New Music: B.o.B “Missing”

Wiz Khalifa And A$AP Rocky In Concert - Austin, TX

Since last week, B.o.B’s fire seems to be reignited. And on his latest recording, he brings forth what the game’s been missing: bars.

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  • Facts

    the sound is weird

    kanye lost

  • these niggas should been spitting bars instead spitting bubble gum bullshit. at this point it’s too late. kendrick to the top spot and y’all just following the trend.

  • ***CROMER BEATS***

    Now we wanna “rap” again!!! OK!…”I don’t care how they are woken up. As long as their eyes are open.”

    —————————————————————————————————————————– .com/cromerbeats

  • JustMyOpinion

    Nice, but I’m not falling for the bait. Before you know it, he’ll be making POP songs again.

  • el rey

    nice ! seems like kendrick woke him up

  • rahrahrah

    It’s not about the words. It’s about having a consistent spirit. Bob Marley had a consistent spirit, John Coltrane had a consistent spirit, they weren’t angels. This occasional song about an important topic is not going to do anything. The revolution takes more investment than that. But as a song, it’ s not bad. It’s probably even good.

  • .

    oh now nikkas tryna speak on shit that lyrics are back???? That’s why i respect Killer Mike cause him he NEVER waivered on his content while ya’ll mofos shucked and jived for a dollar nikka pleeeeeaaaaase you forget this :

    I fuckin hate hypocrites.

  • (b)JustMyOpinion (/b): Nice, but I’m not falling for the bait. Before you know it, he’ll be making POP songs again.


  • Ron Paul

    Yeah BOB went pop for a bit, but hes BEEN that way before he really blew up.. I do prefer this side of him though, need more of this!!!!!… and anyway, that ‘Headband’ track bangs! as long as this stuff outweighs the club tracks im happy. Sounds like a bunch of bitter old heads in these comments lol

  • Nangamboko

    BAHB!!! Finally.

  • emerson brooks

    Produced by Emerson Brooks …

  • Yes. B.o.B slipped up for a minute, going all the way pop. At least he’s doing some good rap songs again. Not saying I didn’t like his pop stuff, I loved his mixtapes when he was on MySpace, youtube wasent even popular back then. He’s a genius any way you cut it, that pop shit got he’s songs in an Adam Sandler film,

  • Chronic

    @everyone who’s saying bob is/has been pop

    Yea he got famous from some pop ass sounding shit, and he still makes songs like that for his albums cause that’s what sells for him. But you can check back on his last 2 or 3 mixtapes, he’s been coming with straight bars and crazy ass flows for a while now. Sleeper pick in the game right now for me, if he’d talk about more than bitches and partying he could actually make an impact.