The Game Season 2 Ep. 2


Love advice from your friends may get you in trouble. Or it can help. With their engagement still on thin ice, Game and Tiff try to figure out if the love is still there or if they’re just co-parenting. What a roller coaster.


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  • bcro28

    tell this nigga game its time to quit.

  • D’on

    This nigga got the show

  • D’on


  • Ariana Grande

    Game is one Handsome ass guy!!!

  • TdE

    Dudes a great father no lie salute

  • Hk 416

    ay mane when O.K.E dropin streets waiting.

  • John

    Isn’t he gonna be on a new kardashian episode ?

  • EpiLL

    ^He is??…..anyways this my favored VH1 show ti show is so fake Game keeps it real

  • Q

    Yeah he’s gna be on the Kardashians 60 days of fatness for robs fat ass

  • jay

    Like the show

  • How Old RU Boy?

    Game is a great father and @bcro28 is a sucka for hatin. Must be a 40 glocc groupie!

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Troi Torain (STAR) voice: put the mossberg in your mouth and do the lord’s work.

  • Jenn

    Most all rappers are ugly but damn Game im in love fine ass

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis tosses [email protected] salad

    Cant hate on Game for being a good father!

  • Reply

    ^^ nice name it’s tru lmfao bro