• WHAT


  • Rozay

    Real candid interview, truthful and real talk.

  • Black Shady

    lol at Rocky thinking he’s in the same league as Kendrick

  • Normal

    The game keeps changing. Nothing new. I finally feel like an old head. But being only 23 listening to New York from the 90s to 2000’s they’re soft all around. Goofy, soft, swagless, women clothes wearing. These corporations and the internet are fucking up the rap game. It’s a wrap for rap. Asap said he barely listens to rap and only when he gets fucked up. He thinks rap is party music which is bs. Hip Hop has been dead since Nas said it.

  • steezy baby

    these niggas were trying too hard to be deep and hard when they were freestylin but lol at rockys face when everyone was rhymin

  • kayandgee

    this crew..im not sure

  • joy road killa

    nyc are these the niggaz on the frontline for yall? these niggaz are trash all of them ferg wont sell 50k units rocky was saved by bad bitches with who on it? and who produced it? ny is looking real wack right now…uncle murda and joe buddens clowned these niggaz and they aint gonna say shit…kendrick in the king of ny(right now) then drake…future..2chainz…ross…no nigga beside hova is getting run in nyc wtf happened nyc? yeah i heard Maino but his ass ran down south to tryna get a south record and it didnt work…the young niggaz cant rap and there image is corny and the real rappin niggaz cant get in the game cause you got all these jr a n r niggaz who like this watered down cornball shit…dipset was some flyass niggaz with fly ass gear talking that ny real shit..same for wu..same for the roc..g unit..mobb deep the list goes on this new shit has us laughing at yall niggaz Wack Montana went south lol Nikki went south..50 went west…ny reign on the top is over and will never comeback!

  • FOH

    Kendrick pressed the fast forward button on cuz career -_- them boys sound and look scared as hell… they soft as baby shit

  • T-raw

    I ain’t mad at these niggas freestyle. I ain’t impressed either. But who am I? I’m just a listener who after hearing K Dot’s verse, wants to hear more verses like that. I’m still gonna fuck with ASAP Rocky if he make some dope shit. My older brother told me that the game is starting to resemble the days where niggas was wearing shiny suits and the fact that Puffy is as relevant as he is is only proof that we are in the shiny suit era all over again. Niggas wearing skirts, Versace and a bunch of gold chains is just another version of the “shiny suit” man. Drug dealer rappers who are former police officers = “shiny suit” era. Is Kendrick’s verse and TDE another version of DMX and Ruff Ryders? I hope so. And if that is what TDE represents, then niggas betta get like the LOX did and switch up ASAP (pun intended)….poor French Montana he caught it both ways, no mention on “Control” and he lacks the skill to snatch back the crown Kendrick took from the Rotten Apple.

  • Black-Night

    Man these clowns are so corny.

  • Its about positive energy, Fuck a Hater

  • Zayd Malik Shakur

    The ASAP MOB is trash.. These niggas from Harlem and dont even know the history of their city. A bunch of weirdo’s with tight clothes on.

  • drew

    Y’all commentin niggaz lame Ferg clearly went at Kdot the last 20 sec of the last vid but cornball wanna skim vids and give pointless opinions I’m stating facts Asap Ferg Responded to Kendrick!!!!

  • West West

    Fuck a hater! Niggas on tour, makin money! Nowadays you don’t need no label and no album! See my nigga chance the rapper comes with the illest mixtape and just needs the internet and shows to get his buzz poppin.

    Back in the day the slots were limited (in terms of studio, airplay and shows), not everybody could do music and thats why just the best of the best were comin through! Nowadays we gotta pic our favs outta off that millions of tracks that are on datpiff and livemixtapes!

    To me thats the explanation why old niggas are so sad about the new generation. Truth of the matter is just 5% of of the shit comin out these days is is actually dope! And thats the reason these old niggas can’t see that this generation is as diverse and great as the 90s!

    And thats the truth! 🙂

  • Kid

    Nigga tryna diss K.dot and compliment him at the same time, so he doesn’t get ate up lol hilarious.

  • Joe

    lol these guys are fags

  • King Faded

    Heard that Ferg verse on Westwood if I’m not mistaken -_-

  • E!

    uneven but you gotta love the energy

  • Word

    Ferg tried to come at Kendrick on a couple bars at the end, but overall he’s trash to me. It’s funny when you listen to Rocky and then hear his crew rap. Its clear he’s WAY better than all them dudes. I dunno why y’all hating on Rocky. Dude can actually rap. There’s a reason Kendrick mentioned him along with his other peers. Everything he said about 1train was real talk but y’all must’ve glossed over it huh? I don’t put Rocky lyrically in the same category as Cole or Kendrick, or even Drake when hes on his Stay Schemin or 5am in Toronto shit, but I like his flow the most by far.

    Hope none of these other ASAP niggas have albums coming. Just gimme a new Rocky Mount in the near future and I’m good.

  • Regular Guy

    Was a good interview and convo.
    Too many internet haters.
    Come from behind the computer and go to a concert and you’ll see how crazy these cats got it.

  • MusicTruth

    the line “King of New York” was about BIG!