Jay-Z Brings Out Rick Ross In Miami


Just landed in Miami, nigga. Last night, Jay and JT ended their Legends Of The Summer tour at Sun Life Stadium. During Hov’s set, he brought out Rozay for their first live performance together of “FuckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt”.


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  • Facts

    Rick Ross is enjoying the last of his 15 minutes

  • Notaurious

    Didn’t Jay say he isn’t performing in Florida anymore?

  • Hannibal Lecture

    @Notaurious I thought the same thing!

  • Hannibal Lecture

    Anyway Im riding with Jeezy! That new mixtape is fire #BYLUG

  • LOL

    last 15 minutes of fame? dude, Jay-Z is the biggest NY artist in history and he supports Ross 100% he ain’t going away anytime soon.


    yeah i hate ross too, but it is clear there are enough deaf/dumb fans out there to support him, same goes for weezy and lots of other pop rappers, once they establish themselves with tweens and in pop culture, they aren’t going away.

    doesn’t mean they are good, it just means there are enough idiots with bad taste in music out there to support bad musicians.

  • TEFF

    Haters stay mad these clowns been saying Ross on his last 15 minutes of fame for about 4 years now lol

  • 456 headCrAcK

    fuk wit me u kno I gotit

  • Facts

    Wow. So many police fans in here ?

  • Mic

    Ross stay winning. The undisputed king of NY showing him love

  • dion00025

    they need remix with kanye west wiz khalifa lil wayne fabolous on that joint lol

  • Jav

    Whack crowd though. Disappointed that the best guest the Rose Bowl got was Timbaland? Like for reals? Whack shit. Considering L.A. crowds are the best.

  • rillmerch

    We are all witness


  • sean

    funnies part was the white girl background asking who is that and the person replying rick ross lol

    white people alway remind rapper there not as big as they think
    i don’t know in your own town bring out jt lol

  • B

    ya’ll are clowing papoose by not putting him in the ‘Top 5’. 123 comments? thats almost as many as the Lupe and Cassidy combined. let alone his response blew everyone elses out the water. who gives a fuck about Yeezus going gold too? obvious the people dont give a shit about the album much if it took this long. and Kendrick king of NY? hahaha everyone bumped there heads and forgot 50 sold over 40 MILLION albums worldwide. give me a fuckin break. ATTENTION EVERYONE: stop living in the moment! he needs to keep his head down and focused if he even wants to think about reaching half of that. J.Cole knows how to do it

  • Dotrotten

    Lol this still at the top. This is a rr dream post Sean and William.

  • Mic

    50 sold 40 million WW?
    12 grodt, 10 massacre, 3 Curtis, 1 BISD, 3 grodt soundtrack… That’s 29 million, wheres the other 11?



    Yeha u Bish nikkaz keep dreaming

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Lebron got a police escort to the concert from William L. Robert and he got on stage with Jay.

  • LOL

    one thing i don’t agree with this is that he isn’t bigging up any NY artists, instead it’s a southern artist.

  • Dotrotten

    Lol told ya straight to the number 2 spot and still at the top. This site is funny.

  • flo

    @sean not as big as they think cause 1 person don’t know them? rofl, nice1

  • B

    thats what im talkin about B.dot

    #papoose talks control.


    It’s a lot bro. we got different numbers, the site I was on said for example said that curtis sold 9.5 ww. shits so hard to measure, and nothing ever matches up. even the RIAA web site is confusing as fuck, they dont even know. we can agree its a lot though. and that dont even touch J. we all know thats the don. dudes an anomaly, not even worth mentioning. all im sayin is kendrick is hot, fire, but makes bold claims, maybe needs to check himself. but maybe that what he wants. its fun to go back and forth. hip-hop got some breath in the past few days

  • kayandgee

    rozayy aint going anywhere anytime soon

  • Pico Bdoulevar

    The whole “I am not performing thing in Florida” prove to be false. The only confirmed artist to take this stance was Stevie Wonder. That list was fake.

  • Jay

    Jay just landed at home nigga!!!!

  • Mic


    Google search “grodt 10 year info graph” it’ll pull it all up with accurate numbers. Lol @ 9 mill tho for an album that did less than 1.5 in the us.

    Kendrick did what he wanted to do he got everyone talking.

  • #FactsOnly

    One of the weakest songs on MCHG.

  • MrHeat

    Yeahhhhh great track to play at PD headquarters. I know all his homies will dance to it. Bring out the donuts!!

  • arthurt1johnson

    mi;hiu ‘

  • bcro28

    mic the same guy from thisis50 shows up on rapradar. Trolling again.

  • the watcher

    rozaaaaay !!! haters love him too, just admit it roof rats.. MCHG was dodoo tho, nobody is bumping that ish let’s keep it one hundred..

  • When does the video drop? 1 artsy museum video where we barely hear the record…. Close but no cigar.

  • @SekKgopa

    I think the song is wack and why was Ross on the album anyway?

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  • mike

  • Jason

    http://youtu.be/JgUB0q_9_8w. Looks a lot like the video I posted, rap radar should give me the credit haha

  • kayandgee

    thats the only track i liked on the album, it went crazyy when they dropped it at the club last night

  • Vins


    wow, you must really be a hiphop fan.

  • @rainenabex


  • J

    Song is weak

    Best song on MCHG is BBC.

  • Magna Cart-Ugh Holy Fail

    dem niccas are fake as fuck

  • MistaLND

    Sounds like a Ross song, even though its on Jay’s album…..dope nonetheless…

    Follow Endless Ambition Apparel on instagram. Dropping real soon.

  • DonGaza

    I know Jay said that he won’t perform in FL anymore but, this venue was already booked prior to the “not guilty” verdict therefore, before I pass judgment I’ll wait and see if he makes any future concert booking in FL via Live Nation.

  • mike
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