Trina’s Nicki Minaj Tribute At BMI Awards


Although Trina’s been in the game since Nicki Minaj was in high school, she paid tribute to her two days nights ago at the BMI Awards.  Sporting a blonde wig, here’s her cover of  “Moment For Life”.  We’re going to need a few moments to comprehend this.

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  • matrix

    MY NIGG WTF!!!! This Shit is FUGGIN AWKWARD lol….

  • matrix

    BUT DAMN Trina Still BAD AS FUGGG!!!!

  • The Wise

    This is jus plaon fuckin sadd…this bitch is cooked.,nicki should be doin trinas

  • smh, wtf? Trina, ur fine, I’d holla at u if I saw u in person, but you reppin’ Nicki should never happen again.

  • bk2chiraq2dtown

    Wtf ????

  • Trina looking nice and thick! SEXY!!

  • Lincoln’s bullet

    Felt weird watching this…it’s like Trina just went azz backwards with this. All “barbied” out?? Now I’m curious about the conversation(s) BTS that led her into doing this mess.

  • Black Shady

    LMAO this is like her bowing down to Nicki LOL


  • Mr.November

    Somebody hates, you call them clowns. Somebody show love, you call them clowns.

    Find something else to do besides feel important, because honestly most of you “fans of hip hop” ruin any moment. Obviously she looked corny doing it, but at least she’s showing love instead of being a bottom-feeding fake person like Lil’ Kim.

    That’s just to show how easy it is for ANYONE to just throw out an opinion, everybody would rather focus on spreading the negativity instead of letting someone else have their moment.

    If you were Trina, even after doing this you could get some stripper bitches to fuck afterwards. So its not losing, trust me.

  • tucq

    Man u gotta do different shit to stay in that game. Trina’s gettin older and she’s tryin to get on bigger stages.

    And who else can do a Nicki Tribute? Not too many female rappers out there to choose from

  • Mr. Fettuccine Pockets

    Dear Nicki,

    where is the sextape?

    The End

  • Nangamboko

    lol read B.Dot’s posts and just know. Nigga so opinionated.

  • Nangamboko

    And it takes alotta humility to do this. This’ hiphop moment right hurr. Instead of shooting it down, tip your fitteds and soak it in.
    The earlier Nicki Minaj steps up to the plate the better tho.
    She’s the real King of NY.
    Yes, nikka, i said it.

  • thirdeyijimmy

    this shit wrong…it’s like 2 chainz doin a cap 1 tribute…foh…if they were of the same stature it’d be cool…nicki got the fame but none of the time put in….”c’mon son”…trina needed a check, swalloed her pride and possibly baby and said fuck it.smh…#miamilost

  • nijea

    I’m not mad at this tho. She kinda rip it tho. Nicki should consider writing for her & shit.

  • That was TERRIBLE!!!!

  • Word

    Wow. It’s not that its wrong to show love, its just that…she went ALL OUT to kiss her ass. The wig, the dress. It just feels like they’re conceading to Nicki and worshiping her like SHE’S the pioneer here. Tribute to someone who hasn’t done enough. I mean, how would y’all feel if Jay-Z came out on a stage, decked out in a letterman jacket and a snapback or something, bouncing up and down performing Power Trip or Crooked Smile or Lights Please or something?

    You show love to those that came before you via a tribute of some sort i.e Chris Browns tribute to MJ. You CAN show love to those after you, but not by dressing up like em and performing their music. Its like Nicki put a clown suit on Trina and told the bitch dance and do tricks. Its just sad to watch.

  • Black Shady


  • The boy boy foreign luccini

    *u gotta pay homage* nicki minaj took this shit too a whole notha level. The bitch( I say that cause she bad ) is a brand!!! Started from the bottom now she here, fareal.

  • The boy boy foreign luccini

    *them Jews let birdman be a real nigga* u gotta love it he don’t suger coat shit, they just sit their and watch!!! That man said nigga, muthafucka this muthafuck that. Don’t give that nigga no vodka, haha. Shout out nicki minaj and Trina. Trina been keepin my dick hard for 15yrs now haha!!! The baddest bitch still, after barbie.

  • Stoner

    Speaking On A Pride Perspective Trina Shouldn’t Have Done It This Way… Realistically Speaking She Did The Right Thing Cuz Hate Nikki Or Not She Reached A Level That No Female Mc Has Ever Reached In Such Little Time..

  • mrholloway

    well…she was probably the only female rapper who would do it.

  • The Real Will Cannon

    This is backwards…Come on Trina were’s ya self respect. She took ya style…and yep…that’s right…U.O.E.N.O it…

  • it’s the roc

    This is what happens when it’s money over everything. As everyone else said, this is just backwards

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