Macklemore & Ryan Lewis On Good Morning America


Macklemore and Ryan Lewis performed in Central Park this morning as part of Good Morning America’s Summer Concert series. Here’s footage from their performance including an interview after the jump.

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  • Lil Majer The Cartune

    B. Dot would be the one to post this. lol

  • Hip-Hop

    um, Maybe because he runs the website

  • 124

    Typical. B Dot coudlnt wait to post this after he washed his hands from jacking them off.

  • Yoddle

    Cmon Macklemore, MEthod MaN warned you about pulling that walking on the crowd shit. He started it and told you to leave it alone. Its a wrap.

  • StarFox64

    its sad that you just basically let two gay guys take everything away from hip hop…

  • 456 headCrAcK

    mack n ryan are hiphops first open gay couple

  • Che

    Yeah Pee Dot get this trash off the site man. Mackle dude sucks. WTF!!

  • #FactsOnly

    Disgusting. They do not deserve to be on any blog that caters to Hip Hop. They are not hip hop and surely don’t represent the culture. Whenever you’re told ” you’re the only rap I listen to” you should know right then and there you’re not a part of our culture. Stick to the pop shit, you’ll garner more success in that lane.

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  • diggalive

    WOW you guys are some HATERS!


    #Facts macklemore isn’t hip hop? why cause he white? get the fuck outa here with that shit. How many records did they sell this year again?

    Go back to work ..or hope for a day off while these guys are caked up not givin a fuck what you say on thier video comments. dumb asses.

  • YOddle

    Hey Diggalive or shall I say “Macklemores Cum Dumpster”, I said walking on crowds. Go do your home work boy. Maclemore is sorry as hell.

  • dodo

    too much energy, wifi couldn’t catch up.