Khaled Suffering From Success Delayed


Looks like we’ll have to wait an extra month to experience Khaled’s Suffering From Success. In his PSA above, he announces October 22 as its new release date as well as his recent accomplishments.

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    someone gotta put superglue in his hand so it sticks that way forever

  • irfy

    thats how i facepalm when i see khaled.

  • tha OG

    Nobody gives a Damn about his bullshit album!!!

  • joe

    reason it delayed is that only two songs have been given to him, he is waiting for more people to make songs for him as he don’t do shit

  • Deano

    I really wish artists would stop giving him free verses and songs and then he would have to go away and he could get work as a bin laden look a like

  • Yeezus Christ

    the cover art is really nice but future is so fucking horrible how do they even record that shit and put it on songs? smh

  • Yeezus Christ

    nicki minaj and future with autotune on a track is fucking torture my god

  • Trap lord

    Us: why push your album back khaled?

    Khaled: …Drake…do I have to say more?

  • ShirleyT.Graham

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  • chriskelly

    the gangs all here for this one

  • Tish

    Must be waiting on that Nicki Minaj sample!!

  • StarFox64

    hip hop suffers from this guys shit badly..

  • MrSkeezyMak

    Hes busy finalizing his vocals on the album….



    useless fuck

  • Theblackrushlinbaugh

    *nigga I want some spicy beef curry* why this clown don’t open up a restaruant chain.

  • anders

    Dj Khaled new album are already released with quality 320kbps
    Download it here: