New Video: B.o.B x Future “Ready”


There’s nothing better than a good fight. And for B.o.B’s new video, he compiles a bunch of sports’ most memorable fair ones. Technically, the first clip is from The Last Boy Scout, but hey, it still counts! Underground Luxury coming soon.



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  • ***CROMER BEATS***

    This dude was one of my favorites. Weren’t you back on “hip-hop” last week??? Well…That lasted long 😛

  • ***CROMER BEATS***

    Great message btw…Just what our community needs. More fighting.

  • lil buddy

    @Cromerbeats You sound like a idiot! What is Hip-Hop? I’ve always heard it was a lifestyle not a beat or subject matter. I thought Hip-Hop was “Rap, fashion, Dancing and all the things that revolve around the culture” But then again what do I know. smh

  • ***CROMER BEATS***

    @lil buddy …You forgot Lyrics. That’s the problem. And by lyrics I don’t mean complicated or about “freedom fighting”. Anything that has more substance than wealth, bitches, and violence. You know the thing we hear constantly daily…What you said is correct. hip-hop is undefinable and changes. But it does stand for a value. Hence why the term “rap” was created to distinguish from the two.