Drake & Big Sean At Kylie Jenner BDay


For Kylie Jenner, her sweet 16 birthday party in L.A. will sure be a night to remember. During the festivities, Drake and Big Sean surprised her with a performance. Above, they perform “All Me“.



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  • Black-Night

    I always wondered what Drake and Big Sean fans look like.

  • JustMyOpinion

    ^ *dead*

    if it isn’t the singing “rapper” and the newly invented auto-tune rapper.

  • rahrahrah

    Papoose “Mother Ghetto”


    For you slow people who need to read lyrics

    This is what Pap is talking about. Someone tell me this doesn’t bang, and why it’s not being celebrated? Who wouldn’t want to hear this on the radio?

  • rahrahrah

    “In the heaven above my hood, them pearly gates is locked,
    we’re the reason that cops traded 38’s for glocks…”

    Papoose “Mother Ghetto”

  • www.wℴrk25.ℂℴm

    up to I saw the receipt ov $8763, I be certain …that…my mother in law was like they say actualy making money part time from their laptop.. there mums best friend haz done this 4 only about twenty two months and recently took care of the mortgage on their house and bourt a top of the range Infiniti. I went here, top here

  • mr.lino79

    I wonder how much they charged for that performance

  • mike

    “Hoe shut the fuck up”

  • David

    U know Drake did this to kiss Kanyes Ass. He is a cornball . Did u see the other video with the kylie jenner hoes friend singing drakes song at the dinner table . Drake looked like a bafoon trying to be so down with Kanye .