New Music: Wiz Khalifa “Look What I Got On”


It’s been years in the making, but Wiz Khalifa finally has a signature Converse sneaker. To commemorate the collection, here’s his latest recording produced by Stargate.

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  • DusanFresh


  • Gambino

    Song of the year

  • The Wise

    Its pretty crazy how hard this dude fell off

  • bk2chiraq2dtown

    Wiz been spittin heat

  • awww shit

    he shit

  • Its been a while since Wiz put out a record I Like, Im feeling this joint!

  • Jaymalls

    SMDH… This nigga Wiz sucks hard and has completely switched his fashion style so amber can dress him up as a tall lanky kanye!
    Ohh… And idk y stargate making these crapy ass beats now… tryna chase black and yellow i guess!!!

  • thirdeyijimmy


  • jamalzs

    wiz still sucks!!!

  • Wtf this is like Runway/Catwalk music. Just the same ol content from Wiz Khalifa, well I guess he doesn’t have to grow as an artist because his fans don’t care. Just a bunch of upper class white kids who spend all their money on clothes and weed. He is dope for the club, but I wonder why the clubs run the rap game now. To each his own. Wiz is still gonna make money regardless. Peace

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