New Music: Swizz Beatz Ft. Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj, 2 Chainz, Lil Wayne “Hands Up”


Swizz Beatz is back to party rocking and recruits a familiar line up to facilitate the process.

The beat has all the bells and whistles of Swizz’s production, but, by a show of hands, doesn’t the drum pattern sound similar to “The Motto”?



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  • Facts

    aka worst features possible in 2013…only misses the jew then the line up would be complete

    I’m glad kendrick put a stop sign in front of such bullshit that’s why swizz gotta put it out as long as there is a chance of it getting spins

  • Black-Night

    Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj, 2 Chainz, Lil Wayne SMH

  • Q

    Uhhh… Trying to force a hit..

  • Truu

    Wayne && Nicki went off. Ross && 2 Chainz were aight.

    @Facts Kendrick didnt put a stop to anything, HipHop should be diverse, I don’t wanna hear a song like control when I’m throwed in the club with a bad chick in front of me dropping it low. In the car On my way to work maybe!? I’m tired of you know it all critics tryna dictate how HipHop should sound like y’all created it, whole time you prolly never wrote a sixteen in ya life.

  • the real real real real

    how in the hell does this sounds similar to the motto?
    it reminds me of Martin Garrix’s Animals, but again, it’s not the only song using that sound, and Animals wasn’t the first to use it

  • freethetroops


  • Truu

    On another note, I can’t hear the motto in the drum pattern contrary to’s claim. Idk.

  • La Verdad

    SMH – RapRadar stays supporting weak music. Maybe Papoose is right after all.



    so bad…like not good bad…n yes the motto comes to mind

  • Facts

    @ Truu

    Don’t confuse Hip Hop with club music

    man if our legends read your bullshit they’d slap the shit outta their screens SMH go read some books.

  • 400_Degreez

    I know “hating on Wayne” is the cool thing to do right now… but he killed this shit, no arguing

  • matrix

    Where the Fugg Yall niggz hear the Motto in them drums? niiiiiiigggggaaaa stop it the motto drums is deeper than these drums and the pattern is way different….niggz reaching…just to say some negative ish…

  • belly

    what is motto ur favorite song or something, fuck outta here

  • Deezefee

    Wayne killed it

    • B.Dot

      The whole song is meh to me

  • Deezefee

    Thoughts @B.Dot?

  • Coney

    Tired of all these songs with the same features. All they need is Future and French Montana

  • 092413_NWSTS_OVO

    Weak ass hook. I was surprised that Wayne killed this and he got the first verse he’s usually always at the end and 2 chainz at the beginning. I guess swizz didn’t wana follow the dj khaled path, even though he used all his artists. Nicki killed this shit, she had the best verse. Niggas can hate on her image and shit but you gotta respect the fact that she’s a female rapper who can actually spit and is out there puttin in work. Ross was aight and 2 chainz was… 2 chainz. Come up with a better hook though swizzy.

  • 092413_NWSTS_OVO

    Let me rephrase that, I know it’s not dj khaled’s artists but you know what I mean.. The usual suspects on his tracks. Btw the drum pattern sounds nothing like “the motto” you trippin breh. This beat is actually fire, but that hook.. Ehh

  • chris

    low fi ass motto beaat when wayne starts rapping,. how don’t u hear it

  • 092413_NWSTS_OVO

    @Facts and @Truu EXACTLY.. Typical bitter ass hip hop dick rider be more open minded nigga. Kendrick didn’t put a stop to shit he just made and will make niggas step their pen game up. The problem with you hip hop fags is that you gotta realize that lyricism never died. It died in mainstream hip hop maybe but it’s always been out there. You choose what you listen to, you obviously paying attention to what’s mainstream. If you really was all about lyricism you wouldn’t even mind these mainstream artists. You just find any reason to hate and that shits wack along with all you hatin ass niggas. Btw that was all directed to @Facts I agree with @Truu

  • Jav

    Nope can’t hear the motto. Boo boo song either way.

  • Ha

    Low Key Wayne been on a lil feature murder spree

  • The Wise

    swizz s beatz have been so basic for the last 8 years….theres nothing to it…what a bad beat…hook is awful ..a complete wase of 4 pretty dope features

  • The Real Truth

    same ol features, this is why I dont listen to this cash money garbage, switch it up for once

  • Poetic Assasin

    Mr fantastic on sounding like the motto… generic song… down right disrespecting the arabic letters on the cover though

  • chillthrillz

    weak bars,,,,,,wack hook,,,,all over a corny edm beat

  • chillthrillz

    ,this rap shit has gotten so fucking weird,,,,,any mother fucker,,,,that can,,,, cat, rat, bat,,,nigga hold that
    where your money at,/,i got your girl,,in the back /with the gat on my lap/,,looking at niggas like what you looking at ,,,,,,,i guess thats why classics are called classics,,,,you can listen to them at any time and feel good about them,,,,,,

    not this shit though the whole game ,,,,,is right where them people wanted it to be watered down,,,

    fuc boi,,,shit,,,,with no substance,,even if its suppose to be a club record,,,,,,shits wack

  • lilrizq

    This sound weak as -uck Swizzy…smh. Now watch this video that I edited.

  • Airun

    So Swizz you ain’t got time for Cassidy but you got time for this? Dude get in the lab with Cass and make magic.

  • “drum pattern” hahah you sound dumb

  • “When Your Agent Wears A Yankee Hat, How Seriously Are They Going To Take You?”

    lol how does this make the top 5 posts but none of those new jeezy posts did. you guys are terrible.

  • Dashing

    I’m actually surprised by all the hate. This joint goes hard. And I’m not a big Swizz fan either. Wayne killed it for the first time in awhile, but I think Swizz woulda done better by putting some fresh” MCs on it so it wasn’t the same stable of rappers that we are used to hearing doing the same shit on all of these joints. (That said, Big Sean would’ve killed it) Like replacing 2 Chainz with ASAP or Action Bronson or someone less typical.

  • koa29

    Are we ever gunna get that “Skyscrapers” joint with Kanye & bono? Alot of talk about it a couple years ago, but it was never released…

  • wide right, no good