• Booger

    A harlem cat doing an album release in Brooklyn?! WTF is the world coming too?…

  • joy road killa

    album wont sell shit…bad timing for grunge rap after control dropped last week folk are looking for lyrics again and true ny heads dont fuck with this rave rap shit playtime is over for this kind of shit in ny back to the real rocky flopped keep it 100 he’s all image and hype ferg your 15mins is up in 7 days when those 1st week numbers drop…ny can yall get back on yall shit now? Kendrick is the current King!

  • MMG

    Yall still aint post up the gallardo trailer, you got no love for mmg no more. What the fuck we got you in the payroll for?

  • The Wise

    cant lie i was hyped as shit for this album after hearing “work”” Hood Pope” his verse on “ghetto Symphony” “shabba” i heare he leaked version an i wasnt impressed he really had his own sound going but after all the song he dropped priior the album there was nothing else good left on the lp..only noteable song other then the single would be “Fergiviciuos”

  • The Wise

    also just heard the juicy j stayy trippy album an let me say …HUGE DISSAPOINTMENT!…ima a huge fan of juicy j but he really fucked up witht this album i swaer he stuck on theat same flow the entire album from bandz will make her dance!..an the beats…pshhh forgetable…only noteable track is “Gun plus a mask”..which featured yelawolf…yelawolf fucking snapped on it but figuers juicy j gives him a lousy 25 to 30 seconds…thats another problem he jus squeezes the features for the last 30 secs on mostly every song….!

  • koO

    loving the energy.

  • The black robin thicke

    ^^^ the unemployment rate is making people be full time haters instead collecting a check at the end of the week!!!!