• TomTom

    Hands down best interview i’ve seen of jcole…and what he says about people who are from or live in New York really dont understand how other people view that place as such a land of opportunity its crazy. We envy you guys and we hate the ones who take it for granted

  • Mike B

    He should interview more rappers, I know he has the one with 50. At least more rapper’s that can hold an intelligent conversation

  • Sleepy

    Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz I almost fell asleep watching this.

  • real

    ^^^^ *Tears*

  • 456 headCrAcK


  • Kid

    Didn’t say nothin about kendrick smdh

  • Black Shady

    GREAT INTERVIEW!!!!!!!!!!!

  • D Twice

    You completely ignored all of the insight in this to comment about some bullshit. Hop off Kendricks nuts.

  • Fredsaidso

    Did @leehawkins say “the Trayvon Martin thing” (27:43 mark) C’mon son A THING that how you feel about that young black male .

  • Dom

    WOW! Great interview! On both parties! Who is this interviewer? And ya he should do more interviews with rappers cuz that was some DEEP insight! And J. Cole, what a smart guy, how could you not like this guy? I feel like I know him after that interview.. GREAT JOB, BOTH OF YOU!!

  • StarFox64

    its kinda scary how all of these rap people have “military backgrounds”

  • Word

    The HD on this video is too real.