New Video: Snoop Lion “The Good Good”


After shooting a commercial for, Snoop keeps the cameras rolling for Reincarnated’s latest video. Good good intentions, bad bad song. Download Reincarnated here.


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  • Kwame Dukes

    If it’s a bad song why post it then B.Dot

  • goose

    Song actually isn’t that bad IMO B.Dot
    Better than most of those songs that you take on Shade 45 every week.

  • Midsize Jerm

    I don’t really understand where B.Dot gets off commenting on the quality of a song in the post itself. Isn’t journalism supposed to be objective? I don’t mind seeing his comments in the comment section, but the post itself should be informational, not opinion based. Plus B.Dot is usually wayyy off the mark with these. I mean, RR posts like 10 garbage tracks a week with no commentary, and then calls out some decent tracks. Remember when he posted “Cartoon & Cereal”?

    “At times, Kendrick’s quirkiness can be hit or miss. And this new track is an example of the latter. The beat’s not bad, but the long intro and inconsistent pauses are. Can’t front, this one comes off a bit soggy.” – B.Dot

    Cartoon & Cereal is one of my favorite Kendrick tracks, and if I had listened to B.Dot’s retarded review I might not have clicked play. Seriously, of all the garbage this site posts, how could you go out of your way to call out that track in particular?

    Do you job B.Dot! Let the fans decide what they like, don’t force your opinion down our throat before we even get a chance to listen….

  • Hip-Hop

    this song is terrible.

    @Midsize Jerm “cartoons n cereal” sucks too. But u see, that’s the beauty of the internet, its all opinions. RR is b-dot and yn website so they can say what they want. don’t like it? go to another website. Nah right needs traffic. obviously, you come here for a reason. Let b-dot cook.

  • brandonpitts

    Whats an awesome song, and video. Now thats keeping it REAL!

  • matrix

    Damn im mad you remembered what the nigg wrote tho lmao…

  • matrix

    OH and niggz always shit on what they dont understand this is a good tune get theee fugg outta here wit the hate…Chuuch….

  • rahrahrah

    This is a chill tune, and the family looks great. It’s a great look for snoop. It’s not vintage snoop dog. But then this isn’t supposed to be. It’s not as good as sublime at their worst, not to mention authentic reggae, so I can see that criticism is valid. I think it’s a great memento for the family, but a very skipable track. Perfect for the holiday season though, caching?

  • Phyucku Dusumtin

    @Midsize Jerm – B. Dot wasn’t that far off with his assessment of Cartoons & Cereal. It wasn’t one of Kendrick’s best cuts and it could’ve been better. Tastes will vary. And if somebody doesn’t check out a song or vid just because an internet blogger doesn’t like it then you might as well rock the same outfit, eat the same food, pluck the same bird, etc.

  • bk2chiraq2dtown
  • bk2chiraq2dtown

    Best rapper alive

  • milli

    song is dope. refreshing, then hearing the same bs about selling dope and killing your own people. keep it up snoop.

  • Djflatchewlence

    That song made me feel good inside. And I’m believing and feelin, the vibes snoops on these days,

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  • the real real real real

    i like how people who comment on rr are the same people that hate rr
    i mean, i’m one of them
    rr, we hate you, but we come back every day because we love you. also, go to hell

  • it isnt a bad song Its Just Pop as Fuck.

  • damn fuck nigga …is tha shit man…..!!!!!!
    snoop doggg uemhhh… snoop lion u r fucking illuminati puppet nope shit !! >.< killuminati TUPAC RIP ! just POP shit !