• Rookie

    Cassidy spitting hard. Hope he can make hit song or something again.


    nah son…give it up …sound like he sayin the same lines in every rhyme

  • Rozay

    Hard bars, my question is why no one giving Cassidy a shot? Is he blackballed or something? Someone has definitely said something about him negatively in the industry because dude is talented. Is it because he uses too many punchlines? Is it because he is one dimensional? Is it because his flow sounds the same on every song? what am I missing?

  • Tristan

    Cassidy bars will always be hard. One of the best spitters ever. It’s the albums that he puts out that im concerned about. I remember in 2005 when he came out with his best album ever which was his 2nd album “I’m A Hustla” LP. That album was so well put together and it started to create a wonderful buzz for him and his career. The focus has to be on creating a timeless album effort. So he needs to call up swizz and neo da matrix to plan a great creative album because potential is there.

  • ThePimp

    honestly , I think cas is back!!!

  • ThePimp

    If you ain’t think the same , FUCK YOU

  • “When Your Agent Wears A Yankee Hat, How Seriously Are They Going To Take You?”


  • yeaa

    This is the shit I like and want to hear more of… its a good change from the sound of ratchet cheap ass music… I would actually spend money to hear more of shit like this

  • I Dunno

    i listen to this guy alot and every other time i feel like i’ve heard the same lines in every rhyme just a different order

  • this is…….

    cass stuck in 2003
    he can rhyme but who broke his time machine

  • bk2chiraq2dtown

    O shiznahyeeee

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