• Facts

    stalley is never going to blow up because he’s as basic as it gets

  • pat

    word! ^^

  • What you want Molly references or you like rappers rhyming on the same big Sean beat? This is hot, you niggas wouldn’t know flames if Pepsi did y’all like Mike.

  • ss

    stalley shoulda joined the jets .. this mmg flyshit doesnt suit him at all..

  • 456 headCrAcK
  • Bolo

    @Ss on

    Signing to the jets wouldve got him no where. Mmg got him a wider fan base more shows and he may not sell alot of records but he will sell a hell of alot more than he would with the jets. Mmg didnt change his style he still the same.

  • John John

    Stalley has a perfectly executed free album, MMG is a label not a football team, people have to understand that. All he needs now is one or two blatant hits and he rolls…but he’s already rolling high, he’s touring overseas and all that, things that a lot of local artists can’t do.
    The brand Stalley is on the rise…

  • samuel1chandel

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    • osoignorant1

      you suck ass you lie and need to commit suicide do the world a favor you fucking fake

  • The Wise

    im still sayin his verse on 10 jesus pieces off rick rosses album was the dopest verse hes spit..