Trinidad James Returns To Breakfast Club


Power 105’s morning crew invited TJ back to the show. On this go round, he discusses fame, “Females Welcomed”, side chicks, making the XXL freshman class, “All Gold Everything (Remix)” and more.



UPDATE: Trini’s back. He talks about his perception and beefs with Joe Budden, and Joey Bada$$?

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  • Pardonmyswag

    Weirdo but I’m Real tho

  • Black Shady

    they signed him to milk the shit outta All Good Everything….and now they’re like “well this nigga is wack tho..are we gonna waste money on him?”

  • idsgb

    He’s acting like he knows the “Jig” is up and reality has sat in!

  • JustMyOpinion

    S M H


  • Beaming

    This guy is horrible all around. Ain’t nobody checkin for him. Pitty a fool’

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Another example of Def Jam wasting $. Look at William’s project “Mastermind” nobody is checking for that.

  • Coney

    This might be the most boring interview I ever heard. I want those 15 minutes of my life back.



  • Chubby

    ….*sighs*… terrible interview. another disgruntled Def Jam employee.

  • Robin Flowers


  • Reg

    he knows its over… smh NEXT!

  • As Real As It Gets

    He’s two million dollars richer than last year. He has nothing to be mad at.

  • La Verdad

    Trinidad James is absolute trash. How RapRadar co-signs him is unimaginable. What’s next Kyle on RapRadar? RapRadar failing! Trinidad James ought to retire!


  • I don’t like his music so much, BUT I respect him as a REAL MUTHAFUCKA. He keeps it 1000% funky in every single interview I’ve ever seen with him….thats a lot more than a ton of these other artists. He’s actually got a good head on his shoulders and has a real perspective on life….can’t hate on none of that.
    Maybe as he grows musically I’ll come around to liking a few songs, but personality wise he official, aint tryna be something he aint……can’t blame him for the box other people tried to put him in (welll maybe a lil bit cuz of his “looks”) but I can feel where he coming from now…..

  • Trip$tudebaker

    I fucks with Trinidad James and his music. Knowing he’s a real dude honestly makes you gravitate towards his music honestly. #10PieceMild is tight, son!

  • Alma Nueva

    Trinidad will out last over half of the new rappers if he continues to elevate his existing understanding. Real Man.

  • Egun

    damn he need a hair cut

  • StarFox64

    wheres his next big hit ?

  • Hannibal Lecture

    He did something Joe Budden couldnt do his whole career……put out a hit record!


    these down south rappers are very disrespectful ..we need them M.O.P days back..need to start robbing these niggAz..pill poppin syrup sippin druggies..ANTE UP

  • LardASS

    this guy a ffag

  • bcro28

    how old is @ Hannibal Lecture. You must have not been around when Joe buddens pump it up was around. The song was so big that Jay-z did a remix to the song. Trinidad james is done out here man. I don’t want to hear another noun, or verb from this nigga.

  • The New Black Panther Party(NBPP)

    *this is what we need to get away from* homosexuality is destroying the nation!!!

  • Why is this nigga always on here?This dude…….
    Mixtape Download: Loch: Afro American Horror Story:

  • ShoNuff718

    I fux with Trinidad. HIs music Goes.. all you niggas that aint never left your mammas house. talking real greasy, but if you out here in these streets making moves you already know what lane he in.. and real NIGGAS gonn fux with you. Keep doing your thing homie.

    Fuck all yall Half ass Trappers.. online banging for facebook bit points.

  • Stoner

    Get Your Money Broa..

  • Morris Day Laugh

    I wish he talked WAY less. That is he only thing that fucked his momentum up…whether he knows it or not he brings the worst energy through any radio station and interview. Wale kind of has the same problem but not at this level. Just SHUT UP. You know you don’t like this part of the game so just chill and get the interview over with and go about your business because it is fucking with the image.