Foxy Brown On Summer Jam Absence


The Ill Na Na made her RapFix debut today and while addressing the rumors, she explains the reason why she didn’t join Fab at Summer Jam. She says Lil’ Kim was added last minute and they haven’t resolved their issues. 

Damn, it’s only been about 20 years. After the jump, she breaks down after wise words from Big Daddy Kane.

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  • BarackCarterWinfrey

    First Lupe, then Amber Rose, now Sway’s got Foxy cryin!

  • Obama

    Oh an by the way that’s fucking Hip Hop legend Big Daddy Kane, one of the founding fathers of this whole shit, sitting right next to you!!

  • Student of Da Game

    love you foxy forever

  • mark

    she look high as fuck

  • Yacht

    I’m not buyin in to this. Music business is the Gift & Curse. On the same note healthy relationships and relevance is so rewarding within the business. Affords a life some of us will Never have a chance to take or leave, these people block Blessings…

  • 456 headCrAcK
  • samuel1chandel

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  • medusaV

    Love Foxy smart women ..Why is it all the real ones had there shine in the 90s though.. All throughbreds..

  • still have the meanest crush on fox boogie

  • Inga Still looks fine

  • mrholloway

    Something is wrong with her…I don’t believe a word she said. LOL

  • jdfshdfjk

    her eyes are so red

  • Ridalen

    LMAO…is she from Brooklyn or the valley?

  • Rah hill

    Fox brown.

  • Hey Foxy,lose the fake Accent.

  • B

    “…She says Lil’ Kim was added at the last minute and that haven’t yet resolved their issues. Damn…”


    “…She says Lil’ Kim was added at the last minute and that *THEY* haven’t yet resolved their issues. Damn…


    This is like a 60 word summary dawg. Ya’ll at RR are pathetic with this proof reading shit. You can tell this is a rap web site…

  • B

    ^^hah you just fixed it. good shit

  • Carlito R.

    The two Beefs that I could never see get squash…#1) Foxy & Lil Kim and #2) 50 Cent & Ja Rule.

  • TimeDrift

    like omg, i am trying to sound so white,like i can not believe this,like walk in my shoes then speak.

  • SMH212

    She’s horrible, what up with her voice?? and she needs to stop playing the victim, her and Kim have said horrible things about each other, If your skin is so thin that you can’t take it, don’t pop shit. What type of chick cries over a rumor over arriving to summer jam late?? she hasn’t had a album in 13 years, and hasn’t been in anyones booth. She is her own worst enemy is you.

  • FreshKidME

    most annoying bitch in the industry… shut the fuck up already! PLEASE!