Lil’ Kim & Sway Tour B.I.G. Hood


With Brooklyn as the backdrop for this year’s VMAs, Lil Kim’ escorted Sway and MTV through Biggies old neighborhood. They also visited the spot where he delivered  a verbal ass kicking. Preeme has yet to recover.

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  • Tesla Motors

    what a mess

  • mike

    MTV couldn’t get Ms.Wallace or D-Roc to give a tour? They picked this bitch?

  • Rah hill

    Bk ALLDAY. Rip BIG

  • lil kim looks like a nigga mr cee would pick up for some play to pay

  • yeaa

    Lil kim has a 5 mic album and a hood classic in Hardcore… but she gets no love?

  • brza

    wow what did she do to her face smh

  • Rozay

    I been had skills, Cristal spills
    Hide bills in Brazil, about a mill’ the ice grill
    Make it hard to figure me liquor be kicking me
    In my asshole, undercover Donnie Brasco
    Left my East Coast girl the Bentley to twirl
    My West coast shorty, push the chrome 740
    Rocking Redman and Naughty, oh where’s my kitty cat
    Half a brick of yay in the bra where her titties at
    And I’m living that fo’ life, we push weight
    Fuck the state pen, fuck hoes at Penn State
    Listen close it’s Francis, the praying mantis
    Attack with the Mac, my left hand spit, right hand
    Grip on the whip, for the smooth getaway
    Player haters get away or my lead will spray
    Squeeze off til I’m empty, don’t tempt me
    Only to Hell I send thee, all about the Benji’s

    some of the he hardest bars ever to me

  • Ricky Retardo

    “I thought Lil’ Kim was hot ’til she start fucking with her nose”… am i the only one who found it awkward when Sway told Cease Kim was still there. he hit sway with the “yea whatever” face

  • bk2chiraq2dtown

    I love kim she jus needs guidance at this point

  • wickwickwack

    kim still gets love in the hood

  • Kim , you still gotta respect her as one of the best female MC’s ever!

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  • bk2chiraq2dtown

    Bk stand up b