Chris Brown On Today & Alicia Keys On GMA


It was nothing but Rhythm & Blues in New York this morning. As part of NBC’s Today show, Breezy performed “Fine China” and “Love More” at the Rockafeller Plaza.

Meanwhile over at Central Park, Alicia Keys belts out “Girl On Fire” as part of Good Morning America’s concert series and returned for “Fire We Make”.

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  • King

    I think this dude chris is on the sh… man… He looks strung out. Couldn’t even sing really.

    the young bobby brown.. smh

  • Jason

    ^^ yeah man he was straining to sing

  • Staywinning

    Breaking news mmg’s gunplay aka richard from the suburbs got beat up again in Tampa video and pics coming soon

  • Midsize Jerm

    So I guess the entire world forgot about the RiRi beatings, then?

  • Ricky Retardo

    suu woo?

  • StarFox64

    chris brown prolly didnt have a seizure..

  • Megamind

    Yo on the real…pray for this kid….he’s on SOMETHING….that wet-wet, dust or too much X/molly.
    He looks like he’s taking this stuff to “get up”…like he needs it to perform at this point.
    I hope for the best.

    I don’t like how Matt tried to spring the question on him though. Matt mad as hell this cat drives ratings for Today Show/NBC…so they will continue to book him…as long as he’s hot.