• joe

    this is what Kendrick wanted Ortiz came correct and proved himself

  • OuTLaW

    Bar for bar Joell just ate kendrick here.

  • GlassesMalone

    I love it! Bring on the competition! This isn’t beef, this is hip hop.

  • Facts

    HIP HOP we’re here


  • brza

    here we go! ringtone rappers need not apply

  • Joell just ripped Kendrick a new one…

    while we ALL wait for Jay Electronica to destroy K Dot.

  • StarFox64

    went in, but no one checking for this guy to respond

  • Black Shady

    Niggas need to realize Kdot wasnt DISSING people. RAPPERS ; don’t go out yo way to diss Kendrick

    on this note; good verse Joell. Killed it!!!

  • wow

    Joel bodied that young Punk!

  • Kali

    Its gonna be great week thanks to K.dot.Joel snapped on this tho,can’t wait to hear from Crooked I

  • llll



  • Jav


  • Trippy





  • Gambino


  • Bert The Flash


  • DisgruntledHiphopStan

    No one ever questioned joell Ortiz bars or anyone in slaughterhouse for that matter however the impact of Kendrick’s verse trumps any response regardless of lyrical ability because he had it exactly what kendrick was looking for. Nothing wrong with getting along but it’s hip hop and without competition it’ll die. Ny niggas mad about Kendrick verse answer this question what ny rapper of late would u even consider declaring king of ny. All the ny rappers in the running were the same names u would of said 10 years ago. Kendrick verse is calling out the game to step it up. He couldn’t even group a ny nigga in those niggas he called out. Across the board east west south he raised the bar.

  • OuTLaW

    Beef?..fuck beef they want his head. dude stepped outta his lane and said he was king of the West and New york lol.. why the fuck you think all these rappers are looking for a studio because they got inspired to step their game up from his verse? lol nah bro they want to check him for being disrespectful. even anything his verse inspires it will be shit load of people dissing him.

  • Ra

    Alot of cats are going to dismiss this because Joel is not mainstream but yea, he killed shit. Flipped Kendrick’s own lyrics, mimicked the theme and structure of his verse & all that. Sick.

  • Hannibal Lecture

    Joell killed this but Kendrick had the best of the year hands down!

  • JD



    joell went in but not sure if it matches upto kendricks


    I fucking love Hip Hop

  • West West Yall

    Havent seen New York niggas this mad since Tha Dogg Pound kicked over their buildings!!!


  • hiphop

    wow joel killed it just wow hip hop is getting a bit exciting that what its about its been boring for a while

  • Inside I’m Ice!, Outside I’m Lava!

    Shit Nas & Jay just went at each other on MCHG’s “BBC”, competition will remain the artery of Hip-Hop

  • vinnypaz

    isnt kendrick touring with em and slaughterhouse in europe soon? thats goin to be awkward

  • matrix

    Yea boi Real Brooklyn nigg right here….Chuuch!!

  • lwilsonjr

    Joel Ortiz just out rapped K. Lamar. I’m sure the rest of Slaughterhouse could do the same.

  • Quentin

    Kendrick wasn’t dissin
    He was just giving the game the little push it fuckin needed. And if everyone else comes hot like joell did here then all hail kdot

  • JustMyOpinion

    ONE verse will single handily change the game. These are not diss records. These are “step your game up,” songs.

  • ChrisW617

    Been sayin it for years Slaughterhouse >>>>>>, Joell just handling business like he ALWAYS DOES!!!!

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis tosses [email protected] salad

    Still will never outshadow kendrick he set a precedent!

  • ChrisW617

    @Kali you already know Crooked I up next

  • OuTLaW

    Are you people stupid do you really think other rappers would give two fucks about somebody ripping a verse? this has been done many times and done many times better then what Kendrick did i won’t take nothing away from him because he went in but his verse is over hyped as fuck lol rappers are not responding because the verse was dope they are responding because he said he was the king of the east lol they will want his head for his.

  • Evil

    Holy shit!
    Joell came hard as fuck,he bitch slapped Kendrick.
    Awsome verse!!

  • Black Shady

    @OuTLaW ; too bad theres only a couple NY rappers would could get “his head for this” …but those ones wont reply

  • mrholloway

    Only NY cats will like this….

    I wasn’t moved by it..where is Joe Budden’s verse…probably won’t be moved by that either.

  • OuTLaW

    Not just New York but the West will want him to back his claim up too..after this track Joell done here nobody else has to prove nothing Kendrick got ate up here in less then 24 hours of the track dropping..but i’m sure you will hear from a few NY and West MC’s

  • reck

    kendrick bout to have these niggas going crazy, let’s go hip-hop!! p.s. joell went completely the fuck off!! *ugly face* uggh

  • Bodied, RIP King of NY

  • La Verdad

    Yes Joell Ortiz dropped some real good bars. But this is expected of him because he has dropped bars like this before. This is his style. It’s nothing new. I applaud him for being the first known NY rapper to stand up and rep for NY but if it’s just Joell Ortiz than NY hiphop is in trouble! And thats not a shot! I want ALL of NY to drop something. We can’t allow K. Dot to prove to us he is right. So many NY rappers out there but we have to unite as one and never allow this to happen again! From Rakim to Nas to Kid Daytona to the aspiring MC in the studio right now – drop a verse in the name of hip-hop! If Joell did it so can all of you!

  • Da Business

    I luv it!!!!
    Royal Rumble, who’s next???
    Thx K.Dot, this is gonna be a gr8 week in hip hop!!!

  • ksleep

    Watch all these NY rappers start ridin kendricks wave…..

    The best way to respond is to step up the bars. Hip Hop is a competition at the end of the day….. Joell did his thing but right now K dot is runnin this rap shit. Need proof? Check the “bitch dont kill my vibe” remix

  • KoldCase

    this is exactly what kendrick wanted, have all the other niggas start stepping they shit up(not that joell needs to cuz hes dope)

  • NovaKaine

    If i beg will everyone watch my video ha

    Honestly seems like Joell holding a grudge becuase they didnt get elevated to the same star power that K.Dot did

  • JL

    Good to see competition, none of this fake beef stuff. Joell and Kendrick killed it. YAAOOOWAAAA

  • Itz Yourz

    Yes. Kendrick specifically didnt name dropped Joell Ortiz. BUT…He did just tell a brooklyn nigga (JO) he the King New York and he from cali. Lmao…he is going to get responses from niggas he never even heard of . Hopefully some of these idiots over here dont take him serious and keep shit on wax.

    Joell Ortiz? All day on these popcorn players. I see you. Bully.

  • Mii o il

    Everyone that responded bought slaughterhouse. How many copies is that?

  • Your Life Is A Lie

    So all of suddenly we’re suppose to give a pass to all the mainstream rappers K.DOT called out by name and ONLY focus on the KONY statement??? Is it because all of your Drake/J Cole/Wale/Meek Mill fans scared that your favorite mainstream rapper might not be to handle the heat???

    There’s a reason he said King Of NY and not King of Atlanta or King of Houston or King of Chicago or King of Toronto, etc…because this is the city that is synonymous with the term “lyrical” and “MC”.

    And for the record bar for bar J. Ortiz just took K.Dot out end of story. Where’s ya’ll savior Drake at????

  • thirdeyijimmy

    that verse brought the feminin outta niggas real quick…nigggas mad at what a lil nigga proclaim? who gives a shit? t.I. claim king of the south and we all know that’s face…Push said he want to be crowned king of New orleans and niggas didn’t bug out…wtf? Kurtis Blow said he was the King of Rap right out the gate and it was whole burroughs better then that nigga..so calm down…Joell did his 1,2 thing but is it fuckin wit ‘ K.dots?…not by a long shot but damn good attempt.

    http://youtu.be/0Jre7j6A3xE peep that too since thats what we doin right now.

  • Tec1Nyc

    ^^^ Drake doesn’t want it bar bar with Kdot. He know better

  • Your Life Is A Lie

    Its ok for K.Dot to out of the blue come at dudes and everybody says he’s just trying to raise the bar but when someone responds and actually lands a solid punch then its “niggas mad”. Isn’t this exactly what K.Dot wanted to happen in the first place which is to put lyricism back in the main spotlight

  • deznutz

    shout to jowell for repping nyc. he always goes hard though. lets get it nyc step it up!let this be a lesson niggaz like bum ass french montana is whos repping now smh

  • OuTLaW

    Not only that but people been calling out people to step their game up for years but since Kendrick did it everybody is running with this shit like its never been done before lol over hyped as fuck.

  • Skip Dillenger

    This shit is deeper than just a freestyle verse from a MC. Where is Joell’s LP? Where is an original song where he finds a beat, comes with a concept, writes a complete song? And how about going through the same cycle from 12-16 times for a complete work of art? In the grand scheme on things, this is bullshit!!! It’s the same old shit that rappers have been pulling for the last 10 years. He wrote to somebody else’s song. It’s unoriginal, it’s uninspiring, and it’s unacceptable. As dope as Joell is, I refuse to gas this cat like he accomplished something. He didn’t. He fed into the same crap that has been destroying the game from an artistic standpoint. Any rapper that doesn’t realize what Kendrick just did is a moron!!! He dropped a dope indy album in ’11. Captured the interest of fans and the industry alike. Then went in the studio and WORKED ON AN ORIGINAL PIECE, where he found producers, found beats, created a theme, inserted great skits and interludes to form his picture and voila! A universally acclaimed album that went platinum and singles from said album that have significant radioplay & gone at least gold without talking about material possessions or explicit violence/misogyny. No stunts, no schtick and no frontin’! That’s how it should be done. HE HAD THE RIGHT TO SPIT THAT VICIOUSNESS BECAUSE HE PUT THE PROPER WORK IN, WAS VALIDATED BY THE SAME LEGENDS HE MENTIONED AND COULD BACK IN UP!!!!

    Joell Ortiz: You are too talented to have NOT been mentioned in this track, but obviously you lack the artistic ingenuity to come correct in regards to being one of the artist that was mentioned. For God’s sake my dude, he mentioned Meek Mill!!! That should tell you everything!!! Step you game up fam and get in the stu for about 6-8 months and make you masterpiece. And goes to any other sensitive mug who took issue with that, follow the same instructions. Enough with the bullshit! #ElevateHipHopMyBrothas

  • thirdeyijimmy

    aye B.dot can we get a “like” button round this bitch or what..IJS

  • ROK

    im da 1 dat u said aint go be nothin boy,now im thumin thew a check like da postal boy!!!i want it all lyrics!!!check out my video on youtube at ROK-I WANT IT ALL(OFFICIAL VIDEO) I GOT DA LAMBO,MASERATI AND THE BOAT OUT 4 DIS 1

  • Bangers N Mash

    Joell went in.

  • chillthrillz

    @skip dilinger,,,,,,a yo!!,,,,,shut the fuck up,,,niggas aint tryin to hear all that,,,,some people are built for different positions,,,,,all rappers dont need commercial success to be successful,,,,,,joel is built for this type of shit right here,,,,enjoy the hiphop duke,,stop analyzing,,,,,,Da fuck!!!!

  • yo!

    joell killling it like always

  • Ohshit

    Joell got kendrick, hands down

  • Skip Dillenger

    @chillthrillz: Is Joell making the effort to be a legend? The references to Kendrick’s success are signs of his creativity, work ethic and the fortitude he has to take risks. He could have easily just sat back and came with a mediocre to decent album because of the attention he garnered and his album being released under the Aftermath umbrella. But he didn’t. He made a concept album, one of the most difficult albums to make as an artist. The amazing part is that Dr. Dre, who often times looks at commercial viability as much as the artist value, approved it. See, the problem with dudes like you is you lack insight, intelligence, heart, an understanding of the history of this art and a concept of what the future could be. I enjoy Hip-Hop. I enjoyed what Kendrick did and has been doing. I enjoy J. Cole, A$AP, Chief Keef, Nas, O.C., BDP, ATCQ, PE, Common, Twista, Drake, Black Hippy, Tracey Lee, Above the Law, Big KRIT, UGK, Hieroglyphics, Mac Miller… you name it, I’ve heard and like it. I’m not thinking commercial or underground. East or West. The Mid or South. I’m thinking in terms of ORIGINALITY!!!

    You don’t want originality because you are a slave!!! And I’ll give you three options of which type of slave you are: A house slave, a field slave or prison bitch (that means a sex slave little buddy). See a house nigga fits some like you well because you’re willing to not think and take up for your master even though you know they are mistreating just because they give you an inkling of satisfaction for being in the Big House. You can be a field nigga because they had the eat the worst parts of animals that their masters’ didn’t want i.e. chitlins or pigs’ feet and think it’s a 5-star meal. Or you can be the prison bitch because YOU GET FUCKED EVERYTIME YOU SPEND $15 ON A WACK ALBUM AND ENJOY IT!!! When or if you respond, make sure you identify the type of slave you are at the beginning of you statement. I’m think your more of the prison bitch-type but I’m in a generous mood, I’ll let you decide.

    Other than that, please refrain from telling me to shut the fuck up. If you would like to have a debate like gentlemen, I’m open to that. Thank you and have a blessed evening

  • VonMiller

    He said King Of Ny because , Cali has always punked NY … Kicking down buildings, unfortunately they took biggie, got NY niggaz claiming blood, ect..

  • PT Onassis

    to bad Joell is irrelevant, because he just did what he was expected to do. Fred and Bob, need to pull they shit back off the nets

  • Tec1Nyc

    @SkipDillinger this guy wrote a essay on a hiphop comment section cuz Joell bodied Kendrick
    Emotional ass men catching feelings Lmao Smh!

  • mdiesel23

    this WAR is RAW

  • Skip Dillenger

    @Tec1Nyc Once again cats are missing the point. I gave Joell his credit. I said he was too talented to not have been mentioned in the verse. But there has to be more than just freestyles. If you want Hip-Hop to prosper, you have to realize that.

  • buking310

    eh. try again new york.

  • Whoa!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did anyone hear him call fif a sweetie!!!! MUTHER FUCKER! This is gonna be a revolutionary act on k. Dots part. This should spur the independent to react swift just like Joell just did. I’m from Cali but damn its good t hear this kinda of reaction. I thought hip hop was dead but at the same time you have to wonder if there was anyone else behind releasing such a verse. You really think jimmy and em didn’t hear this before it dropped???? I doubt they didn’t. They though about the oppurtunity in it and we’re on board. Either way I wonder what and if fifty will say to joell…. Things that make you go hmmm?

  • That goes for both Kendrick and Joel’s verses to clarify.

  • Itz Yourz

    @ Skip Dillenger please dont sit around and wait for @chillz to reply. If he does its just going to be another fuck you…lol. You got to remember the realm of HipHop/Rap commentating this site is and who the gate keepers are here (please read between the lines). Half them alone dont know who BDP, PE, is let Alone who the Get fresh Crew is…lol.

    To your comment…not everyone is ment to be legends or “kings”. (Besides in wars soldiers are remembered not kings)…Joell even mentioned it in this response track…response track. You really was looking for originality (what you said is “orginality” in your first summary, whatever the collective factors were) in a response track? He rhymed over the same beat as Kendrick so now its who verse(s) was better. Now was it a lazy way of responding using the same beat ? maybe. But for you to say he lacks ingenuity is asinine. He is one of the lyrically good ones. Which I believe why it was easy for him to come right back at Kendrick. And it be above average! Then what these other responses will be. And you right Im one of the people who missed the point of you giving joell his credit when its done in such a condescending way. I dont know about you but his free agent mixtape was just as good as kendricks’ section .80 mixtape. I know that because they were release around the same time and at that time I was looking for some different shit instead of the brainless shit that is running rampart in this art form right now.

    But on another note this isnt kendricks best verse…and it depends what you look for in being a best verse. Me? best verse ever is Biggie “everyday struggle” verse 1. Shit the whole song hard. So that alone should let you know what type of “slave” I am. Ima grind slave. Now that was release in 1995…its over 10 years old and is still on some peoples list. I say this because someone up top said you going to remember this verse in 25 years. Cmon really? Even if the category of battle rap is to be debated…Is this really going to be remembered? Its No “Hit em Up”. Its no” Who Shot Ya” Its no “Ether”…which by the way is the most dangerous,vicious attack I ever seen…even KRS One the bridge is over isnt fucking with that one. Smh,lol

  • Itz Yourz


    East and West have alway been adversaries and thats because the best is suppose to vie for the top spot. But it was the media and people like yourself that pur sour cream on shit…lol feed into that shit and pit people, coast, brothers from another mother against each other.What was Pac going to do? Make an One Nation album…bringing niggas together. What “they” do? Kill that nigga off. They can have that type of shit. Niggas uniting. And “they” new Pac was strong enough and had that much persuasion to pull it off. Plus we dont need that right now. Hiphop/rap on a whole has come a long way from that silly shit (eastcoat/west coast beef). And if memory serve me right niggas shot at them death row niggas when they were trying to film, the video got cut short. Ask snoop next time while you asking him for an autograph at the airport or some shit, what happened that day.

  • PiKaHsSo

    GOT DAMN he dug in Kendricks ass wow that was dope

  • West West

    kendricks Plan is to bring NY Hip Hop to the forefront! Mark my words! Only thats why he wrote this King of NY 😉

  • HK

    Mii o il says: “Everyone that responded bought slaughterhouse. How many copies is that?”


    I’m a fan of Kendrick’s but Joelle did get w/ him on this verse

  • Kingsley



  • North West

    East Coast all day. Good thing he didnt say King of Detroit…or better yet, wished that happened so Em would rip him a new one

  • PistolPistol


    Just bitch slapped that over rated Bitch

  • PistolPistol

    Sorry to whoever feels differently… Drake and hip-hop and or rap do not belong in the same phrase


  • jdfshdfjk

    Seems dumb when he wasn’t mentioned

  • MsBossy1


  • BK


  • BK

    By the way,when he said the King Of New York he was disrespectful so any real NY rapper will not stand for it!Mentioned or not!!!Joell just rapped circles around the young pup!!!

  • TimeDrift

    beast mode

  • MrHeat

    I wonder what this will do to inside of the Aftermath camp, lol

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  • Nangamboko


  • Check out HazeMunny’s latest track Sweet 16. The song is a traditional hip-hop song and it samples the Wu-Tang Clan song C.R.E.A.M. And can you leave some feedback. Thank you.

  • FTW

    lmao… joel just ate kendric’s lunch.

    kendrick is nice but i don’t think he has enough skill to go back and forth with the heavy spitters.

    don’t let the rest of slaughter house in it, that would be a massacre.

    em, royce, joel, crook, joe … none were mentioned. kendrick said, I’m crazy not stupid.

  • drimvillain

    not even impressed, dude emotional because he wasn’t acknowledged. to get back at k.dot you have to bring it to a point of rap genius cause that kid really came out nuts hanging like a true makavelli offspring. and he targeted the new school rappers who got a couple of hits and grew complacent thinking they conquered rap

  • drimvillain

    and if you are doubting joel’s irrelevance, just compare the response. this was a category 1 storm , kdot was the hurricane katrina, and you all know to respect it cause you never saw it coming but when it came out it left chaos in it’s path.

  • Josh

    holy shit…who the fuck is kendrick lamar haaaaaaaaa, Joell just cooked & ate that lilttle wanna be gangster chum, fucking little rapper saying he the king of new york, fuck outta here k. dot.

  • troy king

    woooooo dnt knw how tha shit go be cnt wait for tha team slaughter

  • DeezNuts

    Kendrick had the best verse of the year. Period.

  • ben

    Kendrick brought battle rap back…………………….he is Hip hop’s new hope!!!!!!!!!

  • Megabkny

    Brooklyn Took It

  • NotoriousRambo.


  • Bangers N Mash

    Joell the only response worth listening to, the homie went in.