• rahrahrah

    You actually posted this! Funny, JR writer talked about Kendrick being a later day Canibus. If only Canibus had blown…

    Great song, and part of a good project.

    From datpiff<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    The Prelude mixtape to the upcoming RBC Records release of "The Almighty – The 2nd Coming" In stores August 27th 2013. The Almighty consists of Canibus, Cappadonna, Planet Asia, M-Eighty & Nino Graye Album Features Crooked I, Kurupt, Chino Xl, Busta Rhymes, Tragedy Khadafi, Vinny Paz & more Produced By JP Beats, Domingo, Bronze Nazereth, DJ JS-1 & The Architect

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  • Black Shady


  • rahrahrah

    Planet Asia
    Crooked I
    Chino XL
    Busta Rhymes
    Tragedy Khadafi
    Winny Paz
    Bronze Nazareth.


    not SMH…..more like OMG.

  • it’s the roc

    @Black Shady

    what’s SMH about this? this was a pleasant surprise for me, pretty ill.

  • rahrahrah

    @ it’s the roc….Black Shady is so completely wrapped up in his idolization of “White” Shady that he thinks he has to fight his old battles in perpetuity in cyberspace.

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  • EarthBrain

    loving the beat

  • The Rap Battle was mad funny, hadn’t laughed so hard since i was a Kid b word up