Kanye West Yeezus Goes Gold


It took a minute, eight weeks actually, but Kanye West’s Yeezus has finally been certified gold by the RIAA. How long until platinum? Well, that’s anybody’s guess.  Download the LP here.

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  • Musikal

    Took a minute lol. Congrats to Kanye.

  • Gambino

    Cole won

  • djpetemarriott

    Prediction: Ye’s next album will be sold via HTC….

    * oh wait we’re talking about Ye’ here.

    Correction: Apple’s iPhone.

  • tha OG

    & still its a bullshit album

  • Facts

    Def. the wackest album of the year (all genres)

  • steezy baby

    Cole sold 500 in first two weeks and it took kanye 8 weeks. you see this what kanye gets, his unorthodox way really cost him that only thing he did well was projecting his video on buildings but he really showed no interest in this he acted like care, he gave no album art, he had a bad attitude like always and had a lot of bad press which will always make mainstream America stay away from buying your album and 65 percent isn’t not replay worthy im am a super kanye fan but if he’s gonna act like he doesn’t give shit about his album then why should people spend their hard money and buy. maybe this will wake kanye up and he do a better job next time around

  • that album was weak.

  • Black Shady

    It’s really a COLE WORLD!

    Kanye lost

  • mike

    Bound 2, Blood on the leaves, New Slaves, Black Skinhead, Send it up. The rest of the album is not good(to me).

  • Prevett19

    People acting like buying an album is going to break the bank or something…Most albums cost like $12 not exactly a back-breaker, you guys just don’t want to have to pay for anything. Nobody buys straight hip/hop albums anymore so of course he went this route. I’d like to see foreign numbers on this anyway it went number one in like 30 countries.

  • C-LEW

  • Evil

    Another L for Kanye.

  • steezy baby you sound stupid because if you think about it that nigga kanye west didnt really promote his album at all compared to jcole pushing it and doing 1 dollar tours. Jcole was pushing heavy and kanye west just said (hey guys im releasing a album and I hope you buy it). I mean he probably did some work but not as much work as jcole . At the end both the albums was kinda trash.

  • Tec1Nyc

    500,000+ for no promotion? Not bad…album could’ve been better though.

  • mrholloway

    So if he starts to promote right now…he will go platinum easily.

  • J Cols had a TRASH album boring ass house nigga music haha


    i don’t know why people are saying this is a loss for kanye. i didn’t really like the album, but 500k with no promotion is still winning. he is not winning as much as he could have, in terms of money, but if kanye is happy with his album and music, then that is all that really matters. dude already has more than 100million dollars, do you really think he gives a shit about record sales?

    • djpetemarriott

      So projecting a video on 66 buildings globally and performing on SNL and having a baby with Kim Kardashian wasn’t album promotion? GTFOHWTBS!

  • PJT

    Kanye didn’t put this album out for sales or awards, he already has 21 Grammy’s and multi-platinum albums. Some of these J. Cole stans are delusional (and I’m a fan of J. Cole too).

    But the facts are… Born Sinner wasn’t as good as The Sideline Story, and some of the beats were weak. It was also nothing that we haven’t heard before, same goes with MCHG.

    Yeezus once again displayed that Kanye is always pushing the boundaries with his music, trying different things as with his previous albums, it will be a game changer again.

  • King

    so much for trash

  • gammaboi

    I bet Kanye’s hearing Bill Duke’s voice in his head right now.
    Dude fucked up.
    This shit was wack.

  • djpetemarriott

    The hardcore truth is Kanye won without even trying to win. Yeezus may not be a comercial success in America, but it’s still a global winner. America needs to get off it’s own dick! Those RIAA certifications are uber-wack anyway. The labels buy those for the artists and staffers at $1,500.00 minimum per award. If the genral public only knew how dumb the entire gold and platinum plaque was they’d realized how stupid they are for following that bullshit.

    Gold and platinum ain’t shit if your album is wack or the artists and producer ain’t got no fucking skills. Hip Hop is about SKILLS fucker! SKILLS!

    Fuck sales!

    That shit is for cornballs and the suckers that swallow that shit!

  • ayyeee

    All We need is an Artistic vid for “Blood on the Leaves” and a dope vid for “Sent it up” and voila! Platinum in no time.

  • J

    Kanye = Huge International Market

    Cole = Small International Market

    You people thinking that Cole ‘won’ over Kanye are crazy; they both won. Ye sold 500,000 copies in the US alone with not one single before the album drop. Cole made a great Hip Hop album and it was a milestone in his career. Also, are you people blind to the fact that the Hip Hop album sales are at an all time low? Sales mean nothing at this point. I mean Christ, you can go and buy your album to be sold now.

  • Rah hill

    Roc stay winning.

  • My favorite moment of the year was bitchass bloggers TRYING to act like Yeezus wasn’t mediocre, at best.

    YN hashtagging #IamAGod , this site hyping things like Ye appearing on SNL , just the whole “emperor’s new clothes” that these suckas lived pretending they “understood” the Yeezus album

    In the end, it was a bad impression of 90’s electronica music & the worst of that genre at that!

    oh well, sorry ROC stans aka B Dot

    @p0is0nedkoola on twitter
    then they got hype over a lazy album released on a cell phone….

  • Emass

    Yall Crazy ..The man did not tour or have any radio singles and went gold and he took an L??? I can tell when losers are commenting without thinking.Cole was on TV on Tour ..Doing talk shows lol just to go gold lol

  • dam this album was wack

  • Fuck what u think emass, this album is wack , if its wack its wack.

  • rillmerch
  • FukA_Hater


  • That Dude

    “But the facts are… Born Sinner wasn’t as good as The Sideline Story”

    That’s not a fact but hey it’s your opinion. In my opinion J.Cole’s music library from best to worse is:

    Warm Up>Born Sinner>Friday Night Lights = Come Up>and way in last place. . . Sideline Story.

    I don’t see what’s good about Sideline Story besides “Dollar and a Dream Part 3”. Born Sinner had Miss America, Power Trip, Chaining Day, Rich Niggaz and the list goes on.

  • ultrakid

    @PJT Magna carta is a bettter album than Yeezus, yes its better than MCHG as far as experiemently, and as you said pushing the envelop of music further. but jay z has a more put together solid album Yeezus was jus another picture for kanye to hang up in his house (musically speakig)

  • ultrakid


  • PTJ


    Tell me what’s different about Magna Carta than previous Jay albums? It’s probably his best since The Black Album but lyrically we’ve heard it all before.

    I’m a massive Jay fan and I enjoyed Magna Carta, but it wasn’t anywhere near Jay’s best and was just a big commercial roller-coaster to make money.

    The great thing about Yeezus is that he didn’t intend for any singles. promotion or artwork. He just put together a great body of work that will change the game again, just like College Dropout, and it still went gold even though it leaked and had no promotion or singles (Kanye won).

  • West West Yall

    ladies and gentlemen….this new EMINEM album donna drop BOMBS! EMS the king. The best.

  • Godric

    I don’t think Kanye really gives a fuck about Cole selling more. Music is art to Kanye and he expressed himself to perfection on Yeezus straight up!

  • Bom919

    How long until it goes platnium? Oh and you can download the album here…. hahahaha well played Rap Radar

  • 500,000+ for no promotion? Not bad…album could’ve been better though.



  • great and challenging albums dont normally sell that much. I’m glad this did.

  • J Whistles

    Shut up about the no promotion for this album. The 67 year old lady who sits in front of me at work knew Kanye had an album coming out. He himself may have not promoted it but id say 90% of the time the media mentioned Kim it would be followed by saying Kanye had an album coming out.

    People knew about the album, the album sucked and that’s why it hasn’t sold as well as others.


    Hip Hop Album Sales: The Week Ending 8/11/2013 KNOW WHAT U TALKING BOUT B4 U COMMENT STUPID ASS YOUNG NIGGAZ
    #3. Robin Thicke – Blurred Lines – 65,000 (242,000)

    #4. Jay Z – Magna Carta Holy Grail – 48,000 (845,000)

    #14. Tech N9ne – Something Else – 17,000 (75,000)

    #17. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – The Heist – 15,000 (983,000)

    #22. J. Cole – Born Sinner – 14,000 (557,000)

    #36. Wale – The Gifted – 8,400 (287,000)

    #41. Kanye West – Yeezus – 7,300 (504,000)

    #53. YMCMB & Friends – Rich Gang – 6,400 (40,000)

    #83. Ace Hood – Trials & Tribulations – 4,200 (55,000)

    #149. Madchild – Lawn Mower Man –

  • freethetroops