• Kujo


  • La Verdad

    Why is Kendrick backtracking on what he said. Clearly that was not the statement he was trying to make and yet at the same time he wasn’t trying to claim KONY either. SMH. Cmon Kendrick man up. This guy takes an L. At least Papoose and Cassidy killed him with the soalr power freestyles!

  • The thing is with these rappers, they just write stuff, it’s all just written bars people get over dramatic over written content, think about it like a movie most Rappers are actors in the booth they write stuff that has an impact.

  • Peter Mcfly

    My GAWD tell that Rosenberg cat to get KENDRICK balls out his mouth… #Sheesh

  • yeaHOE

    Los response was definitely slept on, shit was crazy

  • Hannibal Lecture

    Papoose response was comical just like his whole career one big joke lol!

  • West West

    NY is in the same position the West was in 10 years ago. Radio doesnt support NY artist unless they sound southern. Its NY karma for disrespecting other regions for years

  • This is one hot ass freestyle.. punchlines was hitting plus dudes white

  • Jizzol

    Rosenburg having a whole conversation with all of kendricks ball in his mouth. #talented.

  • Bk Banga

    Rosenberg is a Kendrick Lamar Groupie for real

  • Ra

    Somebody, summarize what he said, im not about to sit here & listen to all that. And can y’all please start deleting these spam comments & dudes promoting their wack ass songs on every post?

  • Donn

    Honestly ppl gon hate but if u was interviewing Kendrick this would be the same interview. Rosenberg was chill in this interview. Kendrick is mainstream now so now ppl dont wanna like him cus he’s popular, u guys build up these guys and tell ppl to check for em, they blow and u get mad cus everyone likes them and u don’t feel like an individual anymore. U can praise all the bars you want but at the end of the day, putting Kendrick Response was the only thing that got these niggas looks last week. Let them put out a new song right now and see how many comments they get. Rappers just rap, the fans take things and make them dramatic. They run to their blog comments and twitters while the actual rappers count money and laugh and go to their next tour stop. It was a dope verse, plain and simple. Let it go.

  • brollya

    how ya sayin it was meant in another way….. kendrick wrote it not ya… he explainin it, not yall…. so wen he explain it den believe it… i guess most of u niggaz is cleo and can predict wat people sayin in they raps now…. kendrick humble enuff to not feed into all dat bull papoose was tryin to make a coupole weeks ago…. made dat nigga look stupid as hell… he got his lil comical verse and now no one cares bout papoose no more… its black hippy, t.d.e…..

  • Dashing

    @Donn, co-sign 1000% first they love you then they hate you

    @LaVerdad, Kendrick didn’t take back anything he said on the verse. People just didn’t get what he was saying. Like he said maybe he needs to dumb down his lyrics for cats to get it. The smart MCs got it, didn’t take offense to it, and came back with fire. Other MCs just took it as an opportunity to get some shine (i.e. Papoose) but whatever you have to say about it, it’s the most significant verse dropped in hip hop in the last several years.

  • Black Shady

    LOL he just put Papoose’s career back into a hole by calling his response comical lmao #RIP


  • rauu

    NY really sux, and I’m from there…

    I wish I was from the west, better music, better rappers (Kendrick, Nipsey and the whole tde)

  • PaperTags

    showing maino love

  • Q

    The King of NY has spoken. He out hustled NY at their own game..? He dissed them and then schooled NY on their problems like a King!

  • Da Business

    Kendrick was dead on. The line was a metaphor nothing more. Smh @ these rappers, where u @ Pap? Probably crawled back under that rock u was hanging out @.

  • Stop kissing Lamar’s ass. He’s a great poetic back packer type rapper, but he’s not a battle rapper…so he shouldn’t spit those kinda bars… Rap is a very competive kind of music…. So if he knows he don’t have that kind of skill… He should shut the fuck up and make good songs… The first time u mention a coast you should have battle raps for every rapper on that coast… Male or female… Cause it’s their right. Any player saying they were the best in the Jordan era had to pay.. Same for rap… I think Lamar is cool, but he should watch what he say… If u wanna be like big and PAC.. Learn from their mistakes… And as far attention seeking… What the fuck the lyric was for… Attention… So he got it… Can’t wear shanana (Martin) boots and a s curl claiming rap…. Legends and rookies coming

  • tha OG

    TDE the best rap label right now!!

  • Theblackrushlinbaugh

    *he made papoose look like a scrub* haha

  • SMD

    I wish I could understand Rosenberg….but it’s really hard to hear what he’s saying with that dick all in his mouth.
    Yo, Kendrick….just come out and say Yo all these muthafuckas is corny, they can’t touch me on my worst day….fuck all this kumbaya, holding hands shit.
    Niggaz quick to kiss, hug, and be lovey dovey with the same niggaz thats out to make money that you’re tryna make. You think Apple goes around n says Dell, HP, etc are GREAT and We are ALL GOOD….NO they say “man fuck them other shitty companies and their shitty products! come fuck wit us, we got the best….and you know this mannnnnn”

  • lilrizq

    Chuuch!!!!!!! Now look at this video that I edited.

  • 25kup

    I usually dnt comment but……kendrick basically apologized…ahhh poor baby!!! Not a fan!!! Spice 1.. Mc Eiht.. Snoop..real west coast this kid is cornball 101

  • Kev

    Hate is a weak emotion. Instead of hating and using the crabs in the bucket mentality you all should be saluting the brother on spitting a dope verse and challenging hip hop artist to step their game up being that 99.9% of the rap coming out is bullshit. The media created this controversy and are the main people instigating and encouraging beef when this clearly was never a diss verse.

  • DJ15

    Yall are so funny… He never dissed New York… he simply recycled a line and then let everyone know that he was quoting Kurupt. Yall are fucking idiots. This “cornball” is better than every nigga that has responded yo. Yall gotta stop with this shit.

  • Jamesbond

    i have never seen this much kissing ass since the Elliot Wilson interview with Jay. Rosenberg does not even know how to tone it down. More like Kendrick’s defence lawyer in this case.

  • Gilgamesh

    damn papsmear lost. Lol had he played his cards right i’m sure TDE would offer him a contract, instead he miscalculated and bit the hand that almost revived his career, that was the last hope for him. His whole reasoning was fucked up, and I was a pap fan.

  • tucq

    I’m trying to understand some of these comments.

    What “dick-riding” are yall talking about, and how is Kendrick “backing down”?

    In an interview, u have to ask questions; and there was no beef said in the verse Kendrick spit. He just said he wants to be the best.

    People make mountains out of mole hills.

  • B

    Fuck Rosenberg corny ass! He called this man “Dot”. Rosenberg can you be any more biased? Kendrick sounds like a faggot in this interview that’s scared. Talkin bout “I’m trying to improve our culture.” How????

  • rauu

    damn I have lisnteed to gkmc this morning,… I now understand why this is the most acclaimed album of the last 3 years.

    I’m from NY but this kid is the best thing that happened in hip hop in a veryyyy long time !

  • TimeforChange

    @Attaboy You sound DUMB! He can say what he wants???

  • At time for change… And so could any New York artist. I know you don’t rap… Your a duck riding ass groupie THAT DRESSES LIKE KENDRICK

  • derk

    fuck rap

    bred a nation of idiots instead of leaders

    look at you bums writing about a verse that wasnt even real.

    no leaders all losers

  • Jerzzz

    Man, Kendrick is one of the dopest young M.C.’s to come out in the last 6-7 years, but that boy better watch out playin with Pap. I aint even talking on a lyrical level, Paps the last of a dying Brooklyn breed,the dude to come to your show with 30 niggas and rush the stage.

  • K Dot set the world on fire with a 16.That’s what it’s about.K dot got bars and is battle ready.He is that new nigga
    Loch Afro American Horror Story Mixtape Hosted by @DJDooWop http://piff.me/d91349e

  • I love that Rap music is back to Lyrics. Subjects and Verbs! Being consciencious of your impact on the culture! I can truly apppreciate the Hunger and Drive this Guy is showcased on this Verse and also the Class in which he conducted himself in this interview! Great Piece Man! Lost Dogg Entertainment!


    @Derk….log out and GO TO SLEEP nigga….Rap is HIP HOP sucka

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  • did he disrespect anybody in the game?he just wrote a dope verse PERIOD
    dumb people took it as disrespectful,smart ones know that he was just rapping
    this is a competition,kendrick is a smart guy, he just reminded to everybody that hip hop is a competition
    He just shook up this rapgame.
    Honestly, who was the last rapper who dropped a verse of this quality?lil wayne?2 chainz?french montana?rico ross?waka flocka?
    im tired of rappers who make “nigga” rhyme with “nigga”
    all responses(wack or good ones) werethe best thing to do for all rappers(quoted or not)
    and eventhough i’m not in the game, i felt concerned and started rewriting again
    so instead of debating if he was disrespectul or not, take this verse as an inspiration to be the best..


    Cedy Wonder(beatmaker/Rapper/Competitor)

  • AverageJoe

    thi guy is impressive as fuck

  • StarFox64

    u fuckboys gotta explain why hot 97 only plays YMCMB, Kendrick, Macklemore ..