New Music: Eminem “Survival”


First things first: this is not Eminem’s new single. Produced by DJ Khalil, the track will appear on Em’s upcoming album and is a part of the Call of Duty: Ghosts game. The title will be available on Xbox, Playstation, and Wii U consoles on November 5th. Check out the trailer after the jump.


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  • ricsipop

    Shady session has offiicialy begun!

  • StarFox64

    sign of the bullshit to come…

  • StarFox64

    fucking depressing as shit that this dude still didnt get over this little “sound” yet..

  • Michael East


  • dat nigga

    Check out this guy replicating the OLD Eminem flow with his own lyrics paying homage

  • wtf

    disappointing as fuck.

  • Mel

    The chorus is catchy. Song is a good fit for Call of Duty.

  • 89

    im the biggest em fan but dude needs to calm down n spit instead of shouting. remember his verse on obie trice- love me??. yh he shud go back to rapping like that

  • dylan

    corny punchlines… i was hoping for a classic

  • Annie Kay

    AWESOME!!!!! YESSS!!!!!! Waited foreverrrrr!!!!!

  • Clem


  • westside

    Dope as Fuck

  • matt

    he needs to stop using skylar grey in EVERY single song and realize that she fucking sucks

  • Wall

    Dope af!

  • Evil

    Fuck yeah,love that shit!
    2nd and 3rd verse is boss.

  • dylan

    2nd listen: still sucks

  • rz

    Garbage…..No thanks gimme dat Joell Ortiz Cassidy n Los Control freestyles anyday over this fuckry

  • Unknown

    The fact this IS NOT the official single makes me HAPPY

  • Belize

    stop the rock samples man…your white fans gonna love u regardless mayne

  • 124

    wow sounds just like recovery. should be equally as bad album.

  • dylan




  • YO


  • Word

    First question, who’s louder? Meek Mill or Eminem?

    That being said I still hoped he would tone it down a bit with his voice. I feel like if he did that, he’d be better to my ears.

    Other than that, bars are sharp for the most part. Not too many cringe worthy ones this time around. He’s still doing that pseudo rock sounding music with Skylar Gray-ish type hooks though. Overall I’d say a 7/10.

  • Lil Majer The Cartune

    Welp, so much for Kendrick’s buzz.

  • Bangers N Mash

    Pretty dope.

  • Unknown

    what the fuck he spazzed out at the end

  • Kill

    Can we all agree that this kinda sucks a lot?

  • RRCoolJ

    Marshall and Tip are addicted to these new overly aggressive flows they’ve been using for the past 4 or 5 years. That said, you can’t deny he came with more clever bars in this one song than all the freestyles we’ve heard in the past 24 hours combined.


    em goes hard as always songs nice its got that wont back down vibe but im curious about how the album will sound i hope he brings shady back like in 2011 cypher that was straight fire

  • Word

    Cosign @Unknown. This not being a single makes me happy as well. Gives me hope the rest of the album sounds nothing like this.


    lol COD gettin all the promotion they can get

  • Eric.T.

    DAYUUUM !!! I hope the people who is still bashing Marshall, understands this song is to YOU. ! LMFAO…So whatever hate you people give him, he just AAA-CHUUU & ACHIEVE !!! He just shitted on all youe hate comment’s. Lmao .. Bitches….

  • Community Against Racism


  • Brian

    Wow this song is utter trash

  • Respect

    yooooo, this was fire, Finally the great one has returned, i do miss the old flow though

  • MrSkeezyMak


  • PistolPistol

    Thank you!

  • Yoddle

    You clowns. You want him to whisper on a song that is for Call Of Duty. It would not make sense. He still shits on any rapper – mc out here.

  • Lee


  • jeremy

    “89 says:
    Wednesday, August 14 2013 at 4:15 PM EST

    im the biggest em fan but dude needs to calm down n spit instead of shouting. remember his verse on obie trice- love me??. yh he shud go back to rapping like that ”

    Guy , remember that he is 40′ and he wasn’t the same voice !
    Fucking good to see him back !!

  • brza

    remember the renegade days before the scream rap

  • EmceeFresh

    When are you Eminem stans gonna realize that Em been fell off.

  • LP1031

    Stadium music. Who’s to blame him tho, he ‘s selling those shit out. Long are the days of being just Marshall and wanting to rap. This what happens when ya demographic grows. As much as you want him to go back to the days of the Marshall Matters LP, it’ll never happen. Glimpses here and there but dude gotta bigger audience now and this what you get. Can’t stay the same forever. “Buy his old albums”…..shit

  • The Truth

    Behind my keyboard I’m gonna say this shit was trash, Em has lost it, this Rock-n-roll shit is for the birds, etc. But in real life, I just downloaded it and I’m glad that he’s back so I can go behind my keyboard and troll everything hot.

  • UnknownUniverse

    This just sounds like some Recovery stuff. I wanted something new sounding but still dope.

  • josh

    glad to hear some new shit, but the yelling….

  • rahrahrah

    Never been an Em fan…but listening to how he’s bouncing around on that first 16 brought a smile to me. Dude can tap dance on a beat.

  • DeezNuts

    lol…that shit sounds like somthing from recovery…don’t like it

  • The Wise

    ActuLly glad to see a majority of people feel the same way as i do..this guys raps havent been the same for a while that yellin shit meeds to go …if this is a sign of whats to come then its gonna fuckin suck! I really hope he calm it down puts an actual concept record out an gives verses a thought stead of spewing corny punchlines..i still dont get how rappers of his caliber forget how to spit dope lines..

  • CJ

    I like it.. even though it got that won’t back down feel but I like this way more then I liked that. I’m good with an album that falls between recovery & eminem show I don’t need slim shady it was good for it’s time but he’s 40 now..that’s me tho..

  • AllDay_HipHop

    damn this is terrible

  • UnknownUniverse

    That last verse though, kills it!

  • Chronic

    I swear to fuckin god..Eminem needs to stop using this bitch skylar grey, her voice is so annoying…and I wish he’d stop with these corny ass beats too…if this is what we can expect from the new album then shady has officially died and marshall officially sold the fuck out. He’s still on point with his wordplay, but the songs he makes like this (aka the entire recovery album) just don’t have the same feel as his old music.

  • Dashing

    Damn. I was really hoping this was good. Funny thing is it might have got a pass if it came out 3 days ago, but it didn’t.

    Em needs to get on some hip hop beats. I like DJ Khalil, but I don’t like his rock sound with Em. It worked on “Won’t Back Down” okay, but it doesn’t here. Em’s rapping his ass off, but something sounds off. And the screaming is too much, even on the last verse, which sounds technically dope, but doesn’t grab me for some reason.
    “Stay Wide Awake” and “Underground” Em or “On Fire” works. It’s better when it doesn’t feel like he’s trying so hard.

    But PLEASE PLEASE less ROCK. Bring back Dre on the beats and even Eminem beats. As long as he’s not rapping in accents and insulting celebrities the Dre and Em combo tends to work. And TDE should be around while Em’s recording. He did his best when around dope MCs that had different styles than him (See Xzibit, 50 Cent, Snoop,).

    I want to hear Em over new cats like Cardiak and Wondagurl and then some older heads like Just Blaze and Dre and some hip hop Khalil beats.

  • CrazyShit

    Good Shit People be trippin though you lil young niggas wanted the old em who shouted and shit the whiteboy came back and now nigga’s say he need to town the fuck down respect the music I liked it he seemed hungry again I don’t need no Slim Shady LP or MMLP shit times are changing and this dude’s rhymes are consistanly crazy bar for fuckin bar he out raps 90% of the rap game only my Nigga Nas be doin it better


    This isn’t going to be on the album

  • rillmerch

    He never has or will never be one of the greatest MC of our culture… Just a dope spitter

  • BK

    G.O.A.T!!!!!Hate all you want…..

  • LOL

    EMINEM is a white rapper, what the fuck you idiots want him to rap about? you ignorant niggas need to appreciate that he’s still putting out music, this is gonna rock stadiums whether you hate it or not.

  • TruthBeTold

    His yelling aint as bad as it was few years ago lol

    Nice to see he’s working on it

    2nd & 3rd verse are crazy

  • westside

    hate it or love it none fuck with eminem
    eminem album #1 worldwide with european tour

  • awww shit

    just awful damn when i saw the headline i jumped off my chair to grab my headphone and only to hear this bull?where is fuckin slim shady at?it is hard to accept that yr favourite rapper aint the same and might never come back to his best ever again


    im hoping on the album there is some fire track with dre and em going back and fourth like the good ol days but ah i dunno and dont understand people that say em lost it dude clearly hasnt yall not hear that cypher he fuckin ripped it this is a call of duty soundtrack i dont think this will reflect the overall sound of the album

  • Black Shady

    Damn. I wish King Mathers would stop yelling. I believe he’ll be back as his old self for his next LP

  • Capricorn Religion

    I loved it….

    I am a EM STAN so, just gloss over this post now. Anyway again, I loved it. I loved it because mainly it addresses with what the Game an Fans as a whole feel at the moment about Em overall in 2013:

    “Can he make a solid comeback in this new rap game?”
    “How does he feel about his place in the game”
    “He is washed up”
    “Top 5? Ha. Not the whiteboy”

    He address all that an then some on this new track. Now, of course the criticisms are that it sounds like a “Recovery” track and, it is subject matter that we have heard before. I agree being a Em stan no doubt but, you have to understand Em will ALWAYS have to bring this up in a Culture dominated by African Americans. ALWAYS. As will Mac miller an others to come. It is always different when listening to a new Em song because his lyrics, flow, subject matter will ALWAYS get extra eyes on it.

    As far as it sounding like a “Recovery” throwaway, I’ll say yes an no. No because with “Recovery” sometimes the songs came off as Hollow. It was good but, it was missing the meat to the songs. Some not all. This has some meat to it (Pause) and, it fits with the new way to play your music. Stadium status type records.

    Its not really meant for just this type of listening. You have to see it live an be apart of the event. Kanye crafted this type of thoughts an records perfect. Hence why you always get the feeling of an event when you hear his music

    Bottom line is, I can’t wait for the album. Plus, this isn’t even a first single.

  • KoldCase

    this is good for having that rock beat, and his flow is still on point

    cant wait for eminem to flow over some dre beats again

  • stephen

    Wooo, Finally some Em murking shit

  • Name


  • Hip Pop Is Alive!

    Rap’s Larry Bird is BAAAACkkkk!!! And spitting WACKerrrr than ever! Eminem is so fucking OVERRATED!

  • Truth

    Let it go dog, it’s over.

    Hang up the fucking mic.

  • Community Against Racism

    This is hot.


    that 3rd verse he snapped funny thing is em 40 and doesnt have to do shit anymore still sounds hungrier than most new school rappers like he said “I don’t own no diploma for school, I quit!
    So there’s nothing for me to fall back on, I know no other traits
    So you’d better trade your fuckin’ mics in for some tool-box-es
    Cause you’ll never take my pride from me
    It’ll have to be pried from me”

  • LOL

    wait a minute, people complaining about a rock based beat, but how about Jay-Z? he sampled a rock artist, and D.O.A. is sort of a rock jazzy beat. you fickle ass fans need to listen to your Cheif Keef or Gucci music certified for retards.

  • troncity

    This aint the greatest but yall talkin about yellin like Meek?? nah no way.. Its not the agressuve flow thats the problem with meek its just he does that “Money in the BANK (BAYENK) Fuck what you THINK (THEEEENK)” ad lib shit that is annoying about meek. I mean fuck it tho.. if you aint fuckin with it then do like me an dont listen to it again.

  • Mirage

    Boooooo. Disappointing

  • Dashing

    This is NOT hot. And should not be on the album. Please don’t do this Em, Paul, or whoever else decides this shit.

    And people need to realize that outside of the singles(Rihanna joint, the one with Wayne, Not Afraid and the shit with Pink) there were like 3 or 4 dope cuts on the album and A LOT of filler. (Seduction, WTP, Talkin to Myself) he needs to get some hunger again. Get him in there with TDE. All 4 of them dudes on different tracks. He needs the rawness from Jay Rock and Schoolboy and the lyricism from Ab-Soul and Kendrick. And new different beats. Not this rock shit.

    Please listen to the people!

  • One Question

    …umm, didn’t Kendrick yell in his “epic” verse? Oh.

  • Blue Boy

    So it’s ok for Kendrick to yell on his track’s but not Em? lol Y’all hypocrite’s


    Pretty dope.

    Better songs from Em is yet to come though!


    this sounds good, better than i was expecting for call of duty

    i also dont really mind the shouting, dude still got nice lyrics and sounds good on the beat

  • Chronic

    After a couple reasons I gotta say…em really did fuckin snap on this, the rhyme scheme is just fuckin ridiculous when you look at it in a technical way.

  • Chronic

    *couple listens

  • StarFox64

    son, if u muthafuckers r going to keep PRETENDING that this shit isn’t terrible JUST cuz u want eminem to come out with another album and not be humiliated into hiding again…doesn’t make it right to lie to an old man

  • StarFox64

    u rap dudes are so corny ! son i swear lol



  • wowhead

    Eminem vs any rapper is like lil b vs Shakespeare

  • wowhead

    you idoits commenting like the gayest raps, when a guy comes alongs and spits some multi syllable, motivation rap shit, you hate. I fucking hate you people

  • Jamesbond

    Great song. Em on beast mode. @Starfox64 u need to clean your benzino ears. Have u heard anything like this lately? This dude is on a level of his own. Flow, multisyllable rhymes, word play, subject matter and delivery all on point in one song from one person. i dont got to be white to say that i am full black. Anyone still judging Eminem by color is a bastard.

  • alex

    Are you guys serious, his flow and rhyme scheme killed the song by itself. Lyrics were actually decent.

  • alex

    sometimes corny, but it’s EMINEM. That’s how he built himself.

  • alex

    This is not the same year Marshall Mathers LP came out….get over it…….I’M A STAN

  • OuTLaW

    Anybody saying this sucks is just hearing the beat..Em went in

  • StarFox64

    @Jamesbond there are some hard bars like that “pride-pry” shit , etc but is this wat u want to hear from eminem, i doubt it…

  • Lyrics wise…this shit is on point. I hate the hook or maybe its the person singing it. The beat isnt half bad just to much rock n roll for my taste. Glad to hear BARS tho.

    1.Kendrick Verse
    2. Survival
    3. Joell Ortiz – Outta Control

  • Z is a Stan

    Lmao you guys can sit in the past keep comparing Em to himself and say you’re disappointed he’ll still be one of the greatest EVER and you know this man!!! Lol songs is music to my ears great rhymes scheme great flow and lyrics are on point. Awesome COD trailer too can’t wait for the album and the game!

  • Really?

    wtf is up with u guys?(I rly wolud like to know)
    hook is great, his flow is insane as always …. and what’s most important is, the lyrics are on fucking point!!!!!!!! c’mon ppl , how could you deny that
    #fuck ya’ll 😀 , I fuck with the song <3 <3 <3 (replying for more than hour now!)

  • Theloneus

    Em stays disappointing man smh.

  • Really?


  • Really?

    wtf is up with u guys?(I rly would like to know)
    hook is great, his flow is insane as always …. and what’s most important is, the lyrics are on fucking point!!!!!!!! c’mon ppl , how could you deny that
    #fuck ya’ll 😀 , I fuck with the song <3 <3 <3 (replying for more than hour now!)

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    yea this sucks, chorus is weak – RIP eminem flow, that used to be good, last verse was ok, but this sad story is getting boring, he needs to move on like jay -z and just put something new on the table, re-invent himself


    I agree with @89





  • That Dude

    Ya’ll are absolutely trippin if you don’t think this was dope…em lyrically killed this shit for real..that last line was very clever.

  • Really?

    one more thing to say , yeah the beat aren’t rly the type we’re look for ….. but with eminem , !!!!!!!! he fucking killed it and made the shit outstanding!


    It still kills everything that has come out this year. Hahah.

    Nobody can front with this man on a beat. Bow down hiphop, Marshall is coming…

  • doads

    em’s last verse shits on kendricks “control” verse, just listen to it a few times, it’s like he’s melting with the beat that’s how flawless his flow is. kendrick falls off the beat multiple times but it’s what he’s saying thats got all your knickers in a twist.

  • STFU

    His rhyming is impeccable… Unmatched… I’m not a fan of the beat or Skylar… But Fuck…. His word play is just nasty…
    His “knife in the gut” rhyme scheme is untouchable…

  • B.dotLikesMayonnaise

    This track is tight. This is not a single or anything like that. there’s still much more to come from this dude. He used Won’t back down for COD black ops and look what kind of stuff he delivered after that. this track is still nice and you can’t judge the whole album just by one song.

  • Stoner

    Listened To It Once… Ehhhh… Twice… It’s Cool…. Third And Fourth… Sharpest Lyricist Everyone That Commented Would Ever Hear In Their Life Time….Fuck A Top 5… fuck Denial…..Deep Down We All Know Who’s Number One…..

  • J

    This just proves that even Eminem minus drugs is better than anything else out there. What, would you rather see Hannah Montana twirk? Or Kendrick kill your vibe?

    • Hanna twerk. I ain’t gone pick a dude over watchin a chick booty.

  • Devante

    Sounds like a Recovery left over

  • kayandgee


  • Baby of Stan

    Men how i wish em knew that he doesn’t have to rap like this no more. We know you are a great word bender. But we want to hear punch lines without straining our ears to hear it. I mean come on EM! You made me start listening to rap. I don’t want the old you back but I want the you who doesn’t scream on the track I want the you who use to make me rewind rap songs 20 times just to understand the punch line. I want to listen to you – the Eminem. This sounds too much like wont back down.

    I guess I am just happy that its not his single…..

  • Stoner

    All Eminem Haters Are Closet Super Fans Of His That Just Hate The Fact That He Is White…

  • Slimshady2191


  • Slimshady2191

    Am a hardcore stan but ths aint wat i expected after the long wait, glad its not the first single *sigh* nice song tho

  • Eminem Is Overrated

    Straight trash. Em gets overhyped for doing basic shit, shit every rapper can do but because he’s white we call it GOAT.

  • PistolPistol

    Marshall says “another anthem why not?!?!” Soooooo

    Fuck off:)

  • CaptainKirk

    Dope lyrics… a bit too much on the rap (loud) and yes this track reminds me
    a bit of “won’t back down”…

    Just missing the Bagpipes, Hello, Soldier., Words are weapons, Sh#t on you,
    Bad meets evil, Renegade kind of flows…. or maybe something totally different and new, revolutionary!

    Looking forward to the new album as Shady’s still one of my favs, a True Great Artist!!!!!!

  • Bangers N Mash

    Songs growing on me hard after a few more listens.

  • J Dawg

    Yall a bunch of punks if you dont think em is spitting fire on this everybody wishes they could spit like this

  • peter pan

    at first listen it was alright but now I fuckin love it!

  • B.dotLikesMayonnaise

    this song gets better and better with every listen. yes, it does sound like Recovery, but the lyrics are dope as fuck. you guys need to remember, that exact same thing happened with Recovery. When COD Black Ops was coming out, they were using Wont Back Down for trailers, and i remember people being sceptical about it as well, and look what happened.

  • Shadystillthegoat

    You can tell Eminem is still the hottest in the game a filler track made for a video game drops and on every site people are going crazy weather it’s love or hate everyone is talking .

    I’m seeing that many ppl hated when it dropped but it’s definitely growing on people the lyrics are the best this year hands down.

    Eminems album is going to put the game on hold for the last quarter

  • yung

    this guy has sunk so low that i’m starting to believe he had ghostwriters

  • Snoop

    This shit is actually growing on me. Em is on point but the beat and hook are LAME

  • José

    The king is back….. Dope track,marshall matters the best rapper Alive with nas.Salute from Brasil.

  • imperial85


  • shit get old after awhile, seems like niggas need to retire there’s only so much you can do in the Rap Game



  • Not bad.

  • JIMMY 2 G’Z


  • Peekay

    ha! Agree with Belize. Enough with the heavy guitar riffs, sounds shitty and can we get more rapped/scratched choruses. These hooks are dull. Good raps as always.

  • LovingNuts

    This is dope as fuck! love the rock sample and yelling! this song have BALLS! not some techno shit.. haters gonna hate

  • TimeDrift

    lol,dude said rap’s larry bird is back, nah, rap’s great white hype, shit is garbage,that annoying voice screaming shit just sounds so corny to me.. but i guess to his white fan base it’s all goodie.

  • Hip Pop Is Alive!

    If Eminem was black he would be just another Pharoahe Monch.

  • Jason

    Haters keep hating, but the King is back!

  • Sweden!

    Hip Pop Is Alive! – HAH! Dumb fuck!

  • Jerzzz

    Ems on point and lyrics are there, but like homie above said this dude need to get the fuck over this whole “sound”. He needs some new independent production from outside the circle.

  • West West Yall

    At first I didn’t really like it. I LOVED THE BEAT…now…I LOVE THIS SONG!!! Eminem is a true G people. The dude has LYRICS FOR DAYZ. This is what EM does. DROPJAMZ.

    Plan and simple…the rap game is a better place w/ EMINEM doing his thing.

  • West West Yall

    Long live the rap game king…EMINEM. The ILLEST to EVER do it.


  • rogerbarrett

    y’all looking too deep into a track Em wrote for COD. Let the man get paid. Wait for the album.

  • da 5’9

    Fucking Dope

  • LOL

    people this this is wack but Chief Queef and Gucci Mane are dope, oh the irony.


    Some of y’all hate on everything and always got a comment. Shit if you know how to produce such hip hop classics why you ain’t doin it?

    This is a throwaway song for Em for a video game and still his bars better than your fav rapper.

  • Intelligence

    Alot of Eminem stans on here. Not a fan of the track or anything post-Bad Meets Evil. I’d rather have another dope BME EP than another Recovery…

    I’m sick of hearing all this Pop/Rock bullshit.

  • Graham butler

    Don’t care what the haters think, this song beats anything off yeezus or magna carter.

  • This is dope but I really wish he’d stop using sing-songy hooks and go back to rap hooks.

  • This is terrible. What the hell is with the rock and roll bullshit. Fuck rock. This should be hip hop. Also, can this guy stop screaming like he is getting a broom shoved up his ass all the time.

  • Mic

    Everything else this year just moved to the B list

  • crysis

    half a million plays in one day WOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWW. GOAT.

  • MrHopper

    I had a small glimmer of hope that Em might change his sound and get away from the fuckery that was Recovery… guess not :/

  • yo

    not bad… but not great either, sounds just like recovery

  • This song is actually pretty straight. If this is a single it’s a good sign cause it’s waaaayyyy better than Not Afraid

  • j


    Once Em started this yelling bs, he lost me.

    Bet the paycheck was nice though.

  • MrHeat

    Thats what most simple minded fucks think off isnt it? Money haha SMH

  • Follow Me On Twitter @iCardsFan502

    Em could become deaf and spit bars on an album sounding like a fuckin’ baby seal being clubbed to death, and he would still outsell your favorite rapper. How does that make you faggots feel?

  • @KingofTeez (twitter)

    song is trash..

  • Normal

    Here comes all the white stans. Eminem used to be nice, but he’s nothing but annoying now. Seriously half of you stans can do the same if you wanted to. What Eminem used to rap wasn’t able to be done by no one but him, but this pop bs? Cmon son. So many stans wish for the greatest rapper to be white tbh. Oh and he will get more plays and spins because he’s Eminem who is basically fit in with pop superstars. As far as the Hip Hop world. Trash. Stop leeching off our culture and trying to proclaim he’s the king of it when he’s long gone from it.

  • Normal

    Better than anything on MCHG or Yeezus? LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Do you see this fuckery?

  • Oz

    eh, fucking recovery music i hate this pink sounding cheap hair spray rock rap he still isnt saying anything, its sad his become just a punch line rapper

  • Andre

    Overall, it’s alright. Sounds a bit like a Recovery throw away.

    3rd verse was dope, first two were alright.

    You can pretty much guarantee any Em song will have incredible wordplay, but this song is meh. Hope his album goes in a different direction.

    He should try to calm down and spit his new shit like he spit on tracks like Underground, On Fire, Seduction, Ridaz, Loud Noises. Those are some examples of a dope aggressive flow he’s used since he came back in 09′. I’m tired of the DJ Khalil production though. It was Recovery’s only real fault in my opinion.

    He needs to get back to Dre, himself/Bass Bro’s, and just branch out for guys like Porter, Alchemist, Havoc, Supa Dups, and HOPEFULLY a NO ID or Premier track.

    Eminem is still the best rapper alive along with Nas, Recovery and Hell The Sequel solidified that. But he needs to spit like he did on Ridaz, a great example of why Em is still the man. We know you have crazy breath control Em, but don’t overuse it. When the beat calms down on this, he goes in and sounds dope.

    It’s mainly the production I’m not feeling.

  • bomberzeek


  • Truth

    Don’t forget he released “won’t back down” before not afraid with recovery………

  • realtalkbru

    who the fuck is this girl singing.. i know she was on recovery on hella many songs she got a great ass voice

  • Bangers N Mash

    Top 5 in this mawfucka

  • shady

    Not on the album as far as i know RT @BostonMiller1: @MrPorter2012 is survival on Ems album? And also is that what the album will sound like sonically?

    why kon artis say that

  • MistaLND

    Oh oh…..Shady’s back……lol…wack rapper better watch out….

    Follow Endless Ambition Apparel on instagram. Dropping real soon.

  • JDHuff185

    Aye…it’s a promotional song for a video game. Not a big fan of the rock-rap but beside the point. At least he’s trying to recapture some of the emotions of MMLP. The anger isn’t really genuine, I can tell, but look at this: he said during an interview that after infinite he was getting crap like “You a white boy, what you rapping for? Go get into rock & roll or something” and that fueled SSEP and created Shady. At least he’s trying to go old school.

  • lola