Macklemore Returns To Breakfast Club


While Macklemore was in New York, he stopped by The Breakfast Club on Power 105.1. He spoke on life before rap, independent hustle, Jimmy Iovine wanting to appear in his self-titled video, and radio politicks. He capped off the interview with a heartfelt freestyle. Check out the Heist World vlog below.


UPDATE: Macklemore was back on Power 105. He spoke on The Heist, “Same Love”, Kendrick’s “Control” verse, Method Man, next weekend’s VMAs, success in the past year and more.

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  • moreffa

    who the fuck is this cracker

  • TruthBeTold

    This “cracker” is somebody who debuted at number 2 on the Billboard 200. So, PLENTY of people know who he is.

  • mrzee

    ^ smh..

  • dmc


  • Peekay

    This guy’s awesome. Stay indie.

  • Nathanial Hörnblowér

    That’s whats up. I work with teens in transition from lock-up. I use rap daily to connect with, understand and promote creativity. Dinner is a trip when the cypher is in effect. Most of them just bite the trap rapper du jour, but one came through that might find his way to the double R one day.

    Oh ya def stay indie bro.

  • i just don’t get where his massive buzz comes from but, he is doing the damn thing.i guess it’s because Seattle is an indie hub

  • chan

    one of the best hip hop albums this year deserves to be up there with kendrick

  • dope dope dope, and that verse at the end was crazy.

  • Black Shady

    never heard of a single song of this guy. and out of nowhere i read that he was #2 on the billboard chart. wtf

  • nem

    This dude > MMG, YMCM.

  • King Chandler

    A Macklemore and Rittz record would be phenomenal. Random shit.

  • IndieLife

    If you haven’t heard of him then you’ve obviously pigeonholed your music taste in a box and don’t pay attention to natural organic buzz that doesn’t consist of watered down music with no substance. He’s literally a self-made millionaire from music & now in every major music publication & nationwide broadcasting television.

  • That ‘traction’ and ‘momentum’ he referred to when they asked about his first EP = music connections and money. My hat’s off to him and his team but i really dislike when people try to act like the music did all the work when it was really bread and plugs. I bought the album anyway though

  • JustMyOpinion

    @ Black Shady

    You and I both.

  • On the Right

    Whoever was the dumb nigga to the left of Macklemore completely embarrassed 105.1, “White people use to winning”, ” Your a rapper, pills, molly’s, weed, that’s recreational” What a joke of an interviewer and radio broadcaster. Then to offer him vodka in the morning after he said he got over substance abuse. Gotta love when Black people like this embarrass our whole population. Macklemore seems like a class act and handled it all

  • Flyswatta


    What are you talkin about? Connections and money? He’s an independent artist who has less than 200k twitter followers last time I checked. He sold out an entire world tour within an hour. Big Sean has almost 4 million and would have trouble selling out a world tour, same with Mac and these other clowns who buy twitter followers. He has an extremely dedicated fan base

  • Prophet

    Still believing the independent thing huh? LOL.

    Dude is wack and makes rap for the people that hate rap hence the reason Thrift Shop blew up. If you’ve never listen to a Wacklemore record consider yourself lucky.

  • brza

    you’ve heard thrift shop don’t lie. smh @ these hipsters on here. not my cup of tea but they put in work. congrats to them – feel free to hate my opinion

  • tucq

    I bought Mack’s album because I was curious.

    I respect what they made, their grind, and their hustle.

    Its not my cup of tea/style of music i wanna hear personally, cuz its just too clean and preachy for my tastes, but it IS a well-put-together project.

  • Kermikaze

    i feel like yelawolf may have punked this dude, when they were talking about the conversation they hade, mack looked mad nervous, sipped his water like 5 times, he started sweating, just looked uncomfortable….cant be scared in hiphop homie, people will check you

  • drew

    Why is everybody excuse for this dude is “he sells”! vanilla ice sold. selling records dont mean your good for the culture or hot. lump him in with 2chainz and nicki. their strippers the rap fields of their minerals

  • Brandon

    Lmao I didn’t even notice Angela was missing til they brought it up.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Who is that cute spanish cute chick sitting behind Envy?

  • Peekay

    re: Yelawolf, Mack hit the nail on the head. Dude’s cosigned by Em, on his label, but really not hitting and now Yela’s insecure that another white rapper is so successful and did it by himself.
    Pretty sure Mack doesn’t want beef with anyone and why should he? Because he’s successful and a good person? wack.