• so few guys are siding with this dude he has to give himself a round of applause, so whack put the mic down lupe

  • Joe Puff

    Better than the other lupe responses lol

  • Joe Puff

    couldnt get to the end of the song lmao

  • Facts

    Papoose >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> lupe wackiasco

  • Toy-T

    Lupe never disappoints!!!!!! Amazing lyrics…..WAY ABOVE YOUR HEAD



  • Joe Puff

    ^^^^^ papoose response best so far

  • ?

    Amazing!!! Not a response in my opinion though.

  • JustMyOpinion

    @ mrgeorgehenry @ Joe Puff @ Facts

    ^ What’s the matter? You actually have to LISTEN to the words of a song and NOT dance and sing along. We understand, I am sure there will be a post with dancing and singing.

  • Donn

    The week is almost over. Better soak this up while they can

  • Chronic

    I’m gonna listen to this later, but I can’t believe this dude. Realized his last one wasnt anything special so tries puttin outta another one lol

  • Kid

    He’s not trying to compete this is just for publicity, he says it at the end of the song lol y’all stupid

    And it’s filled with metaphors and double triple entendres. You’ll never get it on your own. Hit up rap genius

  • immortal

    Ill shit! Lupe is the Greatest Rapper of All Time! This is not a Kendrick Response! It’s a lyrical onslaught on Excellent production! Listen to the lyrics! If you need help hit up rapgenius.com.

  • Black Shady

    this nigga wack. watch his fans say “yall niggas dont understand his complex bars” lolololololol

    • THE MAN

      lmao… BUT YOU DONT.. thats the funny shit

  • The Best

    I think Lupe is capitalizing off K.dot the most. While every rapper is hopping on the same beat to respond to his challenge, Lupe is actually taking his time to select a high quality beat with top notch production, and well polished mixing. You think he really wants to respond to Kdot? No. He’s using it to his own benefit. With just taking a couple shots at him here and there, the song is qualified to be known as a “Kendrick Lamar Response” but in reality, it is Lupe’s own relevance that’s increasing, as he’s being talked about more and more again.
    And quite frankly, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Because it just means we’re getting more music of this quality by him. And Lupe has been coming correct as ever with these SLRs.

  • Jamie

    Now this is what I call lyrical, Lupe salute

  • Genesis

    I love it…. Hopefully, one day I can get to this point….. Where I can just rap my ass off and not have to pander to this audience or that one…. Lupe just goes in, in a way that no other rapper does…… No other rapper…..

  • Jacob

    This is not a response! Dickheads!

  • Jamie

    Dope. On my 4th listen, catching what I missed the previous go rounds

  • kayandgee

    lupe is a genius, he just has to channel that genius in a way he can entertain the masses, like on his second album ‘the cool’ , maybe he needs to dumb down a little to please everyone. bottom line hes a genius.

  • jus10

    After all this Kendrick stuff is said and done, the world returns to being flat…

    And that outro was hilarious, by the way!

  • gtfo

    @immortal get a life. Then get a fucking job. lol

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    @ Immortal

    Thanks man for the lyrics, Lupe tooooo cold wit the bars!

    In fact, this Lupe composition reminded me of Hova. Lupe definitely spit that god flow!

  • ironic

    response or not, this was fucking ill

  • bibby

    The real problem with Hip-Hiop is not rappers it is, wackass fans who don’t listen to music you guys just skim through it. 1st Lupe verse is super dope if you listen. 2 Lupe is the just using the Kendrick thing for free pub.

  • D Twice

    I thought the next whip was the ferrari cart..

  • Chris Kelly
  • Mike Jones??

    This shit put me to sleep.. Didn’t make it to the end..

  • Oz

    Nope Slr is still better then this rubbish lupe sucks now I was listening to hurt me soul last night like man miss the old lupe the non condescending prick your music isn’t genius it’s over the top rhetoric expressing superficial simple ideas as opposed to the reverse which is what jay does , real powerful ideas explained in a way you can understand them

  • nyhilly

    Kendrick schmendrick….lupe is getting at hov on this one. Listen to ocean on mchg.

  • Showboat

    In terms of pure lyricism. Lupe is top 5 to do it

  • real

    Lupe best in the game

  • real

    This is not for closed minded, simple minded, need simple sing along lyrics to enjoy, type of people. Excellent.

  • King

    Lupe is a great artist….but a bitter person

  • MistaLND

    Complex, but nevertheless, very dope as well……#LupeTheKilla….#FNFUP..

    Follow Endless Ambition Apparel on instagram. Dropping real soon.

  • HK


  • Mattyboy

    This guy may have paved the way for this wave of new rappers but he is EXTRA CORNY!