Doughboyz Ca$hout Joins Jeezy In Detroit


Young Jeezy was recently in the D for the city’s annual Summer Jam concert. While on stage, he brought out his latest CTE signees, Doughboyz Ca$hout. Here, the group performed “Love My Life” off the Bo$$ Yo Life Up compilation. Download it here. “All Eyes On Me Video” below.



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  • Facts






  • Hannibal Lecture

    Thats mixtape is a classic fuck MMG #BYLUG Jeezy got some artist from other regions that are already hot so he got his label right finally!

  • Real Talk

    Yea YG and Doughboyz will outsell Meek Mill, Wale, Stalley weak ass and any forthcoming Self Made Compilation. Its Authentic street music. That mixtape is fire!

  • atown don

    LOL Jeezy performing in wack ass Detroit at they wack ass SummerJam, Meanwhile Rozay just landed in Europe nigga! Cannes,France to be exact…

  • Real Talk

    @atowndon Tell the Carl Winslow of rap to get a Platinum Plaque! Fuck MMG! They took numerous Ls this year!

  • SchoolCraft

    Real D Boyz run A town! and any major city near you! Ask Big Meech Bitch! FOH

  • atown don

    @Real Talk go to the Forbes list & see Rozay’s net worth then check your B-List favorite rapper’s Jeezy net worth then come back & holla at me! Who gives a fuck bout a platinum plaque… M.C. Hammer went platinum on every album! Ya’ll lames really need to start comparing Jeezy to Meek or Wale, cause Rozay been done surpassed that trying to get right ass nigga! Doughboy Cashout & YG bout to be the new Freddie Gibbs & Tone Trump…

  • Facts

    LMAO @ anyone thinking that officer ricky has more money than Jeezy…hahahaha…. Y’all have no idea what money Jeezy made before Officer Ricky came on the scene to start lying…maaan y’all internet weirdos be funny

  • Real Talk

    @Facts exactly Ross lost a reebok deal this year and none of his artist have sold nothing. Jeezy has something Ross will never have…..Respect! Plus Jeezy got his own Liquor and Gourmet is his own shoe line not a shoe deal.

  • 7 mile style

    @schoolcraft tell these niggas Atlanta wouldnt be shit without Detroit niggas.

    Fuck MMG. Ross net worth is only 13 million more than Jeezy. Jeezy will surpass him next year. Real niggas always win!

  • atown don

    LOL @ Real Talk & Facts… Niggaz get mad wen they know they wrong.. @ Real Talk Rozay aint lost shit he still with Reebok fuck nigga…. They had to make it seem that way for you hatin ass niggaz… Ross just had a Reebok sponsored event in Vegaz, i know you be checking his timeline! & Real Talk what kinda Respect Jeezy be gettin??? Gucci Mane KILLED all that…

  • LoverofHipHop

    @atown don, @Facts & @Real Talk

    Not for nothing but all of you brothers have erred in your logic, neither how many units sold, nor what a rappers net worth is, are adequate measures to define if an ARTIST is better then another. Your trying to determine QUALITY by looking at QUANTITIES; some looking at how much money one has verses the other and the other looking at how many units have been sold against the other. That’s a flawed argument by either party.

    Now to speak a few truths to put things in better perspective, for a recording artist nowadays (and almost always historically speaking as well) royalties from album sales are always towards the bottom of a major label successful artists’ income generating revenue streams. Point blank period, royalties off record sales alone do not generate the huge amounts of money yall seem to think it does. It never has. That’s the complete truth of the matter. We can go into specifics if you don’t believe me, but a little reading or research online even, will give you the information you need to decide that for yourself.

    Secondly because I am into fashion and enjoy drinking I gotta speak on the comment above mine. Both Avion Liquor and Gourmet Shoes are companies that existed and we doing relatively well without Jeezy. He is not the “owner” of either one, not enough for yall to call them his companies, that’s just not the case. He may have gotten a small share in the company as part of his endorsement deals with them, but no where near enough to even be able to say he owns them.

    We gotta start doing better about the information we put out there. One person saying some wrong shit online gets read by others online and thats how rumors and false information is spread. IF we all supposed to real and keep it real, the realest you can be is factual and truthful. Don’t believe me about what I said here’s some info to prove it.

    Avion Founder and President interview:

    Gourmet Shoes, interview of the owners and founders of the company:

  • truth

    atown don stop with your foolery gucci aint did shit we can tell your not from atl everybody knows gucci didnt do it!! officer ross is a propaganda artist. reebok didnt sponsor that event for him you good blog reading ass nigga. SWIZZ BEATS put on the event and fatboy is sucking the power people at reeboks balls to stay in there good graces and hope for reconciliation. @atown done. jeezy has wayyyyy more respect out here than officer ross. doughboyz and yg better than everything jeezy signed since the original usda. fuck gibbs fuck trump fuck ross fuck gucci fuck you

  • Cool C

    Itsthaworld if u not with it u against it #313 #248

  • Bolo

    @facts and real talk

    I fucks with jeezy but how many records has any of his artist sold or better yet how many have put albums. Rossilini,jt, slick pulla, roccett, raw, gibbs where are all these dudes at. Y.g. And cashout boyz aint gonna sell any records either if they put anything out. Face facts fake or not rozay is a better c.e.o than jeezy and his whole crew eating and putting out music top to bottom.

  • joy road killa


  • Real Talk

    @atown you mean retarded ass Gucci man the same nigga who got his ass beat before he randomly fired off. Hes an accident murderer. Plus Gucci had Jeezys name on paperwork when he went jail. When Slim Dunkin got killed Gucci hoe ass didnt do shit. Waka and OJ stop fuckin with him cause hes a fuckboy. And Ross lost his deal i dont think the Reebok corp would issue a public statement saying he was dropped. You a fan of fake niggas. Sorry to burst your bubble lil homie!

  • The black robin thicke

    ^^^^ I hope y’all brothers is under 27!!!

  • Jack Hoff

    So much estrogen on this post.
    The dickriders came out today

  • fuck Atown dob

    Fuck you niggas hating on the D!!! Fuck where eva you niggas from …. bitch!!! Fuck hoe ass gay ass atlanta

  • real

    yall arguing over this stupid fucking shit. and still live with your mom with no education dont own or know shit. think this is a measure of your self worth. damn. arguing with each other. online. does this help your family gain employment. you dont want to be shit in life.

  • real

    this what your life revolves around huh. two clowns who dont even respect themselves enough to go by their real names. foh. gucci and jeezy? have they employed anyone in their communities? this is whats important huh. money youre just going to spend on your look. women who u dont respect and when she winds up pregnant shes still just another bitch. and drugs and alcohol that are killing you slowly. and rap that tells u u aint shit if you actually want to achieve something outside of drug dealing or the underworld. meanwhile the jails packed. it wouldnt be so hard if you unite with one another. instead every man for himself equaling competition instead of progress. the white man laughs at you. clowns.

  • Cantbandasnowman103

    @atown don…. The last mayor of Detroit is more G then your hoe ass…. 313 what up doe

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  • bk2chiraq2dtown

    Smfh fire b

  • G.gibbz

    fuck Detroit allday nigga…ain’t none of these pussy niggaz poppin’…

  • Facts

    Jeezy ALONE sold the multiple amount of records than the whole police academy crew put together so the sale of his artists don’t even matter

    I just laugh at you if you a officer ricky fan… even in real life. I just laugh at you because it shows me that you don’t give a fuck about authenticity and your a sucka for life

  • B.M.F

    @facts…Nigga you so emotional ova other people’s business, its all entertainment Nigga get ur mind right homie

  • Cool c

    Kid payroll and quis the truth they really out here in the day like they say in they songs they had the midwest on lock before the deal