• ppthetruth

    At 2 minute 50 seconds spits with a style that wont come back with the swag artisticless(made up) new rappers.

  • tucq

    I had the velvet golf hat when I was 10 years old. That’s some back to the late 70s shit..lol

  • Thats not snoop Dogg! Thats snoop lion!!

    why is snoop lion throwing up gang signs? 0_O

  • detroit niggroe

    This song n beat murks any of the usual weak ass shit they post on this site daily. All these new niggas n arabs like chief keef, French Montana,starlito, khaled..need to kill theyselves asap

  • jorgeneri1

    this is real hip hop

  • The black robin thicke

    *my nigga wc* had the up in smoke tour turnt up when west side connection came out!! Haha cwalkin all across the damn stage.

  • The Arsonist

    Im Glad y’all like the Track, I produced this joint, currently about to get started on Dubs Album.. Stay Tuned.