Miley Cyrus “Ain’t Worried Bout Nothin”


If you thought twerking is all Miley can do, think again. Some where in America, she put her rap skills to the test in what appears to be a new French Montana remix on the way.


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  • TheTruth

    ^^^ I just checked it out. Don’t quit your day job.

  • Mark

    ^^^^Holy shit TheTruth told the truth!!! but for real though that was really awful

  • Hannibal Lecture

    Wonder what her nigger hanging relatives think about her antics lately lol

  • mankind

    I can’t be the only one that gets turned on by miley and her dirty ways :p ! I think this remix is dope but it probably won’t only feature miley though.. hope not.


    Damn I wish french montana to b dead…

  • Black Shady

    bitch wanna be ratchet pussy so bad! Word to charlamagne

  • How Wonderful…

    Miley is making a mockery of the culture. And rap radar is helping her. Cant believe you post this.

  • IZzy.Danger

    White people love it when their stars steal from black culture i.e. Elvis, Eminem, Justin Timberlake, and Miley Cyrus, but look down on the people who created that very same culture smh!

  • Leon Sandcastle

    Miley downgrading… French wack.

  • Converse

    So once she get back hot how long until she shun her antics and say it was just a “phase”

  • it’s the roc

    hey, don’t blame miley, blame your favorite new rapper. they made it easy to do this. she doesn’t sound far off from the norm these days.

  • Gilgamesh

    I call it, in the next 6 months this parasite will be at some major rap after party ( BET Hip-hop awards after Party, Super Bowl after parties, All-Star Games…) and one of these jigga boos she’s taggin along w/ to prove her hipness will get in a sort of altercation, shots will get fired, lawsuits will get filed, white news media’s gonna abuse the story and bam, she will disassociate herself, apologize 2 her core fan base and drop a country album.

    Mark My Words

  • MrHeat

    @IZzy.Danger: Lol, dude you couldn’t be more filled with shit. How can you speak for all white people you ignorant fuck. You prolly sit in front of your old ass computer all day leakin out racist comments. Go fuck yourself some more

  • Del

    hip hop is in a strange place…. on one hand you got the greatness that Kendrick delivered on the No ID track and on the other hand you got this shit

  • Chris Kelly

    French a coon and his music kinda bland but he LOOK Like he got money so he cool #mylaugh

  • B


    You are stupid as fuck dude. Who are this “mysterious” people that are looking down bra? ahah All this shit is fabricated in your one track mind. Plus, the only one on there that you listed that is even trying, or previously tried, to steal from black culture is Miley Cyrus, and shes even got her own little lane now. Em, JT, and Elvis are anomalies. But keep acting like thats the case/ your right, it obviously doesn’t matter what you think. Bitchhhhhhhhhh I aint worried about nothin

  • get it right

    miley is fucking awesome she don’t give no fucks

  • IZzy.Danger

    @B and @Mrheat
    Whites love it when their entertainers ripoff black culture, but look down on black people. Racism is still alive you dumb fucks. People think because there are no mass lynchings are segregation that racism is over. It has just evolved over time like everything else. STFU ignorant fools.

  • I love her comment.

  • The black robin thicke

    * all that money and she got a overbite* **Jamie Foxx** voice haha!!

  • B


    It’s OR. …mass lynchings OR segregation. Who’s ignorant? And your still saying absolutely nothing, you realize that? If you wana prove a point you need examples, not generalizations. And rapping is not ‘black culture,’ idk who tought you that. Ironic how your crying racism, but your the only one that brought it up? Hmmmm. But if that is the case, ya’ll better just quit, cuz Em killed you, pause. And if you wana get technical, Chuck Berry started rock and roll and Elvis started rap. Look it up, talk to a music historian, write it down, take a picture, I dont give a fuckkk

  • B


  • sheesh…..

    “Chosen One” -Konshens TheMc & his State of Mind



    Preach, Preach on! Well said…

    Birds chirp, Bees hum, and white people practice racism 24/7 (directly, indirectly, consciously, and unconsciously).

  • josh

    Shit was hotter than french’s poop of a song.

  • MrHeat

    Ahahaha i think Izzy NO danger and Iran the race should both suck some big dick. Racist little fucks lol. It’s coss of people like you that racism stays alive you dumb little ignorant fucks hahaha. You are the ones preaching it here dumb ass ass worms


    this song hot to death everybody need to leave Miley Cyrus alone let her live her life i’mma need the f****** media and f****** haters to #getyourlife

  • blacksmith

    I’m biracial black/white. My friends and family are a 50/50 mix of black and white. My wife is also black/white/cherokee. My white friends mainly hang out with whites, with a few black people and other races in the mix. My black friends only hang out with other black people. All the stuff you speak about all whites being racist is incorrect. In my experience the black side of my friends and family are the ones that are “racist”. My white friends judge a book by it’s cover. If it looks like a gangster and acts like a gangster then he must be a gangster..This person may not have ever committed a crime, but they still talk the talk and dress the partk. Any situation negative with another white person involved automatically turned into the white person is a racist cracker. They speak the same ignorant stuff you do. In this day and time the majority of white people do not dislike black people because of the color of their skin. Every race stereotypes every other race. Every human judges everything they come into contact with. It’s how we survive. For example.. I’m walking down the middle of the street and have to choose a side to walk down. On the right side a nice dressed black man is walking toward me. On the left side a white guy with a Tall T, flat bill and pants down to his knees is walking towards me. I am going to choose to walk on the right side towards the nicely dressed black man. If the white guy was dressed nice and the black guy was dressed the other way, I would choose the side that the nicely dressed individual was on. White people that are violent criminals tend to look like violent criminals (with exceptions) as well. Black people dress in a way that looks like the same violent drug dealing criminals that is seen on tv and the news every single day. It’s hard for white people to tell a difference between a violent criminals and a normal black kid, because the normal black kid dresses like the thugs and violent black criminals. As stupid as it sounds, if a black person speaks proper english, wears clothes that the rest of the population wears, doesn’t make an intentional effort to look like a gangster or name their kids “UNEEK” “UNIKE” “UNEEQ” “UNIEK”, and make every effort possible to stand out from the crowd then noncriminal black people would fit in just fine. If you are going to name your kid, then think about what you name him/her. UNEEK is not getting a job. Black people still talk about slavery and whites enslaved blacks. If blacks didn’t sell their people to whites then blacks would have never been slaves in America and neither you nor I would be here in America..FREE. We probably wouldn’t have ever been born. I know I wouldnt have at least. Blacks would still be slaves in Africa or slaughtered dead. Bad things happen so good things can come about from them. Praise our ancestors for making that sacrifice. If it were blacks that occupied America and whites were being sold then blacks would have done the same thing. That’s why the most important thing is education. Quit making excuses, quit blaming white people. get educated and do something. It’s as simple as that. If a black man wants a job then all he has to do is go to school. Dress like the man that’s doing the hiring and go in prepared. Simple as that. If you don’t have an education, don’t know how to speak proper english, don’t know how to dress appropriately for the job you want, then you won’t get a job. It’s not the white mans fault. We can’t blame white people today for something they weren’t even alive to experience. And you can’t be mad at all white people for owning slaves. A majority of them didn’t even own slaves and were against it. . People were UNEDUCATED back then. Todays black people problems are mainly created by black people themselves. A black person would have no problem fitting in with the rest of the population if that black person took a step back and looked at what the successful people are doing and not what the successful persons skin color is. Quit making excuses. I know the life of being poor. I know it’s hard being born into a criminal life style and by the time you even realize it’s wrong it’s too late. All your friends are the same way, even if you tried to get away it’s nearly impossible because that’s all you know. Schooling is terrible. Teachers don’t want to teach the kids, because the kids are terrible and don’t give a crap, so the only teachers they can get are the bottom shit barrell teachers that also don’t give a crap, so youre basically doomed from birth. Let me tell you something, that’s Americas system. It doesn’t single out blacks though. A black man can do anything a white man can. Being poor is culprit. Once the gangsta stuff goes away, which it is slowly but surely, black people will be ok. Get the hatred out of your heart and quit making excuses. Your problems are your problems and they weren’t caused by any white man. You control your own destiny. Once you realize that, your feeling of constantly being victim of racism will disappear.

    • Chantel

      Never a truer word said girl it’s a pity your words of wisdom are wasted on them,may be they will wake up one day and realise how dumb and controlled they really are! all those who think we are being racist think again



  • @blacksmith
    Even EYE thought that was too long , but I get your point

    Miley Cyrus is just proving what I’ve said for the past 18 months
    Rock Music is now the rebel music & Hip Hop is mainstream fluff

    Hip Hop is in the 80’s hair metal rock era & I don’t see a Kurt Cobain to wipe out the cliche lames who sound like all alike, look alike & do whatever it takes to get on a blog

    @p0is0nedkoola on twitter
    Lazy Flows allow anyone to sound like they can rap so……yea