New Video: Meek Mill “Levels”


Down in the 305, Meek Mill pulls out the boats, phantoms, Ciroc and a few cameos in his new video directed by Hype Williams. Dreamchasers 3 coming soon. He talks Kendrick’s “Control” verse below.

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  • LikeJordan45

    This nigga’s timing fucking sucks

  • RayBandzNY

    This nigga gotta drop a response to Kendrick fuck this.

  • the fuck

    yo this is Hype Williams for real?
    Looks like some garbage shit from Jordan Towers.
    There’s levels to videos too, Meeko. This is trash

  • umad

    kendrick fucked alot of niggas week up lol

  • Hannibal Lecture

    Hype doing videos with these no plaque havin niggas. Must need the bread to fund another film!

    @umad cosign

  • Student of Da Game


  • Early Earl

    No way Hype Williams did this video. This doesn’t even look like an official video. Why were there no parts where Meek is performing?? WorldStar strikes again. It’s almost like some director trying to get this weight up put his together. #UnOriginal Kendrick has made it to where I can’t even listen to this other shyt right now.

  • bcro28

    lol @ like jordan 45 you right about that. No one is checking for sm vol 3.

  • Black Shady

    Damn I hope Meek didnt pay more than 2000$ to HYPE WILLIAMS for this shit lmao

  • weak.

  • Jaymalls

    this shit trash… wow hype! 1st khaled now this…

  • dimeloloco


  • joy road killa

    crikets…yawning…cmon hype this shit looks like a ciroc ad…meek this aint it and the record aint it..back to the drawing board…your in last place but screaming the loudest…kdot..cole…drake..sean..wale..mack miller…you and wack montana are at the end of the bench!

  • ummm the Video could have been better but i like the song. Dope
    hit me for beats @onemanbeats

  • José

    Fuck Meek mill,this bitch nigga ,get out of mmg, mother Fuck …..

  • Truth

    Meek Mill comes off as autistic in his tweets

  • Itz Yourz

    Smh, lmbao. what is this?

  • This video is long overdue, hip hop has moved on.

  • Willy Lump Lump

    I damn near fell asleep watching this craptacular video.. Same old Shit!!

  • Kingsley

    lol what a surprise RR got this still at the top.

    MMG can’t be as big and powerful as they seem if their still paying websites

  • thirdeyijimmy

    already didn’t like the song…now I got a montage of bullshit not to like. thanks meek…smh.

  • S

    Garbage. Why do MMG promote the hell out of their wack songs.

    Atleast Gotti was in the vid. Lol

  • Dune

    Man Hype Williams really hustled this nigga on this video.. Hope this shit was free.

  • FOH

    Bring in that body! Kendrick killing yall niggas

  • Obama

    How the fuck do you use a censored version of your song for a fucking WORLD STAR video?!?!?!

  • aedi

    so you get Hype to direct a typical ass video……all that build up for this welp back to reality

  • C-LEW

  • I Dunno

    masonic temple 2:17

  • real

    Some bad bit*hes tho

  • rillmerch

    instead of saying lil nigga, he shoulda said…. fuck it make it a diss

  • VTG

    Shorty who did that interview is an idiot lol