• 456 headCrAcK
  • Toy-T

    1. Lupe Fiasco
    2. Common
    3. MF DOOM
    4. Curren$y
    5. Mos Def
    6. Ghostface Killah
    7. 2Pac
    8. Nas
    9. Black Thought
    10. Jay-Z

  • Jack Hoff

    ^ Your rights to post a list should be revoked

  • Facts

    Toy-T is a certified faggot

  • Toy-T

    Jack Hoff & facts on:

    Ur life is that pathetic that u take time out of ur meaningless life to hate…..get a job or a girlfriend or go to the gym and work out….do something with ur lives instead of being a hater….

    Cat Williams lookin asses

  • Jack Hoff

    Toy T
    I’m not hating. Btw i have a job, girlfriend, go to the gym, and do not look like him.
    So much hate in your comment.
    I was just giving an opinion.

  • Mr Real Talk

    Is the song even completed???? I’m pretty sure mike will was kinda mad he had to give this beat away to them, lol —-> http://www.soundcloud.com/SupaMuzik

  • @ Toy-T needs to be executed

  • Toy-T

    @jack Hoff my opinion….I never asked for urs

    @kaybee I’m a 4th degree black belt….u wouldn’t last a minute in the ring with me….(I’m also a multiple gun owner)

  • The black robin thicke

    ^^^^*cat fight* meow haha!!

  • The black robin thicke

    *lay off the weed spitta* bars starting to sound like mush mouth flow!!! Haha juve is a living legend!!!

  • samuel1chandel

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  • The Wise

    nobodys comments here have shit to do with this song but i will say this is a easy throw away beat for mike will an easily sold it to juvie who needs a hot beat