Nas & J.Cole Cover VIBE


Well here is something that’ll make both proud. From Stillmatic to Villematic, Esco and J.Cole take the second cover of VIBE‘s upcoming 20 anniversary issue. Read the cover story here.

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  • Mo

    Dope. A legend and one soon to be legend….

  • Edgar

    Esco lets Cole!

  • Jack Hoff

    @MO Two albums in. One average the other was great. He still has a lot to prove to be in the conversation

  • Mo

    @Jack Hoff True but he has all the skills to became a legend one day. Hopefully he will be

  • DK

    I’m don’t throw the word “classic” around like some people do, but ‘Friday Night Lights’ would have been hailed as a classic if it were released as an official album.

  • Mo

    @DK Mos def would be. If you would combine the best songs from Friday Night Lights and the best songs from Cole’s actual 1st album it would’ve been one of best debuts album ever.

  • Peta49

    UNIBROW!!!!!! & Afrochin. This nigga need to clean himself up.

  • real

    rap is dead jcole aint no legend you dudes just have low standards these days

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Niiiccee !

  • Coney

    Fuck is wrong with Cole face? Nigga look like a angry muppet

  • Tiiz


  • .

    how the fuck Nas and Cole look like they the same age lol crazy

  • Confucius

    @real I agree…J cole is a talented artist, but there’s something about his personality that i can’t ride with…He seems synthetic to me. I’m usually dead on with my character assessments and every time i listen to his music a red flag goes up. I don’t get that feeling with Kendrick, Big Sean or even Drake…I guess time will tell.

  • Black Shady

    Nas refuse to be old period lol. nigga looks like hes still 26 lmao


  • StarFox64

    hasn’t vibe went out of business like 20 times? again recently too

  • Gambino

    Can they blow this up to a poster? I’d slap this shit on my wall


    and the Chopper face!

  • @Gambino I’d slap 50% of this poster on my wall. The Fraggle Rock half would be in the trash. You choose which half.

  • chopxs

    dope. cole we need that kendrick reply. son called calle you by your government lol

  • Nas looks younger than J Cole! And @DK the only Friday Night Lights tape that is classic is Jesse Is Heavyweight’s from Dallas.

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    This would’ve been one of the greatest debut albums of modern time!

    1. Intro
    2. Dollar And A Dream III
    3.Blow Up
    4. Can’t Get Enough
    5.Lights Please
    6. Interlude
    7. Sideline Story
    8. Mr. Nice Watch
    9. I Get Up
    10. Lost Ones
    11. Nobody’s Perfect
    12. Before I’m Gone
    13. Won’t Be Long
    14. Rise And Shine
    15. God’s Gift
    16. Breakdown
    17. Farewell