New Music: AZ “I Excel”


Produced by the Cookin Soul, Sosa advances his rhymes even further on his latest track. His Last Of A Dying Breed 2 mixtape drops next month and Doe Or Die II drops soon after. Cop the track on iTunes.

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  • Ra

    Damn shame the new fans dont know about this underrated OG. His lyricism survived the test of time unlike alot of cats from his era. I wonder what happened between him & Nas, he’s supposed to be getting the same type of recognition and eating just as good.

  • Deezefee

    Wow this wasn’t bad atall

  • Fiyah

    This is clean!

  • Har-magedon, G.O.D.

    Real hiphop, not that skirt-wearing, tight jeans, effeminate shit. Good job, S.O.S.A.

  • creo

    AZ is dat nigga 4real. when a nigga bang sosa i know he a real hiphop head. lyrics 4 days,months,year.better then ur favorite rapper. if u dnt know listen 2 i feel for u produced by pete rock off doe or die or rather unique

  • Da Crow

    AZ been in my top 5……I really thought him and Nas should’ve been neck and neck their whole careers but I don’t understand how he gets slept on and underated time after time …smh

  • Mo

    AZ is always been nice. Just never got the proper due. He’s in my Top 10 tho. Nice joint…

  • tha OG

    Shit go hard!!

  • The black robin thicke

    *damn I miss hiphop* do u remember when this clown az took shots at e40? Song is *butter* tho!!!!

  • .

    uh oh… nikkas better start shaking…GET YA BARS UP!!!!!

  • Holla

    Nas was always better than Az …. #caseclosed

  • This is fire.

  • Shaolin Bloody Sword

    Nas might be a better lyricist but when it comes to beats AZ has better hear than Nas.

  • Confucius

    This shit is fly as fuck.

  • Confucius

    “Perri-on pour-er , very calm aura, role-arm look so phenom under water” BARS! NI**A!, BARSSS!!!

  • Confucius

    This shit got me mad hyped, B. SMH

  • the ripper

    AZ is really like top 10 dead or alive…