• dsunn723

    LOX still kill it

  • Facts

    This is dope as hell

    Hope this is a sign for their album…..

    I always liked 50’s music but “Fuck sales, you hear a boss on a D-Block hook” still hits hard. We got some great records out of that beef and Em was clever enough to not get involved against these guys.

  • tha OG

    We need that new LOX album!!!!!

  • JustMyOpinion

    Can’t ever go wrong with an official LOX track.
    Easy with the album talk, let them shine now.

  • CBH

    This is the LOX we need. Better than 90% of the stuff this site has posted recently.

  • Deano

    Man the lox have gotta be 1 of the biggest disapointments in hip hop. Such wasted talent. Putting out a new track every few years. They all nearly 40 now and have been saying their new album is coming for the last 10 years and their solo stuff ain’t all that now. I really don’t know what happened and where it went wrong. Track is alright tho.

  • vurbz

    i haven’t even listened to it..but i know what to expect…these guys never change…solid bars..same ol’ beat…same subject matter…they’re one of those groups who dont switch up their look or anything….evolve shun!..evolve

  • Facts

    Man y’all weirdos with your “Evolve” bullshit are the same guys who made Trinidad James and Drake hot

    Where it all ‘went wrong’? Well, these guys kept loyalty and authenticity over mainstream and fame. Staying true to yourself and your roots… not everybody can understand that though, it’s something you have to live and it damn sure ain’t for everybody

  • balls

    evolve shut the fuck.. u tellin rap has evolved in 2013? fuck outta here… if everyone rap like them.. hip hop wouldnt be garbage now

  • Angelo

    @Facts …Yup! That’s even why legends like Jay Z, Kanye & Eminem are putting out crap music the last several years, trying to fit in with the mainstream & youngstas just to be experimental. Experimental usually means very disappointing, especially in Hip Hop. Look at Nas, Nas went left for 3-4 albums in a row and most of his core fanbase hated it, he finally started getting back to what he’s loved for with Life Is Good, and now he’s winning like he was in the 90’s again. I love when MC’s get back to their roots

  • Bing!

    @Deano If you think the lox hasnt put out music for the last 10 years you must be living under a rock or something

  • chillthrillz

    working them acting chops,,,,,thats whats up I can see these niggas doin some how high type funny shit,,,,need a funny ill script,,,,,some group home summer camp shit,,,with the funny ass supporting cast,,,,,

  • LP1031

    JUST THE BEGINNNNNNNN–NNNNNNNNN !!!!!!!!!!…….hopefully

  • Coney

    Dope shit. Always good to hear a new LOX joint. Just a couple of observations. Why Sheek the only nigga still wearing a durag under his fitted in 2013? Nigga aint take off his hat in 12 years. Why put out a summer time song a week before labor day. Summer’s over. Should’ve put this out like 2 months ago. This would’ve banged all summer.

  • wow


  • Dope I fucks wit it.

  • PMC

    Shit CRACK! LOX back! Video is MEAN too, lotta ASS, hood shit. NYC HIPHOP!

  • Pedro

    @Angelo STFU

  • Angelo

    @Pedro Fuck You cornball, have a nice day. You don’t know nothing about some real nigga shit

  • dope

  • Yamzz

    Lox are where they need to be…everyone saying they need to switch up their styles would be the same ppl calling theyre shit wack if they turned around and did a more pop record…street shit is what they conquered not everyone can do what Jay did and go from streets to pop and succeed at it…even when jada raps about the lavish life and puts the street shit aside it still sounds street lol…all in all this is a great sign for the “we are the streets 2” album even though this is like their 10th crack at it

  • this is hard

  • RAF



    DOPE. lox all day b.

  • Theblackrushlinbaugh

    *i hope these bros get a shot* they the last of that era. Nore, mase,killa, & yuk.

  • mike

    GOD Bless L.O.X. Your favorite rapper, favorite rappers

  • Theblackrushlinbaugh

    *video was nice*

  • She put Molly all in their champagne and they ain’t even know it.Chicks is bad in here.Love the hangover concept.Fuck what these lames talking.Lox been street and gone be street.
    Loch Afro American Horror Story Hosted by @DJDooWop http://piff.me/d91349e

  • #FactsOnly

    LOX the realest out. Never disappointed. True fan here since day one. The catalog is way too intense to be mad about any delayed project. These niggas always deliver.