New Mixtape: Pharrell x Ray Lewis Natural Born Hitters


Here’s something that’ll make you Squirrel Dance. Under Armor commissioned Skateboard P for a three track instrumental mixtape inspired by football star Ray Lewis’ film, Ready for August. After the jump, P speaks on how the project came to fruition.


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  • white girl kanye

    hey why didnt they just name it natural born kill…nvm

  • white girl kanye

    these beats are terrible, btw


    sounds like some shitty keyboard pre-sets

  • hmm

    someone tell me, what is the point of this??

  • Parker


  • raphael

    wow.. wtf lol i love p but this isnt that great

  • Young Lucky

    its crazy these motherfuckers wouldnt even sneeze on some promising yet unheard of talent for this project. but will waste time and money on ray lewis. i aint hating but come the fuck on with this BS

  • tha OG

    Every football team need to play this in the locker rooms

  • Salue A Nigga Fo’ I Shoot A Nigga

    I never thought Pharell was a talented producer, and this just proves it even more to me. I can make shit of this caliber lol

  • Banana Pudding

    Trash, stick to skateboarding P

  • The black robin thicke

    *thats what’s up* rap radar nominated for a bet hiphop award for best blog site!!! I hope y’all win!!!

  • nerdywilliams

    sick of pharrell haters on this blog, you all sounds the same “beats are wack”, this is pre-set, blah blah, pharrell lost it blah blah ….come on guys get a grip this man made 80 % of all music in the 90s he killed the 00s and he is still back …..who else got this game in the producers lane??? MIKE WILL i dont think so, lex luger, when did PRIMO do anything diffferent, when did DRE last made the charts, did TIMBALAND bless anyone besides JT and JAY Z , where is Swizz Beats or Scoth S., who got game , who did Clipse, Justin, Michael, Jay Z, Gwen, Madonna, Robin, Fam Lay, Snoop, Mary J, Kendrick, Wiz, Mac, NORE, Nas, Kelis, Beyonce, No Doubt, PAPA ROACH, MAYER, GUCCI, ROSS, WAYNE, CURRENCY, MASE, DIDDY, DAFT PUNK, ODB, PRINCE, BEENIE MAN, GURU, GAME, LUDA, MYSTIKAL, SHYNE, LIMP BIZKIT, BABYFACE, BRITNEY, BUSTA, NICKY,FABOLOUS, FOXY B, LIL KIM, CASSIE, KENNA, JADAKISS, JANET, SWV, T.I, USHER, COMMON, JA RULE , LL COOL J, SCARFACE, LENNY K, CEE LO, NELLY, SLIM THUG, BEANIE, MISSY , MARIAH, OMARION, SLIM THUG, TWISTA, CIARA, LUPE, MOS DEF,THE |HIVES,JOHN LEGEND, FALL OUT BOYS, J LO, SHAKIRA, WALE, PUSHA T, J LO, BUDDY, COOL KIDS, KANYE FT JAY Z, TYGA, RYE RYE, 2 CHAINZ, KELLY R, ……….so if ur fav producer has more names call me bitch ass niggas with no talent!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 #FAKENIGGAZ

  • bk2chiraq2dtown