• Beezus

    Congrats cute baby let the hate feast begin

  • DAC miesel

    If you hate on a baby idc who’s baby it is, kill yourself.

  • Yacht

    She got Ye’ facial structure, Kardashian eyes & hair.

  • Smooth

    Welcome to the world, young one!! A beautiful additional to the human race

  • Deez nutz

    Looks just like ray j

  • tha OG

    She got her daddy’s head

  • So Lil Mama is finna about to see her Mama’s sextape

  • OOOkkaaayyy

    A young whore developing…. as the years go on she may suck her first black dick at the age of 7

  • Deez nutz

    Reggie bush eyes ray j forehead, kris Humphrey hair with kanye voice….

  • OOOkkaaayyy

    so basically she’s gonna look like a female light skin kanye with long hair LOL

  • Timmy Niggar

    Shes got those niggar lips!

  • @ tha OG

    Thank god she ain’t got that nigga’s jaw, she’s a cutie

  • LAtraffic

    That baby got those through the wire cheeks.

  • Kate

    she already has more hair than her father

  • Beatiful Baby

  • Beautiful*

  • Real Talk


  • Inside I’m Ice!, Outside I’m Lava!

    I just read the “Isis Papers” and according to the author Dr. Francis Cress, she says a black male and a black female can produce a dark or light skinned baby. A white male and a white female can only produce a light skinned baby. A black female and a white male can produce a medium to dark skinned baby, but not very light skinned. A black male (especially a dark skinned male) has a very high probability, with a white female will produce a brown to dark skinned baby. But if the male likes to cry all the time, wears tight skinned jeans, and always tell a group of 10 guys to take one taxi so that he can sit on someone’s lap, will produce a light skinned baby!

  • Inside I’m Ice!, Outside I’m Lava!

    Oh btw beautiful baby!

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Lil Mama is adorable. Congrats to Kanye & Kim.

  • damn shes the spitting image of her mum mixed up with her dad damn


  • Ricky Retardo

    too early to tell but she may grow into Kim’s features. she got them Yeezy cheeks though

    B.Dot, I thought it was “Cue the Stevie Wonder music” (Kanye Shrug)

    • B.Dot

      Ur right @Ricky Retardo

  • Leon Sandcastle

    I came for ignorance… I was not disappointed. Lmao.

  • tucq

    Can’t hate on that cute baby

  • stop

    she look like amber rose with hair

  • StarFox64

    she gonna look exactly like kanye ..

  • Black Shady

    Cute baby!

  • bk2chiraq2dtown

    Cute baby

  • mike

    Look at the baby!!…. You fagots, that are talking about people’s kids; I feel sorry for your mother. Bunch of bitchs.

  • King Game

    You sick fucks have nasty fuckin minds and should die! Yall tlkin bout a beautiful incident lil baby!!! niggas make me sick pussies ass cowards

  • Nathaniel

    i see you north. got that paparazzi-shield hand working 2 mo. out the womb. a prodigy.

    i think she might be The One anointed with power to defeat the paps once and for all.

  • “When Your Agent Wears A Yankee Hat, How Seriously Are They Going To Take You?”


  • dll32

    DNA test needed!

  • Kate

    this @kinggame is a pussy

  • Ugly

    little whore wonder when she’ll suck her first dick this bitch will grow up to be a no talent whore lucky cunt

  • Stoner

    Beautiful.. God Bless..

  • JIMMY 2 G’Z


  • The Raisin Looking Fortune Cookie (#1 HATER @ RR)

    Anyone hating should really re-evaluate their life. You’re on a blog hating on a innocent child – despite how you feel towards this baby’s parents you shouldn’t sink this low.

    Little Nori cute af with the Ye head sculpture nad all, so adorable.

  • awh shit

    fuck that baby

  • Toya

    Awwww… She looks… like… every… other… baby I’ve ever seen.

  • Killyoself Asap

    Lol I thought they had a girl?