Fat Joe Begins Prison Sentence


Joey Crack turned himself in today to begin his four month sentence on tax evasion charges. TMZ caught him at baggage claim to get his final thoughts before heading to the clink. A few hours ago, he issued the tweet the below. Hasta luego, Jose.

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  • I Dunno


  • Deano

    I been listening to Fat Joe all day. He a real street cat, he’ll be fine.

  • AliX

    Joes Muslim?

  • irfy

    god willing is same as saying inshallah

  • a 4 month skid bid?! joey will be fine.

  • Jabo Ft. Slim Thug & Jadakiss – What I’m About = http://youtu.be/vv7Gbwbq7vI

  • up to I saw the check four $6844, I didn’t believe that my mother in law was actualy taking home money part-time from their laptop.. there great aunt haz done this 4 only about 20 months and resantly cleard the morgage on their house and bourt a great Mercedes. go to,

  • chriskelly

    yesss velour is back


  • FTW

    Be safe Joe.

  • Theblackrushlinbaugh

    *dont drop the soap fat boy* haha puto

    • TheTruth

      I think you meant “Punto”. Thats if you were attempting to call him a pussy in spanish.

  • Mutant

    All keep in motion