New Music” Papoose “Control (Freestyle)” (Kendrick Response)


The gloves are off as the self-proclaim king of NY breaks his alliance with Kendrick for a shot at New York supremacy.  Oh yeah, Big Sean, Drake and Kanye can get it too.

Kendrick, Kanye, and Drake, they act feminine/ Wear a lot of clothes you usually see women in.


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  • Ra’Nique

    Well worth the wait!!!! BROOOOOKKKKLLLLYYYYNNNNN

  • rahrahrah

    I didn’t want Pap to kill him…I knew he escorted him through NY that’s why he came out Summer Jam.

    Pap shouldn’t have done this…

  • Kali

    this was dope

  • truht172

    Love the aggression, and not afraid to go personal with it. Every other mc that hopped on the beat was afraid to affect their relationship with Kendrick and just spit some generic content. Pap been doin it for NY since day 1. IMO, best version yet

  • 7figures

    pap murked Kendrick. Period

  • London

    This is surprisingly good. Papoose might be back. That dreams n nightmares freestyle and this are definitely on point. Maybe song creation is not his forte. But the nigga can spit. And loool and drake diss is welcome

  • Student of Da Game

    Let the Games begin…I ain’t talking about chuck taylor tho

  • dagod127

    pap speakin for a lot of real hip hop heads with this one. hipster feminine rap shit is so corny. pap got that idgaf attitude. the fact that pap showed kendrick around ny, this track is much more relevant and credible than all the other responses

  • rahrahrah

    I’m a Pap fan, and want him to get his shine. I know he killed him on this..but is this going to help him long term.

    I suppose as a contending NY artist, and someone who has never sucked off the top guys Pap had no choice but to air him out, but I liked the thought of an alliance between these guys and was happy that pap parlayed the connection into a summer Jam appearance.

    Guess won’t be bringing out Pap next year…

  • dagod127

    @rahrahrah who cares? everyone so scared of relationships, that’s why we get watered down music. glad pap took this approach

  • Montalvo


  • rahrahrah


    “This rap shit gonna be the death of me I’m driven with force
    I’d rather die with a victory than live with a loss….” (c) Papoose

  • DAC miesel

    This and Joell’s > the bullshit responses.

  • Coney

    I was ready to clown this, but damn he went crazy on this. I’ll give credit where its due. This is dope af

  • Student of Da Game

    pap did that boy dirty…leave that body in the hallway…west coast niggaz gonna take this personal # CATCHING FEELINGS

  • Dam papoose Killed them niggas

  • Yessir

    pap dropped some fuckin fire. god damn

  • Inside I’m Ice!, Outside I’m Lava!

    I wish Mobb Deep was around, the Mobb before G-Unit!


    best response so far, dude got real aggressive on this track

  • ***CROMER BEATS***

    HOLY SHIT!!! REPEAT! Gad damn…Pap. Ok you got my attention again…Sick.

  • Chris Kelly

    This rap shit gone be the death of me

  • Fuck around with fire you get burned.

  • Musical

    Dude killed this. Kendrick might have struck a nerve with ny. I wonder who is next to respond.

  • Best responses
    1. Mysonne
    2. Joell Otiz
    3. Cassidy
    4. Papoose
    5. Lupe Fiasco
    Fuck all the other responses I fuck with this five

  • Skidilly

    NY vs. Cali round 2! “The revenge for bigge”… NY’s Cali pass is now revoked.. Beware!

  • S

    PAPOOSE killed this. Finally a rapper with balls to respond no subliminal a

  • The nuisance

    Wanted a good response but Pap took it somewhere else. Them TDE niggas tied in with real Cali bangers. Chuck Taylor might be responding soon if emcees keep coming at his young bull. East vs West pt. 2 about to go down cause Nipsey and the west bout to ride.

  • Realniggashit

    I thought Ransom did it Damn pap!!!!

  • Papoose didn’t just Violate kendrick, drake , ye and sean , he violated the niggas who dress like chicks, on repeat heavy

  • matrix

    He lose points for that my bullets hit him dead in his cootie come out his booty line cuz he spit that b4…overall shit is fire though…chuuch….

  • vurbz

    all of you saying hipster clothing in hip hop is not cool are dumb, we got rappers in vogue magazine now. We got asap getting called by karl largerfield and ralph lauren to pose as a model. If you dont think that this is progress, you are ignorant. There’s a reason why papoose, styles p and all these guys are still stuck where they are and its because they still dress, think and act like its ’99…there’s suppposed to be growth. I dont like alot of the clothing nowadays, skinny jeans and such but i can still remain objective enough to recognize progress.

  • yall talking that east coast west coast shit in that case is irrelevant , thats what happens when u violate NYC saying u king, pap said it clear, why kendrick say he ain’t the King of LA?

  • LOL

    wow he shitted on them, Papoose is a beast

  • @vurbz u can rock fitted jeans that fitt perfect no baggy or tight you feel me, but skinny jeans and skits and murses are too far, its true they exploit the image of Black men these days, try to make them look subhuman and gay, America don’t let this east coast west coast shit go too far, its another Evil deception to separate the Masses and have the Masses kill each other , all the west coast rappers has to do is respond back , lets keep this on some music shit, besides I still want to hear responses from all the rappers kendrick called out, that’s more value than the rappers who defended the king of NY line.

  • Yessir

    LOL @ vurbz reasoning to dress like a woman. hahahahha. the more you progress, the tighter your jeans are LOL…..thanks for the laugh

  • Chuck

    He spit on here but he’s super lame….and anybody else that like “beef rap” is lame too! I hate that people took the Kendrick verse as a diss! smh

  • Yessir

    @da truthh… i’d rather hear spitters respond than the cats kendrick listed period

  • sean

    new york your looking real emotionally right about know
    k dot came said step your game up and you guys came talk about the cloths he wears and his album cover

    is this best you have
    this just make look new look weaker

    can we get some who has been struggling for 10 years
    joey badd ass maybe

    new york Brooklyn fans don’t over hype this
    lot bars but pointless

  • W33D~RolL iT


  • .

    Damn…I mean Kendrick’s wasnt in this spirit this might lead to real beef cause goddayum it’s like Kdot directed a personal diss to Papoose this is mean, ugly, nasty I can’t lie I wasnt expecting that from Papoose at all he spazzed I don’t know man cats asked for the return of the lyricists well here you go time to get the bars UP let the lyrical skirmishes commence

  • Shit after listening to this several times I had to change my list
    1. Papoose
    2. Mysonne
    3. Joell Ortiz
    4. Cassidy
    5. Lupe Fiasco

  • Papoose

    This is exactly what hip hop needs!!
    Real lyricism and no subliminal.

    Hip hop breathes.

  • @yessir Me too i rather hear the spitters, but you know how Industry market shit, but Something big is going on think about it, not too long ago it was treyvon and zimmerman now back to this east coast west coast shit, u got to understand those niggas in the west are manipulated by devil worshippers, so what they do they amp kendrick to start this shit, now watch since niggas is slaves in the brain, somebody gonna die , and Hiphop will be endager of shutting down and really be on some pop shit

  • PaperTags

    Pap’s back! This is the best reply to Kendrick hands down. He embarrassed the lil nigga. Haha. Pap nice with the battle raps but he still cant write a song for shit.

  • Rozay

    Damn son where did you find this? this is some disrespectful shit especially after Kendrick looked out for him at Summer Jam, this is the second time that Papoose got some shine off Kendrick, Papoose did Kendrick dirty, straight beast mode.

  • MrHeat

    That’s what Kendrick was really talkin bout. Rappers too stupid to read between his lines. Seperating the smart from the dumb

  • Black Shady

    Why would u go all out on the few niggas (TDE) in position that fucks with u ??? lol
    plus he didnt even mention u. and there u go looking stupid DISSING HIM,.. and not giving a response showing ur skills

    how is that smart???

  • Harry N

    In any business one of the main rules is try not to burn any bridges, cause you never know when the bridge might be needed to cross. Pap just OD’ed and bombed that high heaven!! If Kendrick catches feelings on this one you can be sure pap will go under a rock and never be heard of…again. He truly is not a major player in this game just a regional rapper. Right now I still got Joell with the best response. The art of rap has always been about flexing your lyrical prowess on the next man. But nowadays dudes is too sensitive and always take it beyond rap. Trust me you’ll see on the radar someone got the shit slapped out of them soon enough. haha

  • Donn

    A bunch of irrelevant rappers rapping. And why is another man worrying about what another man is wearing. Ppl are hypocrites. U claim it’s about good music but y’all worry bout shit like a nigga clothes. HIPHOP has ppl like BustA, Afrikka Bambatta, Missy, ppl in the 80s damn near wore clown suits on television, shock wore a fake potatoe head nose, like c’mon. But nobody cared cus they just wanted to hear the music. This riding the Control freestyle wave is gonna be over next week. Then what will these rappers have to stay relevant. Why don’t u be original and put out some real songs. Kendrick didnt drop a verse over an Ice Cube beat, or a freestyle over another nigga popping song, he dropped a real verse over a song he thought was gonna be on Big Sean album. The truth is, there are ppl more lyrical than Kendrick and what quotables can u quote from his verse? He just rapped aggressively and utilized triple rhyme schemes. He is popular with kids who don’t even know who Joell Ortiz is. How many rappers have called out Drake, called out Kanye, said the same shit Kendrick says but wasnt as popular so nobody really cared. This isn’t a HIPHOP wake up, this is a popularity contest and niggas trynna ride a wave that’s popular. U might as well HashTag Control when u drop ur next freestyle

  • Area 51 is Confirmed , but niggas is on some east coast west coast shit right now

  • Trufhurtz

    This shit is fire…. This is a diss not a response

  • Rozay

    The funny thing is when Kendrick said he was the King of New York he was quoting a like from Kurupt on get bizzy that’s why he said Kurupt was his big homie, along with the suck av dick up til you hiccup line.

  • How Wonderful…

    This is what its supposed to sound like. Pap aint scared to go all out. I heard this in my car this morning and couldnt believe the aggression. Papoose murderd Kendrick!!! Gotta love it.

  • BUX

    this was either 2.0 shiiiit niga went in! #pause

  • 25kup

    I usually dont comment but….that was trash..subliminal gay shit and emotional raps..smh

  • TruthBeTold

    PAP is really soaking this year up lol

  • LOL

    watch all these niggas say another Irrelevent rapper comes out with a diss record, Kendrick is a mainstream artist who’s trying to ruffle feathers and wanted that target on his back. and he got one. Kendrick ain’t gonna even respond cause he knows he’s up against NY’s finest spitters.

  • LOL

    @2Kkup, subliminal? this nigga just called out 3 of the mainstreams hottest rappers out on NAME, this ain’t no subliminal bitch rap.

  • Compton kev

    Here wo go again… When is this dude ever going to drop an album… Feb 32nd 3013…this dude been trying for years…. Pap yo bitch harder then u…. Next is melly Mel or kool mo dee… Niggas give up already

  • Facts

    Pap recently dropped an album, which you skinny jeans pop ass suckas won’t know cause your hiphop is on the radio

    Pap > Kanye, Drake, skinny jeans

    Fuck y’all

  • Student of Da Game

    S/O YMCMB S/O MMG showing young black brothers that we could come together as 1 an be successful in life ain’t nothing like UNITY…Niggaz want to compete but always catchin’ feelings…Catching feelings meaning someone feeling gonna hurt…When someone feelings get hurt you never know what the circumstance will be espically when you are dealing with ALPHA MALE type of dudes…

  • @CompotnKev LOL that was a good comment, but you can’t front fam, Papoose went hard, and he asked K.Dot why you said you ain’t the King of LA Lmao, papoose had the spirit of pac with him on this one

  • @student of the game In HipHop when you say u the King of the mecca You have to back it up, All those dudes you talking about don’t even live the life they rap about, and they help young brothers throw they life away, Papoose didn’t just defend his city , he also Defended the image of a Black man in America

  • NY Lost

    Cali kicked down the buildings, unfortunately took biggie, and crowned themselves King Of NY. # CaliownNY! NY’s pass to Cali has expired. Beware!

    Y’all think papoose huffin and puffin hold weight? Cali up 3-0!

  • @Nylost dam but yall niggas been killing each other for over 40 years now, over color , Biggie wasn’t a coward he died with Honor, meanwhile all ur west coast rapperes back in the 90’s never showed up til the beef was squashed , plus who knew about west coast rap in the the late 70’s and 80’s? NYC birthed ya niggas , LA is a bunch of Vultures , kendrick is just a Worker not even a boss type, to claim he the king of something, Niggas feelings is hurt off papoose, I want to see what wack ass wale has to say, J cole and drake has to say , those are the names he called out

    PS if you can’t hold it down By Yourself , You can’t Hold it down at all

  • Black-Night

    Knew pap would come hard

  • Student of Da Game

    @ da truth aka da false…shut the fuck up which rapper lives wat they speak about…you be a snitch to rap about wat you do in these streets…how many niggaz they kill in there rhymes 100 plus…you be in jail for life for trying to living out ur rhymes its all entertainment its just who does it more clever…# PUSSY

  • KoldCase

    why are people dissing lol i fux with papoose but he can hold this

  • TimeDrift

    damnnnnn,i didnt think anyone was gonna top ortiz’s shit,but dammnnn PAP,
    u murked this shit,didnt see that coming,

  • It is gonna be sad knowing by probably next week, this all will be faded, all the talk about competition in hip-hop, who the king of NY and all the responses that followed. This has been a huge popularity contest from the beginning and every rapper who has responded (and not named in the Kendrick record) has proved that they are not important at this time. it’s not like Joel and Papoose cant slay Kendrick, it’s just that they don’t have his resume atm, outside of their circle of fans, no one is really checking for them to make a new album any time soon. Unless they make full use of what little shine they are getting and make a great project to even cover mainstream appeal. It’s just gonna be competition with no reward *shrugs*

  • StarFox64

    lol the point of that diss, was to create good music, instead we have a bunch of forgettable diss records…

  • Work

    Much respect to papoose for speaking up for the birthplace of hip hop. Kendrick Lamar bit off more than he can chew on this one. Pap exsposed Kendrick and the mainstream rappers. The best Response as we speek. Lets see if Kdot can walk those NY streets that he crowned himself on. Hahahaha

  • Dro

    Ok kendrick gave nyc a brief pulse now make some dope records cuz by next week this platform wont be available…love it tho…real refreshing

  • While I Love the aggression and the fact that he’s not afraid to go personal with it, I think it’s a bad move and it comes across as an attempt to draw out the “15 Minutes” he got from bum rushing the stage at Summer Jam. He’s taking shots at the guy who gave up stage time to let Papoose shine on the biggest stage in the country.

  • We Don’t Believe you, You need more People…

  • @student of the game aka Student of the gay , awww you mad broooooooooo? Exactly what i’m talking about, pac lived his raps, Jigga live his raps, can give a a full list, but MMG and YMCMB talks mad gangsta shit , and young silly niggas like you gets brained washed and they got tossed in the slammer or get killed behind these niggas , Pussy? nigga I will be in The Lower East Side August 24th and the basket ball game at 134 The Hill Vs the Smith Game , come see me there if you live in NYC . More than likey u a outertown nigga . Student of the Game AKA Student of feminine emotional ass niggas LOL bitch ass nigga go hang yourself do me that favor , Kill your self . Nigga admitted that his favorite rappers are fake LMAO

  • Rah hill

    This is fire.

  • Jerzzz

    Pap killed Kendrick. Joell Killed Kendrick. That is all Kendrick.

    That hipster shit has its own lane. Hip Hop HAD its own lane. Rockers have there own lane.
    Why is it Young Hip Hop felt the need to put on there sisters tight ass jeans and sag the bottoms so their ass hangs out just so they could walk? That shit is gay. Not progress or evolution. You mention A.S.A.P. but that boy is feminin as fuck wearing skirts and womens blouses and shit. You mention Karl Lagerfeld. Who the fuck is that. Some homosexual european clothing designer or something? This is about hip hop son, lyrics stories beats experiences and life. Not which queer designer your invited you over for a private fitting.

  • @jerzzzz LMAo dam son right on target , these Lil niggas were programmed to be gay since birth

  • I mean if your Gay , come out and say it, but these media devil worshipping ass niggas realy programming the Black youth to be on some faggot shit, Its called faggotism, thats why russia is going crazy they see through the bull shit, i believe in equal rights but don’t programm the kids let the children of the Ghetto make their own choice, media got niggas that being a certain way is cool

  • Del

    wow, Kendrick really hurt niggaz feelings

  • Los

    this was insane. is Kendrick doesn’t respond to this i’ll lose a little bit of respect for him

  • Los

    if Kendrick*

  • C.O.O.K.

    When the grass is cut, the snakes will show – Jay-Z Blueprint 2

  • flo

    shit it took him 4 days to write this, then says he can do it in 30 secs rofl. what a tool. papoose is a faggot.

  • DaddyHombre

    Someone please tell this clown to sit back down. Put this energy into making a classic.

  • King

    can’t deny this shit ripped apart…

  • CP

    What is Pap doin?? This was not the way to go, this is a reply track for when Kendrick calls you out and says he fucked your mom.

  • Bowtie_fly

    The Game is about to spazz on Papose!

  • NovaKaine

    K.Dot not Kendrick might need to reapond to this

  • I do like Pap and always got down with his shit since he use to role with BUS and Slay back in the day, This verse was dope to Flex skills but Kendrick isn’t gonna respond to these dudes who take personal shots at him who weren’t even MENTIONED on the Big Sean track so doing this is a quick boost to get some attention with is cool but it has been taken way out of context. Joell still best response, it’s good to keep hiphop poppin and lyrical skill being shown but TDE is still the crew at this moment so they’re still winning. Props to PAP though for keepin it G!!

  • dee

    Papoose killed kendrick I’m just waiting for Cassidy to put soil on his cusket.

  • CBH

    He spit bars but let’s be real. Pap is pretty much one dimensional. I played this once, and will probably never play it again.

  • No crying and complaing nigga, if kendrick ignores this one that gives the next rapper the opportunity to Diss him this rap shit is like Rikers Island


    The best is the shot at ross.. Its quick and lets you know that real rappers only put up with that fat corny faggot for the check.. Nobody resects his lyrical coke stories of fakeness.

  • HK

    Pap nuked him.

    My list so far:

    1. Joell Ortiz
    2. Mysonne
    2. Papoose
    3. Lupe Fiasco
    4. Graph

  • Lostprodigy

    Papoose pap..oose.

  • Emass

    PAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP one Shot 1 kill. Based on all the Emo responses about the clothing at the bottom…..son Pap really let the eagle go! best response hands down LOL

  • Jim Morris

    Killed Kendrick Game the LA King pap snapped

  • MrHeat

    @Black Shady: I meant this track belongs in the category “Dumb Responses”

  • jose

    Papoose kill that shit….. He is one of the beat rappers in nyc and he is the most real . This track is fire, dope papoose is can with kenrick , ths is the best version , now this really start . Papoose one of the best mcs in the game .

  • chillthrillz

    some of these comments talking about,,,, make real music and wheres the album,,,

    niggas like d-block,,,pappoose,,joel ortiz,,,,slaughterhouse,,,these type of artist,,,,,,might not get critical commercial acclaim,,,,but they are built for this hip-hop shit to the death,,and thats where out of town niggas get it twisted,,,,,,the eat how they eat,,,but if you touch that motherfuckin mic,,,,you better be able to back that shit up,,,,,I dont think kendrick thought it would kick off like this,,,,,,shits real,,,,if he the king,,,,,,, he better have a phenomenal response,,,,,,,

    having records on the radio dont make you king,,means you have a radio staff,,,lololol,,,,basically

  • I’ve never been a fan of the Poose, but he did spit some pretty heavy shit here. I don’t think it will matter in the long run, but it’s entertaining for now. Hopefully it stays on records, cuz both Pap and Kendrick have some IDGAF niggas with them that will surely want to shine for their respective bosses.

    Bein’ that Poose-man’s name was never mentioned, I’m not gonna jump out the window and said he KILLED Kendrick, but of all the responses thus far, this is only one that deserves a direct response from the man that set it off first.

  • Bgreat

    As for lyricism this was tough, but Papoose is reaching with this one. He came at Kendrick hard, like K dot personally disrespected him. Papoose has no buzz right now. Mad dudes already came out with responses, SO he was like you know what let me get at K dot and say some wild dumb shit. At the end of the day any rapper can diss Kendrick like Papoose thats easy.. but they are missing the whole point of the control song, Papoose is a clown. Your clowning K dot now but he put you on stage for Summer Jam for your own city! and you call yourself the king of NY they dont even respect you! Smh he lost with this one.


    He owes Kendrick a Thank You email.. Kendrick made this guy relevant. again

  • imaTakemyTimeWhoa

    has everyone ignored King Los’ response? Dude dust burn his bridges, didn’t diss anyone, but he had bars for days. It’s not about disrespect, it’s not about beef, it’s about content matter. Papoose aunt relevant, so he chooses to speak on kdot getting molested? Because he was sitting on his uncles lap AS A CHILD? so now it’s not ok for father/uncles and sons/nephews to have a close relationship with the male figures in their life? Fuck outta here. Gimme some good music, not this ill shoot you you gay fuck your wardrobe shit. Read a book papoose get your vocab up to par and maybe you could spar with niggas like Kdot.

  • I never like ANY of pap’smusic. But this is the best response by far

  • imaTakemyTimeWhoa

    all types of typos, fuck being agitated haha

  • The black robin thicke

    *he kilt them niggas son* haha. Kdot woke up a sleeping giant!!! It was needed it was all about foolishness, now hiphop is back!!!

  • Cheat

    Papoose is Irrelevant so this really means nothing. is this the rapper NY wants representing them?? cause dudes a lame.

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    I Knew Pap was gonna go in!! Dopeeeee!

  • Crewz Control

    DEEZ NIGGAZ SUCK … save your rsponses

  • Seriously

    Papoose is dope?

  • k

    this whole shit is staged

  • Ndukwe Asonye

    MURDER MURDER MURDER!!!!Papoose bodied them niggaz

  • pretty dope

  • jose

    @Seriously yes ,papoose is dope. Go listeni the nacirema dream, the best album of the year….

  • East Coast

    Has Papoose ever produced a full length, successful record??? 1 rap song mouthing off. Wow. Great.

  • Black-Night


  • County of Kings

    yall niggas kill me with this shit. are u tellin me that this was the hottest pap verse u ever heard? was this verse different then what pap always spits? it was typical papoose. the difference is yall bandwagon ass niggas aint never listen to him enough to realize it. but now that its some fake beef shit going on yall all invested now. yall niggas ruin the genre. it took a nigga to say names for yall to pay attention to the bars, when kendrick been spittin bars the whole time. yall hype now cuz pap did his usual pap shit. where was all this love at after summer jam when his new single? oh there was no fake rap beef so yall aint give a fuck. it was a west coast nigga showin love to a east coast nigga so yall didnt pay attention. as soon as fake beef starts yall niggas get hype. this aint real this is wwe and as soon as niggas stop the controversy all yall gonna say fuck pap again. fair weather fickle hiphop fans.

  • Brock Mills

    “I’m the king of NY. King of the coast. One hand, I juggle them both.” That goes to show you that Kendrick did say he was the King of LA also for all thinking he didn’t.

  • jesseO

    nice like KRS and MARLEY MARL classic

  • jesseO

    This is how battles are supposed to go down pick him apart

  • kendrick lamar

    Best response so far. I guess cool j is scared tho…. haha what is competition????


    Pa-pussy! needs to shut the EFF up forever! Another old head bitter rapper who hates the new school!

  • observer_21

    so is this a diss?? …..cause this nigga took shotsssss

  • fonz

    Nice!! Pap went da hardest so far at kdot… this is gud 4 da rap game I luv the competition notice only real spitters came bakk… wheres meek,wale, asap ooh yeah they just new ni**as smart not 2 get involved