The Breakfast Club Interviews Spike Lee


Director Spike Lee made his first appearance on The Breakfast Club this morning to promote his new film, Red Hook Summer. Accompanied by actor Nate Parker, he spoke on funding the project by himself, the cultural impact of his films, his upcoming Michael Jackson documentary, and Tyler Perry.


UPDATE: Spike’s back. This time he discusses Trayvon Martin, Kickstarter, and sports.

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  • Commenting Carl

    Sounds like it’s gonna be a good movie…..Everytime I see Spike Lee I can’t help but think about Reggie Miller and the choking gesture at the Garden.

    • B.Dot

      word. or spizike jordans

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  • Bless

    A great interview from my personal favorite director. He’s so over-looked because he makes what needs to be seen for society growth, and continues to be so in touch with the people. Nate Parker’s comments on the new Jamie Foxx film were also 100% accurate and necessary because that film seems digressive.

  • cness

    Ask spike about tweeting an innocent elderly couples address because he thought it was zimmermen smurf is only tough when the guest are females bitch tha god

  • Marko-V

    Spike is such an inspiring force in the story of African-Americans. However, from the previews Red Hook Summer does not seem to be very interesting.


  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Great interview Spike Lee. Spike did a get job doing that Hurricane Katrina documentary a few years ago. Yes, they should’ve made a sequel for “Inside Man”. My favorite player on the Knicks after Melo is Iman Shumpert get well soon homie.



  • D Twice

    Legend. Spike came to Ohio State a few months back and just spoke his mind on global issues. It was nothing short of inspirational, and as a young film maker he had a lot of good advice to give. I hope to meet him again and motive other when I’m as big as he is.

  • tr

    Nice interview.

  • the real truth

    He shoulda went in on Tyler Perry aka Porch Monkey

  • @p0is0nedkoola

    Y’all are so real simple-simon sheep. Spike Lee is is the wizard talking junk, but a small man behind the curtain. Spike Lee has an issue with Tyler Perry not using his “power” to do more the “community” , but what has Spike Lee been pumping for the last 20 plus years? Air Jordans! Michael Jordan has more power than any African-American in the last 30 years and what has ever promoted other than his merchandise? How can Spike sell Air Jordans, an over-priced, sweat factory created hype magnet that is aimed at a community that lives below the national median for income??? Spike Lee speaks badly about Hollywood and his woe is me act, but who funded the majority of his films? Hollywood! Spike Lee will speak about “the people”, but do some research about how what a creep he is with females. Rosie Perez among others hate Spike after working with him because he is a misogynist deep down inside and speaks down to actresses. Why do you not see the same females in his movies, but see the same male actors. Do research before you hail him as more than he is. I am 100% Latino, born & raised in NYC, have the “Spike Lee Collection” on dvd, but stop with the sanctifying of a man who is in the system. He’s not an indie director. Big time Hollywood has been his partner for years. Do some research. Sheep!

    @ me on twitter @p0is0nedkoolA

  • It really is really appropriately built, and that i am difficult on tools.

  • Black Shady

    Why not give the people their money back ONCE the movie is profitable?????????

  • 456 headCrAcK

  • rahrahrah

    Big up to Spike. Get your funding, do your movie. Hope it’s good, need to go see Fruitvale. Been resisting bootlegging that one.

  • rillmerch

    Hold on @BlackShady you making too much cent$… “I don’t know who hired the prosecution”

  • 3 Glocks no reload needed

    fuck spike little bitter bitch nigga frail ass faggot