Kanye West On Kris


Kanye granted his baby momma’s momma an interview on her new talk show, Kris. In this clip, Ye talks about Kim and their daughter, North West.  The full interview airs tomorrow. By then, we should be fully accustomed to Ye’s new speaking voice.

UPDATE: Full interview.


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  • The truth

    Why the fuck he talking like that!

  • TdE

    This guy is such a gay clown

  • Obama


  • Fuck Chicago

    Somebody take this hoe ass rapper back to that warzone called CHICAGO.

  • mac DIESEL

    @ B.Dot

    The full interview airs tomorrow. By then, we should be fully accustomed to Ye’s new speaking voice





  • drake love song

    the fuck happened? sounds like an idiot .north west ?really?

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Yes ! This interview is a train wreck. When can I watch the full interview?

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Kanye sound like he hasnt hit puberty yet.

  • Hispeed313


  • Blah

    Let the jokes begin

  • Lil Majer The Cartune

    Ehh… idk… This seems scripted to me. I’m calling bull$#!+ on this!

  • Rob k

    Inside him is a little homosexual White man trying to get out.

  • Hispeed313

    ^ How its scripted?? I don’t think ye would be apart of some shit like that bruh that nigga just awkward .

  • matrix

    The nigg always speak like that but the pitch is mad high though lmao…they done domesticated yeezus lol…

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    “Inside him is a little homosexual White man trying to get out.”…HAHAHAHA

  • jay bites kanye

    kanye still talks the same he way did he always talked like that

  • lilrizq

    Step 1 toward fixing his image… still a big Kanye fan but didn’t like the “Yeezus” album. Now look at this video that I edited.

  • dmc

    he’s talking like a kardashian

  • Stainz

    Kanye a pop rapper fuck off a rap blog please!!

  • Gambino

    Someone, anyone please tell me why they gave this dumb bitch her own talk show

  • Rah hill

    Fuck a Blog. Or TMZ

  • Winston Churchill

    Kanye is the cancer of hip hop.

  • Despite

    Wow y’all really turned on Ye.

  • ayyeee

    Cant wait to see that interview. It should be dope.

  • Unknown

    what a fucking simp

  • I respect the English language and pronouncing words the right way but damn Kanye…You sound like a house nigga. Somebody need Catcher Freeman this nigga. SMMFH

  • dsunn723

    kim got his nards in her purse

  • Yng Nipsino

    LMFAO this nigga sound like dave chappelle when hes doing a white impression ahahahahahahahah what the fuck happened to you kanye, yeezus was fuckin trash stfu with that growth shit “artists grow, my real fans will still support me”…na MF..i fucked with the old kanye west…that graduation kanye west…even that dark fantasy shit had some dope ass tracks…why the fuck did u switch it up to YEEZUS…..SMFH

  • Black Shady

    They changed our nigga!!!!!!

    “our nigga dead!”

  • www.wℴrk25.ℂℴm

    as Christopher said I didnt even know that any one able to earn $8027 in 4 weeks on the internet. did you read this web site

  • steezy baby

    This nigga is a walking contradiction he’s over talking about “we the new slaves” yet he’s Kris Jenner’s puppet talkin like a stupid valley girl like a straight dumb bitch with no IQ. but I do know one thing once he leaves that family (and he will) he is going to make some great music about it hahaha

  • How tha fuck did she get her own show.

    ” We like the way you pimp your family, you wanna talk show.”

  • DA Chef

    Seems like I lost my lil homie, he’s a changed man..

  • Dashing

    Let the man live. If he wanna talk proper for his mother-in-law like all of yall do, then let him do that.

    Now when it gets back to the music, that’s when I’m gonna start being critical if that shit don’t sound right.

  • Tev Milli

    @Dashing co-sign but this nigga always talked like this people late wit it……
    That’s all I have 2 say


    woah, seriously, this dude sounds like he is sucking on helium. how the hell did his voice get that high and squeaky?

    kanye we heard your voice for the past 10 years, you can’t fool us now dude.

  • Dam Ye

    This dude sound like Michael Jackson. “She is my joy” nigga please! Listen to “Gold digger” again. She going to get you for hella bread.

  • jberg

    if i was listening to this interview with my eyes closed he kinda sounds like whoopi goldberg

  • B.

    how’s he talking any different than he was on vh1 storytellers? short memory… y’all done forgot about the mullet?? haha :


  • the One

    I agree “ah nigga dead” He sounds like fucking Kim now! WTF dude?! Don’t know if I can ride for this dude anymore.

  • Polo Kid

    Go watch his interviews with smack and 60 mins. You can clearly hear a difference in his tone of voice and the way he presents himself.

  • Normal

    Damn Kanye. Be a black man and stop thinking your a slave and pretending to be so savy.White woman or any women like MEN. Show some power some confidence some real joy. Her mother won’t even look you in the eye. (Check the end of the video.) Where’s this joy you speak of? You don’t smile. Your music is depressing and sporadic, not joyful. You sitting there looking and sounding like a bitch. But Idk how they are behind-the-scenes. Who knows lol

  • TruthBeTold

    “Inside him is a little homosexual White man trying to get out” lmaooo

  • Hip Hop Orangutan

    Riddle me this: Are you a fan of Kanye’s music…or his life? If you are all about his persona and his daily life then there is TMZ.

  • Banana Pudding

    AHAHA! Your time is up! NEXT!

  • ???

    People complaining about his voice are the same people that will mimic this voice in their next job interview. HAHAHA LMFAO

  • D Twice

    Yall sound like dude off of ESPN “Is he a brotha or a cornball brotha?” Knowing dam well yall some middle to upper class white kids on here.

  • D Twice

    and B. Dot stop talking shit like you’re hood or something. You’re a fucking blogger man.

  • @Normal…100% agree. Check the Angie Martinez interview he did awhile back. He said out of his own mouth that he’s a Pop artist. This really isnt suprising to me. Plus I feel like Kanye is tryin to get his white fan base a little higher. Can u blame him. I just hate to see artist compromise their style to do so. Listen to College Dropout then listen to Yeezuz. Shit sounds like 2 different people. Nonetheless Kanye is a beast and he knows it. Humble yourself Kanye


    So when a person speaks proper he sounds white? y’all sound dumb. Kanye always spoke like that his pitch was just tuned up a bit for those white viewers. I can agree with @Hip Hop Orangutan said are you guys fans of his music or his life b? show business is show business talking like you some regular nigga off the street don’t get you this paper #facts.

  • jayo

    Lol i talk diff wen talkin to my girls mom…he was raised right , straighten up n talk clearly ya’ll haters

  • bolders

    Single and desperate ladies looking for a good relationship. Add me up @ 285FBBD6. You must nt be americas top model only.


    Dam… Sounds like hes had a couple fingers up his ass lately… Them tight jeans fukn up the ballsack… Still got classics… Well not yeezus though. Tremenda mierda

  • detroit niggroe

    LOL I BEEN sayin he a weak ass nigga since he dropped that first album. bout time you niggas n niggettes caught up

  • No1

    Lol ..same voice will indeed be used in the next job interview, Hahaaa. I see nothing wrong with it. That’s his mother in law… Speaking intelligently and in a sensible voice/manner is respectable. ….puts on headphone…goes back to listening to hold my liquir, followed by SomeType of wAy, followed by (future) s.h.i.!. …..life

  • 7figures

    I will fuck the shit out khloe

  • TImeChange

    just to make it clear, English is a White Man’s Language.
    so yes,when you speak proper english ,you sound like a white man.
    having respect for english (or any european language) is having respect for the white man’s language.

  • The black robin thicke

    *its called game* there’s nothing but Caucasian women in the audience. Why talk like an uneducated bafoon!!! Plus he’s been living an Los Angeles,that’s how bros talk out there!!! Haha

  • EV

    what a joke what the fuck happened to him

  • OOOkkaaayyy

    lol that fucking kris bitch just sits there no talent whore and lmao at his voice the fuck is that shit smh

  • Gaz

    Body Language on both of them tells a different story to the words

  • Son got on grills that’s so original.

  • mrholloway

    Sounds normal to me…then again life is going on…

  • Ariana Grande

    Always knew Kayne was homosexuel

  • LA


  • YeezusApostle

    The mutiny against this man is insane. I’ll forever be a fan of Kanye. his music is still fucking awesome and that’s all that really matters. Just cause he turned on his “white voice” you niggahs is steady hating. Like you unemployed muthafuckahs ain’t got a “white voice”. smh lol.

  • Jamie

    I thought everybody had a “white voice”, no big deal to me, no wonder some of y’all be on here so much. Can’t be taken seriously talking in a professional setting in the same tone you use with the homies

  • Mr.November

    When my school used to call my house, my mom used to put on this voice like “Yes.. Okay… I see.” Then when she got off the phone it was back to normal and i got my ass whoop LOL

  • Bongo

    Sounds like a gay white dude.

  • Splash

    Bitch ass nigga Ye trying to sound like Scott Disick. what a clown

  • sean

    new slave

    talk when kanye does hip-hop interview you be cuss the media and mainstream but you will sell your self for the kardashian you sir are the new slave

  • stop

    he sounds like he’s doing a poor imitation of a gay white man. I guess this is what papoose was talking bout with the feminization of hip hop.

  • StarFox64

    ebro calling kanye the new slave…

  • 12345

    this lets you know that most people would rather a person to be fake than real.

    this is kanye. the real kanye. stop hating. he is happy and there is no going back to the fake guy you wish he was.

  • rahrahrah

    I understand…a little. He just had a baby with this woman’s daughter out of wedlock, perhaps he’s intimidated by her because he knows he didn’t do the right thing?

    It’s hard to be a “G” in front of your mother in law.


    I like Kanye but this is one of the gayest things I’ve ever watched.

  • ayyeee

    So what’s wrong with speaking proper? Nobody want’s to sound all ghetto n shit on tv. Ya’ll some ignorant motherfuckers and that goes for u too B.dot… if i was in Kanye’s shoes i’ll be well spoken for the time being, and after the show over act like a damn nigga again lol

  • K

    I get it his Happy. Nothing wrong with that. There is nothing wrong with his tone of voice.Its just weird to here such a passionate rapper speak in this manner.

  • zzz

    kanye suck dick and shut fuck up, gay ass nigga

  • Dom

    Listen, kudos to Kanye for moving passed a persona, and growing into a real person.. even if he’s turned into Drake.. BUT.. I’m sure Kanye feels free being real.. and his music will benefit from him being real.. That’s why kanye’s interview sounds like Drake featuring Drake

  • Kali

    I miss when Yeezy used to rap on beats like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BiiICbLyig0

  • Martin Louis tha king jr

    hes just trying to save kim’s mom show……yezzus dont do interviews!!! sounds like a rich nigga with a bad bitch to me……..period!!!

  • Hot

    Y’all are stupid as fuck. Hatin’ ass niggas. He’s always sounded the same. He’s always been real. Let him be him. Why do you care so much about the tone of another man’s voice? He’s getting money, you’re not. He’s in a happy place. Let this man live. Great interview.

  • mike

    this reminds me of a Dave chappel skit lol

  • yeaHOE

    Just because u talk white does not mean u r speaking proper English. There are plenty of black people who speak intelligently without adjusting the tones and inflections in their voice. Dumb black people who don’t know how to speak proper English think all they have to do is mimick the voice of a white person to sound “proper”, they end up sounding ridiculous–like Kanye in this interview.

  • Black Shady

    wow that Kris lady is annoying. she looks good tho. but damn let the man talk…

  • bk2chiraq2dtown

    Yeezus album was a masterpiece he choosed a bad first song and it threw ppl off but it was crack..

  • The black robin thicke

    *kobe,kanye,mcnabb* all sound like crackers!!!

  • Kurt

    All that negativity! black people…

  • Jerzzz

    And this what you new niggas consider Hip Hop?
    Ha. New niggas make me laugh.
    And the dude that said Kanye was a walking contradiction was dead on point.
    Kanye feminine as hell man.

  • Lincoln’s bullet

    You remember back in slavery when they would cut of a mans nuts to take away his manhood? This is akin to it…

    *stop all that coon sh!t*

  • Normal

    Just watched the full interview. This has nothing to do with people bashing someone for speaking “proper.” This is about Kanye sounding like a flaming homo. It doesn’t seem masculine at all. I never knew he was this soft. He hangs with homos alot to but sheesh Kanye. What has the industry done to you my brotha. Be happy in your new life though and maybe something positive will come from this. But to be real, he sold all the way out. Why sugar coat it? White people love taking our talent either by theft or “accepting” them. Bullshit. RESPECT JAY Z AND UNDERSTAND WHAT HES ALL ABOUT. You dont see Jay doing that shit.

  • JIMMY 2 G’Z

    This is so fuckin gay. And that dumb bitch Kris…”it’s amazing..” “it’s just amazing” …FUCK OFF WHORE

  • bman22

    I feel like I’m fuckin dreaming. Kanye of all people. The nigga that shitted on George Bush has been brainwashed by the scum of the industry. Somewhere Jay-Z and his boys are laughing their asses off. Poor Pusha-T…

  • E!

    Dude need to chill

  • rigveda

    This shit is practiced. He needed to sound non threatening to white america. Either that on the nigga is a agent…lol