Ace Hood “Bugatti” Goes Platinum


Ace Hood probably didn’t think he’d wake up to this. Three months after it’s release, his single “Bugatti” has surpassed the 500,000 sales mark. Turn up!

Officially GOLD !! 2 my fans I luv thank yall ! Another to the wall of fame! GOD is good! WeTheBest

UPDATE: Almost 4 months later, Ace has now woke up with a new platinum plaque. Congrats!


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  • JustMyOpinion

    I don’t want to do this, Ace Hood verses are sick, but it’s auto tune so I have to say this is a terrible. Because anything with an ounce of autotune I give it thumbs down. My bad.

  • troof

    Thank God? more like thank Future Amadeus Mozart

  • troof

    Future Hendrix savin’ careers out here.

  • troof

    I heard Chingy is tryna make a comeback.

    he need to holla at Fewtch for that godly hook

  • Coroner

    Meh, good for him.

    It would be a much better song without that wack ass Future though.
    Seriously, T-Pain should teach that nig how to use auto-tune…

  • troof

    Matter fact…
    I’m saving up for a Future hook right now as we speak. Tryna move out my momma’s basement by the end of the year !

    TURN UP !

  • LOL

    wack song, nobody cares

  • So this is what hip hop fans are buying today lol

  • Drake Fan

    lol what a horrible song

  • ?!?!

    Nobody cares? Apparently 500,000 people do and millions more that downloaded it and pressed play including every single person commenting here

  • B

    @ Coroner

    Future is fire brah. And you aint even kno it!! HAH

  • Gerald Green Basedgod

    Why in the fuck this song went GOLD? 99% of y’all niggas don’t even own a bugatti.

    How can y’all bump this shit,These rap niggas are shitting on y’all fans and YOU AIN’T EVEN KNOW IT!!

  • Scrilla

    Thanks to Future

  • onenutned

    that shit is a good look for ace…perservance has finally payed off. homey made a good anthem, put the hottest rapper on it and flew up the charts…Ace winnin.

  • LOL


    of course 500,000 people care, but it’s a newer generation of fans who don’t know what hip hop is. this song just flat out sucks, there’s no substance. i feel bad for the new wave of hip hop fans, the art is dead & gone.

  • Jb

    It exsisted before us but was never the same after us. So stop with the hip-hop way back when shit!!

  • brza

    With help. Ace Hood is terrible and Future will be a thing of the past by year’s end. Same autotune new face.

  • RRRR

    another win for Ross

  • Real Nigerian

    All you niqqas who keep talking bout that “hiphop back then” shit are fucked!! “Change is constant” and hiphop has changed & you’ve got to accept that fact if u don’t like it,go eat yourselves…this song is the sh*t…

  • Troofy

    Niggas biting my handle on here and I don’t appreciate it ! Anyway future need to stop giving his hits away or else he’ll over saturate his self and its done! It’s only gonna last for soo long train had his run too. Partynextdoor is Comming too remember future!

  • “I woke up in a NEW Bugatti!!!”

  • JustMyOpinion

    ^ but really it was a Chevy. 🙂

  • Mike Jones??

    Do what now…

  • no1

    Was in the club last night in.charlotte epicenter
    .this song turned the club into a

  • jay

    how this went gold i mean 500,000 can afford bugatti. I mean i a big ace hood fan but i guess people will buy anything

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    “another win for Ross”…He needs a win for all them L’s he been taking.

  • My nigga Hood is underrated as fuck

  • TruthBeTold

    Hood is def underated .

    I wanna know who really bought this single to make it go platinum though . IDK who actually buys singles but DJ’s .. meaning the people aren’t really behind it .. it was an average song at best and I’ve NEVER came across someone playing this track — recently

  • 5 Letters

    YMCMB….Flashy Lifestyle…We The Best…Cash Money Records been putting out hits non-stop since 1998. You can literally pick ANY year out of the last 15 years and it’s an impactful Cash Money song that was ranging off during it. The GOAT self contained Black Owned record label. Think about all the movements that have come and gone in those 15 years (No Limit, Ruff Ryders, Roc-a-Fella, Murder Inc., G-Unit just to name a few)…and yet CMB remains.

  • real

    who cares the song is a complete lie.

  • real

    can he change the oil in his Bugatti? stupid.

  • @ Real talk, Birdman himself have to see ur comment hahahaha flashy lifestyle 1 Hunnid

  • Jae Hood

    Thanks 4 the fans!

  • mac DIESEL




  • Black-Night


  • joy road killa

    meanwhile the nigga album is double wood these niggaz keep showing us these fake gold singles while there albums straight flop

  • mac DIESEL

    meanwhile the nigga album is double wood these niggaz keep showing us these fake gold singles while there albums straight flop




  • The black robin thicke

    *salute* should get collab of the year at the Grammys, or at least bet hiphop awards!!!

  • chino561

    the least yall can do is congratulate the man..not a lot of people from florida even make it

  • Shawn

    Am I the only one that can’t stand this song? I’m going to go back to listening to my Death Cab and enjoy the people who actually have talent.