New Music: Joey Bada$$ “Killuminati Pt. 2” (Kendrick Response)

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Its been nearly two weeks since  Kendrick’s “Control” shook the game. And today, Joey Bada$$ goes in for the kill with the second installment of his “Killuminati”/ K-Dot response. Produced by Knxwledge.

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  • Obama

    Huh?!?! That’s your comeback to the most talked about verse of the year?! C’mon son… Do better…

  • matrix

    This is actually the best i have heard this nigg sound…but nigg get theee fugg outta here its way too late for this shit…


    This was so -_____________-. This is on par with one of the worst Kendrick Response. It shocks me how Joey Badass can be so cocky at times about how he’s such a nice rapper when he drops this bullshit. I repeat Los had and will forever have the BEST K.Dot response.

  • Poetic Assasin

    as a track solely by itself I like it. as a response this is pitiful.


    this dude sounds like dylan

  • Q

    This wack shit will hurt his career.. This is the worst so far.

  • Geno

    Listen dawg, expand yo vocab a bit, learn some shit before you pop some shit, it’s easy to tell when a nigga use a rhyming dictionary and when a nigga know what he talkin about. Wack sauce

  • This is ILL rap. Y’all pop fans got shit twisted. Sucking on K dots dick because he sounds like if lil Wayne started his career sober. C’mon son. This is hip hop, those raps kendrick spits get all these white people moist. Earl,Action & Joey are all more entertaining with this rap shit, strictly hip hop. Keep baby feeding those nursery rhymes Kendrick spits to yourself and keep lying. Kendrick alright but he’s not ILL. PEACE

  • Geno

    I’m not a Kendrick fan, he’s only decent to me but don’t get it twisted Joey BadAss ain’t the truth either my G. Get out yall feelings because somebody’s opinion differs from yours. Why so emotional?

  • prai$e


  • Derrt

    This was trash. There’s only one Joey that’s Badass and he reps Jersey. Kendrick will laugh at this response.

  • Gruesome

    He was sweet wtf happen ????

  • Jiggawho???

    And NY wonder how the thrown was taken and the buildings kicked down. Prime example if this one of ya’ll new leaders…. And waiting this late, he might has well had kept that and he need to get some new boys because obviously he got a bunch of yes men around him to let him even send this bull shit out. Dude is highly talked about but way over hyped. Charles Hamilton Jr if u ask me.

  • Black Shady

    LOL it took u 2 weeks to write this shit???? this is exactly whats wrong with these new rappers

  • DeezNuts

    that’s dope

  • J. Cole

    Really? ? ? Is this what you call a response? ? ?

  • Respect

    This nigga was nice for like a month nd then completely lost it

  • haze

    this nigga needs to lose that horrible overaggressive-gravelly voice-flow. his “1999” mixtape was so good and “Unorthodox” was good, kids goin downhill now

  • StarFox64

    i couldnt even listen to the whole thing…

  • Roger Dat

    Damn I guess once again we’re gonna have to rely on the same two old G’s to come to NY rescue…Nas and Jay. I love them both but isn’t there any NEW artists out of NY that can handle K.Dot? I don’t want Nas, Jay not even Fab or Jada to come out with anything. I want a NEW and YOUNG artist to box with K. Dot.

  • Bon Bon

    I always thought Joey was over-rated anyway so I’m not too disappointed in his weak response.

  • MIKE

    ASTRO > Joey Badass

  • Fiyah

    He’s aware that we don’t care anymore, right?

  • The Wise

    this boys trash!1nobodys checking for him his shit gets no play in any whip or neighborhood period…his own city dont even fuck with his baby ass..bye now with ur wannabe 90s flow…

  • LikeJordan45

    Boring dawg

  • Word

    @Roger Dat

    Umm, like ASAP Rocky?? Oh but thats right NY don’t fuck with him cuz his shit sounds like something outta Houston. Either way, IMO Rocky can rap better than a lot of dudes. His flow is good, his bars are dope, only thing y’all get hung up on are the intangibles like his hair or style or something, or the fact that he’s deep into fashion and other shit. But that’s a Harlem dude right there that y’all don’t embrace.

    Problem with NY is y’all want a very specific sounding music. Y’all want the old boom bap played on the radio. Shit will NOT happen. And as long as y’all continue to dog the rappers from NY that don’t sound like that y’all gonna be stuck in the same rut yall been in for years.

  • B.Dot

    You gotta be shitting me.

  • Playboy69


  • Carlito R.

    @ Roger Dat
    I agree with you. It should be a young, new artist to go against Kendrick not a Legend like Jay, Nas, Jadakiss, Fabolous, 50 Cent, etc. The only problem is who is a Hot, New, Young n*gga making noise out of NY??? Please don’t even say Joey Badass or ASAP Rocky. If those are the best we got then Kendrick won this round. Until someone new comes out blazing from NY, we may have to bow down to Kendrick.

  • StarFox64

    this dude actually waited till the shit died down to finally release his response…he knew better

  • StarFox64

    son we got no one to represent new york, period, asap rocky the closest thing to a star that we have right now….

  • lilrizq

    I think he should have rapped over the intro beat in my humble, now look at this video I edited.

  • chriskelly

    This is by far one of the worse responses I thought he supposed to be next for NY. kendrick just said CHECKMATE

  • RSDJ KayPlaya

    I got to 1:48 before.. Next

  • Heaven

    I do think he could’ve went harder than he did. It’s not like he doesn’t have potential. Smh -_- … Joel Ortiz murdered his response though . That is one of the rappers who did go in . but check out G Town Entertainment/Music hot new artist .

  • Heaven

    I do think he could’ve went harder than he did. It’s not like he doesn’t have potential. Smh -_- … Joel Ortiz murdered his response though . That is one of the rappers who did go in . but check out G Town Entertainment/Music hot new artist .