Eminem “Survival” At Pukkelpop 2013


Marshall was on the call of duty  last in Hassel, Belgium for the Pukkelpop 2013 music festival. During his set, he gave a live debut performance of his latest release.

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  • Corrector


  • MrHeat

    Now thats a show!! Marshall is the undeisputed king of every stage

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  • Me

    good to see em have that energy back

  • StarFox64

    why is this happening, is this shit gonna b the next “crack a bottle”?? where everyone pretends that the song is somewhat decent…?


    @starfox this shits all over crack a bottle

  • Black Shady

    Even I gotta admit this song is not good. C’mon Em…

  • DK

    The song isn’t bad. The chorus is uninspired (Stop trying to make Skylar Grey a thing, Em) and it sounds like an outtake from Recovery. I think people were expecting a whole new sound from Em after three years, plus you know how that amount of time can make someone’s expectations unrealisticly high. It’s far from the best thing Em’s ever put out and it was released in bad timing (immediately after Kendrick’s “Control” verse), but it’s still a lyrically tight stadium track that’ll go over well at all his festival gigs.

  • Lil Majer The Cartune

    Why is everyone disappointed, I love this song! It actually couldn’t have dropped at a perfecter time. Kendrick drops a dope verse that has every rapper going willy-nilly and now it’s survival of the fittest!…… It actually kinda makes me think that the game might be rigged. ~_^

  • Respect


  • Jamesbond

    Song is Dope.

  • north west

    @dk ,.,. the girl is Liz Rodrigues not skylar grey

  • Finger

    Song pumps you up, gotta put it on that gym playlist

  • MrHeat

    Oh lol the game has definately been rigged. Why you think there’s pics of Kendrick & Sean alongside Eminem ahah. Sean played his tracks for Eminem. He’s all over “Control”. This guy is a bigger genius than everybody thinks.

  • The black robin thicke

    You see the eminem off-spring on wshh, white meek haha!!!